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1 Interesting story of CS to read on Wed 18 Dec 2013 - 10:37


CSoC Smart User
CSoC Smart User
Dear All.

Please read this interesting story published in FOCUS.

Company Secretary

meets Two Lordships


Once a stressed and worried qualified Company Secretary (CS) was amazed

to see before him a charming personality. After quick thought, he then just

communicated to him. “ Welcome Sir...! But may I kindly know who are you

and for what purpose you have come to meet me ? Surely ,I can see a bright

light Aura around your face. You should be a very near and dear to Almighty

God or his Messenger.”

He replied," I know that you are a Company Secretary i.e. CS by

Profession ..dear CS...! I saw you stressed and worried. While taking a circular

route of Earth, I just read your face and thought, it is the right time to meet

you. May be I am helpful to you. As such you know me well but you need to

re‐collect your childhood memories. I am Vidur here . Just go back to your

childhood, your Grand Mom used to tell stories pertaining to Mahabharata

in your tiny age and amongst them I was also one of the known figure under

the Ruling of King Dhrutarashtra, one of my unfortunate Blind Brother in

Hastinapur. Further if you go back to history, you will come to know about

me ...just re‐collect ...I was Mantri to King Dhrutrashtra , Father of Duryodhan

and Kauravas & Uncle of Pandavas, and considering my profession in today’s

time, you people may better recognise me by Role and function similar to

Sachiv or Secretary i.e. Company Secretary . "

CS , “ Oh! Yes Sir. Very right, Sir. You remained a very close childhood

classmate and friend of Shree Lord Krishna , I re‐collect now. May I kindly

request you , My Lordship.. to please take the Chair and then proceed this

meeting with shorter notice consent . Then I shall give background agenda

stuff, Sir .”

Vidur ji, "Thanks ..and sure dear CS . But you appear to be in a great stress

these days , isn’t it ?”

CS,"Yes...My respected Lordship. In fact I was remembering you as well as Shri

Chanakya ji a lot while working as Company Secretary . You see these days, I

come under lot of stress. As such my Management is having very good track

record but all the time I am afraid that they should not get influenced and

carried away by strategies followed these days by some Management which

are short‐sighted, selfish motivated and money minded for name fame ,flattery

and window dressed progress chart etc in the age of this keen competition

at the cost of Company Law and other Enactment compliance . Many of my

Colleagues are also facing the same problem.”

Vidur ji, “Ok. Ok. ..Got it. Please read and follow my developed Niti most

popular as Vidur Niti , my dear. To precisely brief you, I suggest that you take

an appointment and find suitable time when your Management is available to

seriously discuss and coolly listen to these concerns and at a time when they

are in a proper frame of mind. At this juncture, you can very patiently explain

your Management about Companies Act and other applicable Enactments ,

Regulations ,Provisions etc by making clear that no unwanted decision and

action will be taken by them hurriedly without such compliance in a short run

as it will look financially beneficial in short time but then will realize with heavy

heart and it may be even penalized in future. Further you take pain to advice

your Management to be always compliance friendly and the same is in its and

everybody’s interest. It is your duty to guide and convince Management that

vis a vis progress and prosperity, Compliance of all Laws and Companies Act

and related Regulations is it’s moral and ethical duty. May be we are slightly

slow in progress race but are always on sound and steady path. This may take

some time but once they are convinced they will have peaceful sleep through

out and surely you will have too."

CS, “ My Lordship .. hope I shall come up to our expectations. I think my

Management will be interested in considering an accepting these advice and

suggestions. Actually My Lordship... in this Kali Yuga many individual and

selected Managements are following indecent approach in cut throat business

competition to earn thick money in hurry for the sake of name and fame. In

this competitive and complex age and in the short run overnight monetary

race, compliance to certain Enactment and Regulations becomes secondary.

What do Company Secretary and other Professionals do then .. Sir ?”

Vidur ji,” Ok. Noted ...(after thinking ) ..Then why can’t you be bold, blunt and

bitter in polite way pursue and peacefully make understand your Management

that compliance need to flow first from within and in true spirit, consequently

giving justice to business ,authority, event and professionalism .”

CS, “ My Lordship ! As you are aware this is not time of your Dwapar Yuga but

unfortunately it is present critical Kali Yuga. If I become bold , blunt and bitter

I may have to keep my resignation letter ready and no wonder, if submitted,

possibly same will be accepted with immediate effect also . Furthermore I am

having my Family and I have to feed my Family Members also ,hence what do I

do ?”

Vidur ji,” Remember my dear CS ! Be fearless, bold and straight forward.

Make more attempts to convince Management for timely and due statutory

compliance. Just inform to have impact of such timely and proper Statutory

compliance will pave a way for better image in a long run that will earn and

yield Punya to their pious karma . Simply don’t get carried away by just short

time bound opportunities since we all are responsible first to our own Soul or

Spirit and will have to face the result of good and evil work done . Money is

only a Sadhan or Temporary Purpose Vehicle (TPV). Tell them that there should

be clear, impartial, respectful compliance approach towards Acts and Rules. If

these qualities and approach being, implemented then and then only, all of us

and future generation will be getting better and sweet fruits ahead. For that

you need to guide and advice Management accordingly .”

CS, “ I know it is difficult task but I am sandwiched performing my role here .”

Vidur ji,” Where there is a Will, there is a way out. Please narrate them that a

Dhrama Raja Yudhisthir while in Mahabharata War under influence was asked

to convey , “Narova....Kunjrova...”i.e. either Ashwatthama, Son of Guru Drona

or an Elephant Ashwatthama has been killed in war“ and due to this statement

made by him against his principle just one time only this half truth and half

wrong, his Chariot then never flew inches from ground as it used to be earlier

and since then Chariot was grounded to Earth. So narrate them these types of

legendary incidents and see that the Management does not get influenced and

see that it walks on the path of paragon of truth, dutifulness, attached to the

impartial judgement, steadfast dharma, play within ruling boundaries and be

self searching from where we began our journey and where we are going and

where will it finally take us. Since at the fag end of the life journey evil thought

and wrong doers will repend but that will be too late perhaps. Almighty God

is our ultimate Court and one can not escape the same. Whereas you being

a Professional especially Company Secretary is expected to be playing a

responsible Role.. politely ,respectfully, prudently, wisely, religiously clubbed

with wellmannered be dedicated to truth , fearlessness etc .”

CS, “ My Lordship , my worry is that even after possessing all these qualities ,

if I do not succeed , if that time comes ,then? Sir....This is because at your time

there was only one King Dhrutrashtra and now there are ......!”

Vidur ji,” Vatsa...! do not get scared by numbers. It is only evil thoughts within

such King Dhrutrashtra were required to be defeated and abolished. What

is to be done is to improvise, to be positive, committed, truthful, clean, non

selfishness attitude thought process all around . Request the Management to

think of one and all before taking any self motivated decision for self benefit

and be away from decision which benefits only within the Management

meaning self centred" Just at that time CS show Vidurji as if he was aware

about his arrival ,welcoming Shri Chanakya ji and requested him, “ I only

remembered that you also convey a precise message to this CS and all

concerned . Somehow , CS could not resist welcoming Shri Chanakya ji as per

his pious and Professional duty.So he welcomed him.

CS,” My Lordship Shri Chanakya ji ! It is indeed my pride and privilege to

welcome you, Sir . Please take the adjoining Chair and I am eagerly waiting for

your a precise message in the need of an hour.”.” Shri Chanakya ji occupied the

adjoining Chair with Shri Vidurji and thereafter proceeded and took a minute

for a deep thought.

Shri Chanakya ji conveyed his message,” He whose hands are clean does not

like to hold an un ethical and immoral office; he who desires nothing cares not

for bodily decorations; he who progresses ethically following Rules framed for

the purpose from the Spirit, can not fall in long run in ultimate; he who is only

partially educated and not Professional cannot speak agreeably; and he who

speaks out professionally and plainly cannot be a deceiver , but a right guide

and adviser .”

Suddenly Wife of the Company Secretary awakes him of sleep since as it is

early morning. Consequently, Company Secretary on disappearance of two

Lordships Shri Vidurji and Lordship Shree Chanakya ji was heard conveying

his vote of thanks ... “My two Lordship Dignitaries , I , as Company Secretary ,

sincerely convey my Vote of Thanks to both my Lordships to advice me at the

right time."

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