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CSoC King
CSoC King
First topic message reminder :

Dear Friends,

Hope the following articles will help you in career planning, preparing a marketable CV & facing the interview board with confident.

The List of Articles Posted here are given Bellow for ready reference.

(1)10 important traits for professional excellence, (2)5 Things to Think Before Relocating For Work,(3)How to be Professional at Work, (4)10 Deadly Career Changing Mistakes You Must Avoid, (5)10 Secrets You Must Know About Job Interview, (6)10 Degrees Worldwide Recruiters Don't Want to See, (7)10 Myths about Career Planning, (8)Communication is Very Important at Work, Know Why?, (9)Lost Your Job? Concentrate on These Things, (10)Shifting from an existing job for better prospects is a natural process, its timing & its impact on the career, (11)10 Most Hot Personal Qualities Interviewers Seek, (12) A complete guide : how to write a Great Resume, (13)Top Careers If You Love Traveling, (14)Careers That Lead You Towards a Luxurious Life, (15)Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Include on Your Resume, (16)Dangerous Things Not to Do or Say During Job Interview, (17)Top Salary Paying Indian Cities for 2012, (18)Top 6 Things Recruiters Will Never Tell You (19)Important basic Resume Tips, (20)5 Phone Interview Tips That Can Fetch You a Job, (21)Things Your College Didn't Teach You About Career, (22)FEW TRICKY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS, (23)CS Interview Fundas as published by Ms. Soundharya on CSoC on 24/09/2012, (24)Top 5 Questions You Should Never Ask in the Job Interview, (25)Most Powerful Words to Use in Your Resume to Get a Job, (26)Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers, (27)How to Enjoy At Workplace, (28) The Modern Day Resume, (29)5 Ways To Refresh Your Resume, (30)Sell Your Skills, Not Your Degree, (31)7 Things Hiring Managers Notice in You, (32)5 Things Interviewers First Notice in You, (33)8 Questions You Must Ask The Recruiter To Prove Your Smartness, (34)12 Surprising Personality Traits of Billionaires, (35)Draft your cv with care by Mr. Azam on CSoC, (36)Key Skills To Be Mentioned in CV >> How to select Key Skills, (37)Top 5 Work Habits That Can Kill Your Career, (38)Top 4 Best Jobs for People Who Want to Help Others, (39)Learn How to Manage Excessive Workload, (40)Check How to Make The Best of Your Joblessness,(41) 5 Easiest Ways to Keep Fit in Office, (42) Job Interview Mistakes That Can Still Benefit Candidates, (43) Check How to Be Yourself At Workplace, (44) Top 5 Things to be Considered Before Switching Careers, (45) 3 Must-Ask Questions Before Accepting the Job Offer, (46) Top 7 Ideal Careers for Extroverts, (47) How to Deal With Failure, (48) 8 Simple Ways to Combat Stress at Workplace, (49) 4 Easy Ways to Make the Best of Your Career, (50) How to Write a Perfect Email That Gets Response, (51) 8 Benefits of Staying at a Job for 10 Years, (52) Best Jobs for People Who Want to Change the World, (53) Most Hated Job Interview Questions by Candidates, (54) Australia to Open Door for Educated Indians, (55) The 10 Most Disliked Professions, (56) Here's What Recruiters Check in Your Resume in 6 Seconds, (57) 6 Easy Ways to Get Noticed At Work, (58) Top 4 Ideal Jobs for Working Parents, (59) 7 Financial Tips For Your Big Career Shift, (60) 3 Interview Questions That Matters The Most, (61) College Degrees That Will Help You Earn Big Bucks, (62) Careers That Lead People to Commit Suicide, (63) Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview, (64) General Tips To Overcome An Interview, (65) 4 Easy Ways to Find Out If You Are Underpaid, (66) Career Resolutions That Helps You for a Good Future, (67) Check Out How to Avoid Being Too Nice at Work, (68) Learn How to Win Your Boss's Trust, (69) 9 Riskiest and Deadly Jobs in India, (70) Check What All You Can Save Working from Home, (71) Huge Workplace Stress Hindering Indian Corporate Executives , (72) Work Factors That Are on the Wish List of Every Working Women, (73) Top Things You Must Never Say Your Co-Worker, (74)6 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired!, (75)Resume Blunders That Can Cost Your Job, (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95) (96) (97) (98) (99) (100)

Have a nice interview, a nice job and a nice career.

Last edited by rchgiri on Sat 2 Feb 2013 - 21:50; edited 16 times in total (Reason for editing : For updating the list of articles)


CSoC King
CSoC King
Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Check-What-All-You-Can-Save-Working-from-Home--nid-133625.html#?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r5

"Check What All You Can Save Working from Home"

When people hear about any jobs with an awesome pay along with the facility of working from home, definitely people will be excited about that, as in the present situation, it is better to work from home than going to office and work. This is because there are various expenses that are to be taken care of once you start going out for work. Apart from that, it also helps you in time management. If you want to know what all you can save by working from home, check out the list below as given by Kelly Gurnett on the Brazen Life website.

1. Commuting Costs:
No doubt you will have to spend a lot of money to travel from home to the workplace every day. If you are traveling by bus, though you need not have to buy the tickets every day, you need to buy the bus pass every starting day of the month to avoid daily expenses. Apart from that, if you take up a two wheeler or your car to travel to your office, if any problem occurs in them, you need to spend money on them to fix it. If you are a field worker who travels every day to different places to complete your office work, you might also have to spend money on parking charges.

2. Eating Expenses:
Many professionals will be Bachelors and bachelorettes working in different States away from the family. So, during this situation, they would be spending their money on eating their breakfast, lunch, dinner outside. So, this can be reduced if they have an opportunity to work from home, as it is a very flexible destination to do the office work as well as simultaneously look after house work like preparing and having their food and other activities done at home. This can help them save unnecessary money on eateries.

3. On Attires:
It is for sure that, if you opt for a job in any of the corporate companies, many of those companies demand you to dress up with professional attire for both men and women accordingly. So, if you are desperately in need of a job, you will have to spend your money on those kinds of attires demanded from the company. So, if you have an option of working from home, you can avoid those expenditures as there are no rules that you need to dress up professionally while working from home as well.

Happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Huge-Workplace-Stress-Hindering-Indian-Corporate-Executives--nid-133661.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r5

"Huge Workplace Stress Hindering Indian Corporate Executives"

Work related stress, deep fatigue and isolation have forced many employees to quit their job, reports Anumeha Chaturvedi on The Economic Times.

Vivek Gupta, a former vice-president in the institutional equities teams at one of the biggest investment banks in Mumbai says “My work hours were terrible… about 80 – 100 hours a week. I was not getting any time for my family and children and also as I was affected by severe health problems I was forced to take a break”.

39 year old Tushar Sehgal, a former advertizing professional who worked as a creative director for a growing agency was stated in the article by Anumeha Chaturvedi saying, “I wanted to spend some time with my nephew and family on Diwali and realized that the quality of my life was far more precious than a fat pay cheque”. He even added that “I keep getting calls from headhunters, but I will not go back to that life again”.

Similarly, there are thousands of employees in corporate India who are entrapped in stress drenched jobs due to their meager savings and ever increasing EMIs, and are plummeting into depression every day.

According to the survey of Cadbury India that polled 2,100 professionals from the different cities of the country in an attempt to understand customer psyche, 63 percent employees felt that they are working harder than they would like to, because of competitive work atmosphere, 66 percent of the working population in India is suffering from isolation, and 77 percent hope they had someone to share their happiness and pain.

Counselors and psychologists from across the country say that they are treating more and more people suffering from work related emotional disorders. Dr Puneet Dwevedi, the head of the department of mental health and behavior at Fortis Healthcare said that “the numbers of such cases have doubled over the last year”. He also added that he treats three to four working professional every day.

PwC, a consulting firm has also been studying work-life balance and the executives of the company said that the findings are alarming. Kaustubh Sonalkar, an Executive Director at PwC said that “Our research tells us that around 72 percent of Indian professionals work beyond regular working hours and around 92 percent of the population takes work home”. Also 95 percent of the professionals across different age group confessed to a new form of morning illness, i.e. checking their cell phones immediately after waking up.

He added “We work closely with companies. But at times, our measures and advice do not get demonstrated in the right manner. Companies need to do much more to rectify such situations”. Most of the companies are struggling because they are more often split between the need to reduce expenses and guard profits, and a desire to keep precious talent happy and engaged. Given the current economic meltdown, the balance often shifts in favor of the former. Several companies such as Citi India and Dabur said they have incorporated programs that facilitate a superior work-life balance such as maintaining the sanctity of five working-days a week, ensuring that the employees are not disturbed on the weekends and starting yoga sessions for senior managers.

Happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King

"Work Factors That Are on the Wish List of Every Working Women"

The multitasking role of women as the primary care giver of their respective families and as an employee takes a toll on the mind and body of every working women and leaves them grasping for air. In addition, the work related stress and pressure of this male dominated world is a perfect recipe for disaster for working women.

Here is a list of essential factors required for the creation of suitable work environment, which are on the wish list for every working women, as reported on Women’s Web.

1. Flexible Work Options:
Flexible work options are a blessing in disguise for today’s working population, especially working women and their business operations as well. Working women feel that the fixed five-day-a-week work schedule might be prohibitive or difficult to manage due to various reasons such as personal / family medical needs, commuting problems, child care, elder care, work-family conflicts and other personal issues. For a significant number of working women, the obligatory work schedule and work location can often be a substantial hurdle for employment.

According to the study by Mckinsey, 68 percent women feel that work schedule and location flexibility, along with the use of telecommunication technology can be a win-win situation for both working women and employers.

2. Sexual Harassment Policies:
Now a day’s sexual harassment has become a wide spread evil that is haunting most of the working women. Hence it has become very essential for industries to incorporate strong sexual harassment policies and provide a harassment free working environment for women.

According to Mckinsey study, 68 percent women feel that strong anti-sexual harassment policies are essential for a satisfactory work experience.

3. Flexible Leave Options:
Having policies that allows women to use and structure their leaves in a flexible way helps them to manage their personal / family commitments and can also increase the productivity at the workplace.

According to Mckinsey study, 64 percent women feel that flexible leaves are a major factor that is indispensable to a satisfactory work experience.

4. Transportation Policies:
It is very essential for business organizations to understand women’s mobility pattern and other fundamentals such as socio economic conditions and special needs for the creation of gender sensitive and safe working environment / policies. Ideally, policies should be designed to provide an enabling environment for a fair share of mobility benefit and a secure atmosphere.

As reported by Mackinsey study, 55 percent women feel that safe, secure and fair transportation policies are very essential for creation of ideal work environment.

5. Health and Wellness Programs:
Women can suffer from severe physical, emotional or mental trauma due to variety of reasons such as work related stress, pressure and sickness. Hence it is very essential for industries to incorporate a constructive health and wellness programs to revive body, mind and soul of working women.

According to Mckinsey study, 55 percent women call for a positive and constructive wellness programs for the creation of a pleasing work environment.

6. Women’s Lounge / Reception:
Recreation facilities at lounge or reception help working women to enjoy the spare time after work. It also acts as a stress reliever and indirectly helps to increase the productivity and performance of working women.

According to the study of Mckinsey, 23 percent women believe that women’s lounge or reception in an organization has a positive impact on working environment.

7. Women’s Forum:
Women’s forum helps working women to take advantage of their rights, in terms of health care, access to credit, organized social platform and other basic services. Hence it is essential for industries to create women’s forum for the welfare of the women.

According to Mckinsey’s study, 18 percent of women feel that women’s forum are helpful in the creation of satisfactory work environment.

Happy learning.

79 Top Things You Must Never Say Your Co-Worker on Mon 12 Nov 2012 - 13:06


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends, Please find the following link


for "Top Things You Must Never Say Your Co-Worker"

In a workplace, there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care to make your workplace a better and happy place to stay, as this is the only place where you spend most of your day’s time. So, to make it a healthy atmosphere, there are a lot of things that you need to take care, including the way you behave with others, as well as how others at your workplace behave with you. You always need to make sure that you have a clear image in front of everybody including your boss. Did be a part of unwanted discussions and remove all the unworthy questions from your mind that you are planning to ask others. This doesn’t mean that, you just need to do your office work and rush home after office hours. It is your duty to build a good rapport with your colleagues and other people at office without being an alien to their eyes, who never speaks and mingles with others.

So, here are few main things you need to avoid asking or discussing it with your colleagues, as it might harm your status or image unnecessarily in front of everyone, as referred and reported on different websites.

1. Gossiping about the Boss or other co-workers:
Gossiping about unclear personal or professional issues of your boss or co-workers with your near and dear colleague at office is a big “NO”, because you might not know, that person with whom you are talking negatively about boss or colleague might be very close to them without your awareness. So, never ever try to talk negatively at workplace about others, especially if the person about whom you are talking is of your works in the same company. This is because; it is not possible for you to avoid facing them off every day as you work together for long hours every day.

2. Discussing about the religious background:
Yes, especially in a country like India, as there are many religions performed by different religious groups, at a workplace, you find people coming from different religious background. So, it is better to avoid talking about particular religions of every employee, as sometimes those discussions might take a negative turn where you can end up for a debate on whose religion is the best.

3. Not helping when asked for help:
“Please don’t ask for any help as I am too busy today and I don’t know anything about what you are asking”. This is another unhealthy manner of responding to someone who needs your help at workplace. It shows your rudeness you exhibit at workplace. Remember that, if you refuse to help someone the same situation can reflect on you someday where others can show ignorance of helping you. So, if you want to refuse helping, tell it in a polite manner that, “I am sorry i am very busy today, can we discuss about it sometime later in the day or next day?” This kind of phrase doesn’t affect the emotion of that person in a negative manner.

4. Politics:
Discussion about political issues always end up in a fight between two people or two groups of people, because one person might be supporting a particular party which other person would have been against it. So, they might end up in proving which party is better between those two parties. So, such discussions will also take you away from the topic related to workplace and you might forget your work and start debating with each other. So, discussion about politics is a big “NO”.

5. Job Status:
Every employee is entitled to promotion in their professional life if they are really smart in their work as well as hard working by nature. Usually such kind of employees will be more attractive in the eyes of their boss and they will be favorites in their list to get a promotion. So, if you are one such employee and get a promotion for your hard work, it is true it is an occasion to celebrate. But make sure unless and until your title changes officially, don’t discuss it with any of your colleagues. You can share your happiness with your family and friends except with your co-worker. This is because; you might sound very proud of yourself as well as rude in the eyes of the co-worker unnecessarily.

6. Are you an intern?:
It’s true that, if you are a senior at office, you will be having some rights of asking questions to the person who joins new. But when you ask questions like, “Are you an Intern?”, that doesn’t sound good because, that person might have already worked somewhere and this might be his or her second or third job. So, avoid asking such questions for a newly joined candidate.

7. Discussing about personal issues:
It is a human nature that if a person feels close to another person who he or she meets and chats with each day, definitely they start sharing their personal issues regarding their family or about themselves itself. Though this method can make them feel relaxed after sharing with someone, this is not a good idea when sharing it with your colleagues. Yes, though two people work in a same company, its better not to discuss your personal issues with the colleagues as it will be good if you set limits on whatever your reveal to them. Remember one thing, if you are close to some of your co-workers; never forget that, they will still be your co-workers, who also are finding ways to defeat you and move forward. So, never ever start talking unnecessary things related to your personal life with your colleagues at the workplace as it is not a good idea.

Happy learning.

80 6 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired! on Tue 13 Nov 2012 - 9:31


CSoC King
CSoC King
Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/6-Behaviors-That-Can-Get-You-Fired-nid-133905.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r5

6 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired!

Thousands of employees around the world get fired every day. Though some employees lose their jobs through no faults of their own, in a majority of cases there are legitimate reasons for their termination.

Here is a list of such legitimate reasons for terminating an employee, as reported by Matthew Bellows of Business Insider.

1. Dishonesty, Lack of Integrity and Evasion at Workplace:
It is essential for an employee to be truthful, unambiguous and cooperative with management and colleagues at workplace. In addition, it is important for an employee to protect organization’s proprietary information and secrets such as program materials, new projects, copyrighted / trademarked materials, sensitive accounts, etc. to prevent corporate espionage and theft. No employees are supposed to exploit company’s time, resources or materials for their personal gain. Failing to abide by these responsibilities may put the respective employee in a bad light and will eventually lead to termination.

2. Poor Performance:
Performing tasks slowly, with numerous errors can have a negative impact on one’s professional life. Employees with such sloppy attitude and absence of inclination towards doing a good quality job are bound to get fired, unless they act quickly and change their approach for more productive deeds.

3. Refusing To Follow Directions and Orders:
Every employee should understand that it is very essential for them to follow the directions and to act in accordance with the request of their superiors at workplace, for a smooth and healthy relationship with the management. Anyone who doesn’t comply with this moral code of conduct is certain to be terminated.

4. Inconsistent or Unreliable Work and Behavior:
Employees should always be consistent and unwavering in their productivity and behavior in order to benefit the organization and produce profits or positive turnover. Any ups and downs in the productivity and accuracy in their jobs will congregate to meet dire consequences.

5. Lack of Motivation:
It is essential for an employee to maintain and even increase his motivation levels at the workplace in order to efficiently tackle the challenges of the work. Motivation is the source of power for successful employees. Lack of motivation can have a direct negative impact on an employee’s performance and productivity, which ultimately leads to termination.

6. Inability to perform assigned jobs:
Employees who state that they are capable of carrying out certain tasks during interview or on resume, but fail to perform those duties while at work, are likely to be fired if they do not learn to perform those tasks quickly. Such wrong doings are intolerable in this challenging business world and can also have an adverse effect on the employee’s future career option.

Lying in the resume, high absenteeism rate, drug / alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, inability to socialize with colleagues, carrying out personal business at work, and lying in the resume are some of the other culprits of employees losing their jobs.

Happy learning.


CSoC Master
CSoC Master



CSoC King
CSoC King
Thank you all for supporting and compliments.

Happy learning.

83 (75) "Resume Blunders That Can Cost Your Job" on Thu 15 Nov 2012 - 10:16


CSoC King
CSoC King
Sourse: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Resume-Blunders-That-Can-Cost-Your-Job-nid-134130.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r1

(75) "Resume Blunders That Can Cost Your Job"

Most of the job seekers usually make obvious and painful blunders on their resumes that might cost them the job. Hence it is essential for an individual to pay utmost attention to the minor details of one’s resume and increase the probability of getting a job. Though there are several online tools that are helpful in creating a better resume by avoiding critical mistakes such as punctuation, most of them will not grab hold of several obvious slip-ups.

Here is a list of such blunders on a job seeker’s resume, as reported by J.T. O’Donnell of AOL Jobs on Business Insider.

1. Subjective Texts:
It is advisable for an aspiring job seeker not to fill the resume with extravagant self-praises and avoid using derogatory / untested phrases such as ‘exceptional communication skills’, ‘hard working individual’, ‘dedicated self – starter’ and so on, which might create a sense of negative publicity with respect to the recruiters. Instead you can list proven accomplishments and let the recruiter decide if you are actually a go-getter.

2. Excessive Information:
Contrary to the popular perspective, excessive information is not a way to stand out; it actually acts as detraction from an individual’s core message and strengths.

It is advisable to simplify the resume to incorporate only those key skills that you want to leverage. This indirectly implies that you have a lot more to offer, but the recruiters need to contact you to find out, what exactly you want the resume to do. If the recruiter is satisfied with your inherent potential, then they are bound to contact you for a phone screen to get more details.

3. Un-Inspiring Top-Fold:
Recent studies have showed that most of the hiring managers decide the eligibility of a job seeker within the first 6 – 13 seconds of reading the resume. Hence it is advisable to create a top-fold, i.e. first third of one’s resume, with well formatted text-sensitive characters and incorporate key skill sets that catch the recruiter’s attention.

4. Fancy Fonts:
Fancy or curly tailed fonts make it harder to read for the recruiter, and translate into the hiring manager engrossing less of what’s been written. In the limited time a recruiter spends analyzing a resume, such as complication in reading or understanding might have a negative impact on an individual’s job opportunity. Hence it is advisable for a job seeker to opt for clean-lined font such as Arial or Calibri, rather than script fonts. Though these fonts may look basic, the recruiter will at least take in more, which might create a job opportunity.

Please do keep in mind that in today’s fragile job market it is essential than ever for an aspiring job seeker to make his / her resume stand out from the rest. Hence paying attention to the minute details and avoiding noticeable mistakes can get a better response to their marketing message and create numerous employment opportunities.

Happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King


(76) Top 8 Essential Soft Skills for Job Seekers

Each employer looks for an employee with different blend of proficiency, skill and experience depending on the type of the business field. Presently, the challenging economy demands every aspiring job seeker to complement his unique core proficiency with certain ‘soft skills’, to stand out from the rest and in turn increase the probability of hiring.

Here is a list of 8 essential soft skills that employers are looking for in their potential employees, as reported by Jason Phillips on Top 10 List Website.

1. Strong Work Ethics:
A strong work ethic is essential for every aspiring individual to achieve his / her goal. Every employee from the CEO to entry level worker must have a good work ethic to keep the company up and running at its peak. Strong work ethic embodies a set of moral principles that guides an employee’s work behavior, leading them to turn out high-quality work consistently and without the push that some individuals require to stay on track.

2. Team Player:
A team player is a social skill that ranks high with the employers, and essentially means an individual who places the team goals and the team objectives ahead of his / her personal gain. Every successful employee needs to collaborate with his coworkers and be a valuable part of the team. Being a team player will help an individual to develop a meaningful relationship with their colleagues and gives the impression of being better than the rest, in the eyes of their employer.

3. Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional intelligence is the most sought after soft skill by an employer. It is defined as the set of proficiencies that demonstrates the ability of an individual to recognize and manage his / her behavior, temper, mood and impulse to the best of their abilities as per the prevailing situation. Ability to efficiently manage emotions such as jealousy, anger, hatred, hopelessness, fear, insecurity, isolation, anxiety, powerlessness, etc. at workplace can make a huge difference to an individual’s career and daily work life.

4. Ability to Solve Problem:
Problem solving is an essential skill in today’s challenging work environment. This fundamental soft skill enables an individual to analyze problems, recognize problem severity, propose solution, evaluate options, implement solutions, and access the impact of alternate solutions. It involves making use of the available resources, information and knowledge as well as the past experience, creativity and reasoning powers, to address and resolve current issues within least possible effort and time.

5. Adaptability / Flexibility:
Adaptability and flexibility are the most important soft skills that are essential to put up with the rapidly changing business environment. Increasingly employers are looking for individuals who can thrive on adverse and unforeseen conditions, and alter their routines as per the requirements. It has become very essential for individuals to learn and adjust to different situations, technologies and manage several tasks simultaneously with utmost efficiency.

6. Time Management Abilities:
Time management is an essential skill that every aspiring individual must possess, because it determines not just an individual’s professional triumph but their work life balance. Completing tasks assigned at workplace within least possible time and highest standard is a key determinant of career success.

7. Self Confidence:
Self confidence is a vital aspect of an individual’s day-to-day life and is the key of success at workplace. Individuals with high confidence and self-esteem generally stand tall and proud, project a sense of calmness and manage to inspire confidence in others. This automatically concludes that such individuals are more successful and appreciated than those who are not.

8. Performing well under pressure:
Generally employers love individuals who can handle the inherent stress and pressure that accompanies deadlines and crisis of the job. Such individuals would be able to put in their 100 percent effort for the completion of a task and will be able to succeed both in their professional as well as personal life.

Happy learning.

85 (77) Tips for Finding Jobs During Recession on Mon 19 Nov 2012 - 15:39


CSoC King
CSoC King
Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Tips-for-Finding-Jobs-During-Recession-nid-134246.html?utm_campaign=sundaydose&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=newsletter

(77) Tips for Finding Jobs During Recession

The current global financial crisis and fragile economy have turned into one of the most challenging times to be looking for a job in the modern history. Contrary to the popular perspective it is still possible to find a good job in the current climate, as long as you stay proactive, calm and patient.

Here are few tips that help you to find a good job regardless of the economy, as reported by Kristen Fischer on eHow website.

1. Concentrate On Growing Industry:
It is advisable for job seekers to concentrate on industries that are immune to the impact financial crisis such as education, health care, food service, energy, security, defense, science / R&D, government, etc. Choosing an industry that is still growing or predicted to grow during these difficult times, increases the probability of landing in a new job and reduces the chances of getting laid off again.

2. Rebrand and Sell Yourself:
Assess your proficiencies and area of interest, to choose a career option that is close to your expertise. It is also advisable to learn new things such as communication, technology and other essential soft skills so that you would be able to market yourself in an efficient manner. You can also create a list of potential interview questions and efficient answers, which might help you to impress the interviewer.

3. Try Different Avenues:
Don’t solely depend on one particular medium such as news paper to land in a job. It is always advisable to expand your job search to include online job portals, consultancies and other avenues. You can also try to get some references from your friends, peers, old business cards or revisit your networking group.

4. Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone:
Try to make of living by taking up some temporary positions or consider freelancing. You can also consider interim staffing to fill a temporary slot. Most of these job options pay well and help you to carry the burden of your daily expenses and other expenditures until a permanent job comes along.

Happy learning.


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CSoC King
Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Spelling-Mistakes-Every-Smart-Person-Can-Make-nid-134217.html?utm_campaign=sundaydose&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=newsletter

(78) Spelling Mistakes Every Smart Person Can Make

Most of you believe that, smart people will never commit any mistakes. Apart from that you would have also believed that they won’t face any confusion in whatever they do. But, your perception might be wrong, as it has been reported on the Excelle website by Divine Caroline that, English language has the capacity to confuse even the smartest person on Earth including its native speakers. This list can include scientists, engineers and even the company chiefs, especially when they start writing something on a piece of paper.

So, if you are curious to know about the most common spelling mistakes every smart person make, checkout the list mentioned below taken from the Excelle website and other sources. These words would have confused even you sometime whenever you are in a hurry of taking down something, be it putting up your own thoughts or also taking down any notes given by your seniors at workplace.

1. You’re and Your:
Many get confused when they start using these two words even though they are two different words of different meaning. The word You’re is used to substitute the words “you and are” and the word ‘your’ is used to refer something that belongs to some other person you are talking about. So, what’s so confusing in that, no one know. The word ‘your’ is used in phrases like ‘Take your book’, ‘this is your worksheet’ etc.

2. It’s and Its:
These two words are very much similar to each other and it is pretty confusing for everyone who looks at these two words together. Both the words are many times are misused knowingly or unknowingly. Usually when you use the word “It’s” [The word which includes apostrophe before the letter‘s’] when you want to say ‘It is’ or ‘It has’. The other word ‘Its’ [The word without apostrophe] is normally referred to something that belongs to ‘it’.

3. Their, There and They’re:
Even though there is nothing much confusion in these words, many go wrong while they write these three words whenever needed. The word, “They’re” is used as the short form of two words ‘They Are’, the word “Their” is used when explaining about something that belongs to other ‘people’ [them], like for example, ‘It is their responsibility to care of their dog’, ‘ It is their home’ etc. The word ‘There’ is usually used to in the phrases like, ‘You won’t get that book here you will get it over there in that book stores’ etc. So, as the pronunciation of these three words is quite similar, even the smart person can easily get confused.

4. Quiet and Quite:
There is no difference when you use these two words while conversing with another person. But it makes a huge difference when you wrongly you these words for different sentences. The word ‘Quiet’ refers to say ‘silent’, ‘calm’ etc, like for example, “She is so quiet in the classroom’. The word ‘quite’ refers to ‘fairly’, ‘pretty’, ‘rather’ etc, like for example, “It is quite natural that he loves books’.'

Happy learning.

87 (79) Top 5 Jobs for Teens on Mon 19 Nov 2012 - 15:47


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CSoC King
Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Top-5-Jobs-for-Teens-nid-133715.html#?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r5

(79) Top 5 Jobs for Teens

Part time or full time jobs are vital for teenagers who aspire to achieve great things in life. These jobs will help them to earn some money and will also teach valuable lessons required to succeed in the challenging world of work. The experience of dealing with the management and demanding customers will have a positive impact on their future career. The value of these jobs is priceless and is lot more than paychecks, because they learn things that they are not necessarily exposed to in schools.

Here is a list of such valuable jobs for teenagers, as reported on ‘Ygoy’ website.

1. Teacher:
The best way for teenagers to spend their spare time is by teaching, especially for those who are particularly bookish and aspire to take up the teaching profession. This presents a real opportunity for teens, those who are particularly talented in certain subject areas, computers or musical instruments. Teens can opt for teaching conventional school subjects, computer applications or some musical instruments. The beauty of this job is that it is flexible. They can opt for teaching at a particular place, go to the student’s home and teach, or teach in some summer camps.

2. Web Site Designing:
Creating a website is an ideal job for teens, particularly for those who are proficient with the technical and artistic aspects of computer applications. Teens can opt for designing websites for schools, colleges, hospitals and even some small companies, or can start their own website which has the potential to attract traffic. They also have an option to make money by selling advertisements on their websites. The best thing about this job is that the teens can work from anywhere, at any time.

3. Landscaping or Yard Work:
Landscaping or yard work is the best job teens who love to spend time outdoors. They can either join a landscaping business or set out to offer landscaping and lawn care services on their own. Since most of the people don’t have enough time to take care of their lawn, this job is most often in high demand. Teens who don’t mind getting dirty can cash in on this high demand. In addition, they will also be getting some physical activity while filling their wallets with some hard cash.

4. Housekeeping:
Teens who love cleaning can opt for this job. This work will help teens to earn some money, develop their organizational skills and also allows them to learn about responsibilities. This job is in high demand in hotels, malls and some industries, especially during summer when there is an upswing in the tourism industry. Hotels, malls and parks will be on a look out for dependent housekeeping staff and people who can assist with keeping public areas clean, hygienic and organized.

5. Baby Sitting:
Baby sitting is one of the best and easiest ways to make money, especially for teens with a nurturing spirit and love towards children. Apart from handsome pay, this job helps to develop precious qualities such as patience, high responsibility and conflict resolution capability among aspiring teens. This is a great pick for teenagers who aspire to pursue a career in child care, social work, teaching, or other related field that makes use of social skills and requires constant interaction with kids.

Happy learning.

88 (80) Exit Strategies for Resigning Gracefully on Mon 19 Nov 2012 - 15:48


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CSoC King

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Exit-Strategies-for-Resigning-Gracefully-nid-133758.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r5

(80) Exit Strategies for Resigning Gracefully

The current financial crisis is not stopping numerous employees from quitting their job voluntarily. The reasons for such a drastic decision might be a better opportunity, unbearable work pressure or to spend quality time with their family. However, regardless of the reason for quitting, it is essential for every employee to resign elegantly.

Here is a list of such exit strategies that helps you to leave a job gracefully, as reported on MENSXP website.

1. Work till the End:
Handing out a resignation doesn’t mean that it is the end of an individual’s professional responsibility in that particular organization. It is the duty of that individual to put in his 100 percent efforts for the welfare of the company till the end of his contract. It is essential for an employee to respect and maintain his professionalism, rather than goofing off during office hours, after quitting. It is recommendable to maintain office manners and to be a complete professional till the end, which will help him to maintain a pleasant relationship, and will also be beneficial to himself and his former employer.

2. Be Good:
The excitement of getting a new job shouldn’t hinder you from being on the best behavior. Fighting with your coworkers, expressing disgust and treating subordinates disrespectfully are bound to account for a repulsive experience and will leave you with dreadful memories. It is worthwhile to refrain yourself from bad mouthing your peers or superiors and other abusive behaviors, which are considered as unethical acts, and thus maintain a healthy work environment.

3. Counteroffer:
If the employer considers you as a precious asset to the organization, then he is bound to present a counteroffer to your resignation. Examine such offers thoroughly with an open mind and insist them to put in writing if you are pleased with the offer. However, on the hindsight, it might be most sensible to reject such offers, since staying back for higher pay after quitting will put you in a bad light and give the impression of disloyalty and indecisiveness.

4. Thank Your Colleagues:
After handing out the resignation to the employer, it is advisable to inform your coworkers and show gratitude for their association and cooperation. This is also the best opportunity to make up for the sour relationships and leave a sweeter memory at the workplace. It is essential to leave good memories behind, because the thought you leave behind may very well become the reflection that defines you in your future workplace. Ultimately, positive inter-personal relationship at the workplace will transform into great references and show the way for a better future.

Quitting is an extremely easy process, however quitting with grace involves a lot of skill and elegance. By following the above mentioned tips, an individual will be able to leave behind a positive thought and good memory at the workplace. It is also advisable to give your employer appropriate time to find a replacement to fill your role when you walk out.

Happy learning.

89 11 Traits That Will Get You Promoted on Sat 2 Feb 2013 - 21:53


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CSoC King
11 Traits That Will Get You Promoted


New Year brings in new opportunities for employees to make a career transition into a new department, job in your current area, or job in a new company.

Do you ever wonder why some individuals get promoted, while others are overlooked? You might be shocked to know that while being tagged as a hard working and dedicated individual are important attributes for a lucrative career, they will not guarantee a promotion.

Do bear in mind that employers are not rewarding strong performers for their past contribution; they are actually investing in the employee’s future contribution. To get promoted, an individual has to offer the best prospects out of the available lot.

If you aspire to make a move in your existing company, here are few things you can plan to do, as reported by Glenn Llopis of Forbes and other sources.

1. Demonstrate a Strong Ability For Growth:
Aspiring individuals must show the ability to evolve their thoughts and the capacity to expand their skill sets as per the situation. The old ways of being good at something and never expanding the inherent skills and abilities have ended. Presently, it has become essential for an aspiring individual to work twice as hard and illustrate his / her competence for growth, which requires an individual to invest in his / her know-how more than ever before.

It is advisable for an aspiring individual to identify his / her areas of strength in work and invest on those areas. This will enable them to grow in their company and contribute in more purposeful and meaningful ways.

Do bear in mind that one should have a thirst for knowledge and the ability to learn new things in order to reach greater heights. Stretch yourself and test your limits, which will ultimately lead you to the path of success.

2. Have a Positive Attitude:
It is a fact that attitude makes or breaks the fortunes of an individual. In the present day challenging environment, it has become essential for an aspiring individual to possess a great attitude that is attractive and likable by all, in order to grow in life. Remember, your behavior, your reliability, and most of all your overall character are being measured at all times and defines your ability to fit into the present day corporate culture. Employers generally promote individuals who can make others want to do better and possess leadership traits.

3. Have the Courage to Take Risks and Think Big:
The most important trait that employers look for in an aspiring individual is the audacity to be bold and the ability to thing, act and innovate in ways that come most naturally to them. Hence it is advisable for aspiring individuals to be bold, put their capabilities to test, and follow their passionate pursuit of purpose to take flight and lead them to success.

Never wait for things to happen and seize the opportunities that come your way. And do bear in mind that courageous individuals may not always win, but more often than not, they will be respected.

4. Earn The Trust of Your Colleagues:
At a time when most people have trouble trusting others let alone themselves, building relationships because you are trustworthy is a powerful asset to have, especially for getting promoted.

Being trustworthy and earning the respect of others is not that easy as it sounds. It is not just earned just because you are likeable. Earning the trust of your colleagues requires you to be an honest individual with strong communication skills, know how to build rapport, have the right credentials, have proficient conflict resolution skills, and most of all being diplomatic with people.

5. Be Loyal at Any Cost:
Loyalty is a powerful trait that measures the character of an individual within an instant. And being loyal to one’s respective company and the brand they serve is the first and the foremost step to be successful in life.

Unconditional loyalty towards the company can only be achieved if your personal values align with those of your organization.

6. Ask For More Responsibilities:
Volunteering to help out your fellow team members or simply asking for more responsibilities can amplify your value in the organization. Taking the initiative and asking for more work shows your desire and interest to help their team, department or the company to succeed, as well as putting a spotlight on your value with respect to the organization. It will also show that you are prepared to tackle a larger or more complicated workload and are not just looking for a fatter paychecks or bigger office.

7. Learn New Skills and Acquire New Knowledge:
One of the easiest and best ways to succeed in getting promoted is to expand your knowledge base and the skills sets in areas that are critical to the organization. As innovative in technologies are rapidly changing the human world, it has become very essential for an aspiring individual to acquire an ever-increasing set of skills, not just to perform their respective job, but also to stay marketable.

8. Excel at Your Current Position:
Most of the times, actions speak louder than words and the best way to show that you deserve a promotion is to simply shine in the current position. Go beyond the call of duty and try to help your colleagues at work. Coming early to work and staying a few minutes late can also be beneficial in the long run. You can also try to come up with solutions to problems that haven’t been addressed and help the organization.

9. Be a Team Player:
In the present day work environment that craves for team work, it has become even more important to share successes with your team and avoid pointing finger when there are failures.

Being a team player also increases your reputation and your value to the organization.

10. Build Your Network:
The more people know about your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, values and proficiencies, the more likely will your name be discussed when opportunities arise. Your hard work will never be rewarded if nobody knows about you.

In addition, networking will also help you to learn much more about the organization and even increases the chances of landing a dream project by manifolds.

11. Don’t Expect To Be Rewarded At All Times:
In order to get promoted, you have to first show your worth. And in the process if you fail, don’t get discouraged. It is also essential to be confident and never be arrogant. Don’t get worried that your accomplishments are going un-noticed. The things that matters the most are your eagerness, professionalism, motivation, and thoughtfulness about decisions and interactions with others, not fat paychecks.

Have a happy learning.


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Check How to Improve your Self-Confidence Level


We live in a society where we are most often influenced by others and also by the ideas they give it to us that can have a large impact on our lives. But don’t you think, you need to be more self-confident on what you want to do, rather than letting others rule upon you? You should have all the potential by now to be a confident person, as you are grown up and well educated and have learnt how the world actually works.

If you have finally decided to let your confidence level decide what you need in your life, then here are few simple ways that you need to take care, as it helps you to improve your self-confidence level, as given by Christine Arylo on the Excelle website.

1. Stop worrying about what others think of you and trust yourself:

First and foremost fact you need to keep in mind is, you are not responsible for whatever other people think of you and decide how you need to lead your life. So, it is advised to stop worrying about what others think of you, rather, concentrate on how you need to lead your life by trusting yourself. Don’t lessen your confidence level in any of the hardest situations you come across in your life.

2. Become a best friend of your inner mind:
Most of the time you will be under some situations where you need to depend on yourself of taking the best decision that you feel can help you come out of that particular problem. Always try to communicate with your inner mind to decide what is best for you. And it will be your responsibility to believe and develop a confidence level by trusting upon what your inner mind advices to you. If you fail in communicating with your inner mind, for sure it will not connect your level of thinking when you actually need help from it. Always do what you feel if you are very much sure unless and until it won’t harm neither you nor the people in your surroundings.

3. Check out what makes you happy:
Stop working in a manner according to what others want to see in you. Think upon what are the things or your way of life, those are making you happy and work according to that. If you feel you need to have a goal in your professional life working in a manner to achieve that as fast as possible. If you think on what makes you happy, then definitely your way to success is assured because, it is the happiness which gives you self-confidence.

4. Get to know what quality can make you a unique person:
Yes, each and every person on earth would be born with some sought of uniqueness unless and until the person himself or herself figures it out in them. When you get to know about your uniqueness, try using it in your life. Ask the people on whom you trust upon about, what is best for you and have they found anything special in you which are different from others. Ask others only when you are pretty confused on deciding upon many of your unique qualities. After making a list of uniqueness, start utilizing it in your daily life.

5. Never ever apologize for being yourself:
Yes, as it is only you who will be with your inner mind till the end of your life, never ever ask for an apology for not being the way others want you to be in life. If you start seeking for apology each and every time then definitely, you hurt your self-confidence level that is hidden within you. So, always be yourself and trust yourself without apologizing for what you are.

So, as being a confident person is very much necessary both in your personal andprofessional life, it is better to consider these above mentioned advices.

Have a happy learning.


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CSoC King
Best Recession-Proof Careers of All time in India


Recession proof careers are those that are least sensitive to financial meltdown and have the highest combined scores for number of openings, pay and projected growth. They are the careers that have a continual demand for workers even during hard economic times, thereby increasing the chances landing a job and being employed.

But most people must be wondering, is there such a thing as a recession proof job? The answer is, probably no. But there are certain careers that have remained stable throughout the course and have handled the economic crisis better than the rest.

Despite a plummeting economy and layoffs in many industries, certain professions are expected to remain in high demand and weather the storm in a better way. Take a look at such recession-proof careers on the Indian subcontinent, as listed by Cathie Gandel and Hilary Sterne on the Reader’s Digest website based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Information Network database.

1. Education:
Teaching profession has historically been recession-proof and is a stable careeroption. Most people will send their kids to the schools irrespective of the economic conditions, and hence education tends to be a pretty secure profession to be in.

The salient feature of this profession is that there is always an opportunity lurking by the corner. Presently, enrollment in this profession is at an all time high and is increasing exponentially, while veteran teachers are retiring. There is also a growing need for teachers with bilingual expertise and handicap training proficiency, to assist children with special needs. Also educators with advanced degrees are particularly sought after to meet the rising number of students enrolling in the colleges.

2. Energy:
Energy is presently the most sought after career option in the world. Irrespective of how terrible the economy gets, it isn’t likely that people will stop using electricity at homes.

This industry offers a variety of specializations from researchers to technicians, particularly as countries around the world have become more environmentally conscious, and have started investing in greener and cheaper alternatives.

3. Health Care:
This is a career that never goes out of style and pops up at the top of just about every list of hot career option. Even when the economy suffers, people will continue to get sick and require medical treatment, as a result of which the demand for these professionals never seems to die. Additionally, the number of older people who will require medical care and other essential services is projected to grow rapidly, increasing the need for professionals in this field.

Health care is an industry that is on the rise and will continue to rise, irrespective of the economic conditions. As more and more people are thriving to live longer and the need for professionals who help them to do so will also increase.

Jobs in the medical and health care professions are not just in-demand, but they are highly lucrative. Hence, the demand for these professionals starting from doctors, nurses and physical therapists to medical coders and ambulance drivers is red hot.

4. Environment:
Environment is the sector to look out forin the coming years. With increased emphasis in greener energy and the worldwide push to make homes, office and other buildings more energy-efficient and the increase demand to develop alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar, and cell technology, the career opportunities in environment sector will continue to rise, irrespective of the economic conditions.

5. Financial Services:
Rising from the ashes of economic meltdown, career in financial services has a bright future. As business firms struggle to meet their respective financial goals and the need for skilled financial workers who can advise on how to make the money last, assist business decisions, help improve managerial effectiveness, and keep the struggling business afloat, the demand for professional in this field is at an all time high. Presently, the demand for skilled workers such as investment bankers, accountants, attorneys, and people with experience in managing the corporate processes is soaring.

6. Government:
This is one of the most underrated, but amongst the most stable sectors in India. Not only it is rarely downscaled, but the government sector is known to create new job opportunities during recession.

With a major chunk of the government employees expected to retire by 2016, leaving open positions at various levels of the government, there will be numerous job opportunities at both the local and central level. A number of job opportunities are expected to be created in civil services, police service, defense and other regulatory bodies of the government.

7. International Business:
Presently, IT companies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, and even government bodies are going after global markets, as a result of which individuals with international expertise, foreign-language skills, or a willingness to move abroad are in demand. The fact that the global economy can only grow and expand in the coming years, the employment opportunities in this sector is bound to be in a great shape in the future.

8. Law Enforcement:
Crime doesn’t stop during recession; hence it is likely that there will be some stability in this profession. While opportunities in most local departments will be good for qualified candidates, particularly those with a bachelor’s degree, it is anticipated that there will be more competition for jobs in state and central agencies.

Also with the rise of the high-tech crimes, the employment opportunities in most law enforcement agencies are at an all time high.

9. Technology:
The human race will never stop wondering about the world around us or stop inventing new technologies, as a result of which the professionals in this field will feel less cold than other sectors of the economy.

Emergence of technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and materials science and the use of technology in services and products are fueling the demand for professionals in this industry.

Have a happy learning.


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CSoC King
Top 5 Jobs with Best Growth Prospects in 2013

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Top-5-Jobs-with-Best-Growth-Prospects-in-2013-nid-142185.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r1

Thanks to the reviving economic fortunes, the job market has begun a distinctly ungraceful recovery. Presently, numerous jobs have been added to the economy for several straight months and most gauges seem to have been back at the pre-recession levels, which is a positive sign. But unfortunately, the job growth isn’t as robust as most people hoped for and projections suggest it will likely to take at least two more years to regain the millions of jobs lost during the great recession.

One thing that recession has taught us is that, not all job prospects are created equal and in fact some are better than the rest. The better jobs offer a manageable work-life balance, magnitude of employment opportunities, handsome pay package and most of all, job security. Here is a list of such jobs that offers the right mix of the above mentioned components and is projected to have the best growth prospects in 2013, as reported by Terrence Loose on Yahoo Education.

5. Accountant:
At the time when unemployment rate is at the peak and the hopes of the people are at an all time low, the accounting field is expected to open avenues and offer a variety of employment opportunitiesacross various sectors.

As per the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statics) report, the demand for these professionals is expected to grow at a staggering 16 percent over the next decade. This demand is fueled by the need for thorough documentation in response to recent economic crisis and the subsequent financial regulations. In addition, the greater scrutiny of company finance, the ever changing financial laws and the increasing number of business ventures are bound to create numerous employment opportunities for these employees across the globe.

The minimum educational requirement for this profession is a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. And the median annual salary of these professionals is in the range of 0.89 lakh to 4.11 lakh, as listed on the PayScale website.

4. Nurse:
The job opportunities for these professionals are expected to be excellent this year and beyond. This profession is expected to witness a growth rate of around 26 per, which is faster than the average for otherprofessions, as per the BLS report. This growth is primarily due to the technological advancements that permit a greater number of health problems to be treated simultaneously, larger emphasis on preventive health care and the growing demand for healthcare services among people across all ages.

The demand for these professionals across variety of healthcare settings, starting from traditional hospital settings to non-hospital settings such as home healthcare services and physician’s office are at an all time high and is expected to be the same in the coming years.

Most employers across the world are even offering special benefits, bonuses and fat paychecks to lure proficient talent in this field.

The minimum educational requirement for this profession is a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. And the average annual salary for these professionals is around 0.71 lakh to 7.06 lakh, as per the PayScale website

3. Software Developer:
The world is going digital, and these professionals are at the helm of this transformation. Software developers who assist these transformations are reaping the benefits. This is evident in the great pay, hiring demand which is through the roof, and the working conditions that have never been better.

As per the BLS report, this profession is projected to witness a staggering growth of 30 percent over the next decade, which is faster than the average for other professions. As internet technologies continue to evolve and computer networks expand, a large number of new employment opportunities are expected to be created in this field. In addition, as business technologies become more complex, resulting in sophisticated computer systems and networks, and as mobile technology drives demand for new products and application, the need and emphasis on these professionals will be at an all time high.

The educational requirement for this profession is a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science or a related field. And as per the PayScale website, the pay package for these professionals is approximately 1.41 lakh to 6.66 lakh per annum.

2. Public Relations Specialist:
This profession is probably the hottest career right now, in terms of employment opportunity and growth prospects. As per the bureau of labor statics this profession is projected to witness a growth rate of 21 percent in the coming decade. The growth of social media in public relations, as well as increasingly competitive business world that is evolving on a daily basis, are the driving factors behind the growth of this profession. In addition, the need of the companies to cultivate and maintain close relationships with the general public, as well as journalist, bloggers and other professions, is bound to propel this profession into the league of the most lucrative and sought after jobs in the world.

The minimum educational requirement for this profession is a Bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, journalism or advertising.

As per the PayScale website, the annual salary for a Public Relations Specialist is in the range of 2.0 lakh to 7.50 lakh.

1. Personal Financial Advisor:
This profession is expected to be one of the faster-growing professions over the years to come and beyond. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is projected to grow at the rate of 32 percent between 2010 and 2020. The impending retirements of millions of baby boomers are expected to create a large demand for these professionals. In spite the suspicious among people regarding the financial professionals after the financial meltdown, and the growth of cheaper online Web tools are expected to replace the need of these professions, this profession will continue to be one of the leading lights of the economy and is bound to witness the highest growth prospects.

The minimum educational requirement for this profession is Bachelor’s degree, but most employers opt for candidates with a MBA degree.

As per the PayScale website, the average pay package for these professions is approximately 2.17 lakh to 13.92 lakh per annum.

Happy learning.


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CSoC King
Tips to Crack the Toughest Interview Questions

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Tips-to-Crack-the-Toughest-Interview-Questions-nid-141795.html?utm_campaign=sundaydose&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=newsletter

Most job seekers spent the night before a keenly awaited interview tossing and turning, troubled by visions of the thorny questions that might haunt them the next day. Whether you are asked to explain the terms under which you left your previous job, that gap in your experience, or your worst professional mistake, chances are high that you are most likely to be hit by at least one interview question that will make you flinch.

Let’s accept the fact that, there is just no way to foresee in advance exactly what kind of questions an individual might encounter in an interview. When it comes to job interviews, all we can do is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Believing in one’s self and approaching the interview with a positive frame of mind is a surefire way to crack the interview.

Here is an overview of the toughest interview questions that are frequently a throne in the flesh of most job seekers, as reported by Ritika Trikha on U.S. News.

1. How Long Are You Willing To Fail At This Job Before You Succeed?
This is amongst the favorite interview questions of Jon Sterling, Co-Founder of Interview Circuit. As per him, most recruiters do not have a particular answer in mind when they ask this question, and use this question to see how a job applicant reacts.

He added that, thought a variety of answers would be satisfactory in this scenario, the best answer would be to let know that he / she is willing to stick with the job for as long as it takes to succeed. This answer demonstrates a candidate’s endurance and shows that he/she is in it for the long-run.

Alternatively, you could emphasize that you are willing to fail and learn from your mistakes, which demonstrates that you are not afraid of failures.

The worst answer in this scenario would be to mention a time frame, or saying “I don’t know”, as per Jon Sterling.

2. What Are You Most Proud In Your Career?
Kimberly Bishop, an Executive Recruiter, stated that she would often get blank stares from candidates as response to this question.

The best way to respond to this question is by stating one momentous accomplishment and explaining the reason why you are proud of it. You can also add the impact of this momentous accomplishment on your personal life.

3. What Skills Are You Lacking?
Ability to brief about your biggest weakness without causing any harm to your reputation in the eyes of the recruiter is one of the biggest challenges of a job interview.

As per Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s Career Expert, the best response to this question would be, not to draw a negative attention on one’s self by stating something that would lead an employer to think that he / she is not a perfect-fit for the job. As per him, a straightforward and optimistic answer would be something like stating, “I tend to say yes and get over committed”.

4. Which Past Manager Has Liked You the Least, And What Will This Person Tell me About You?
This is a tricky question that is bound to test an individual’s self-awareness and also demands that they have a discussion about their weaknesses from the perspective of others. The best way to approach this question is to be positive about past relationship with your higher authorities at work, being frank about the things you have learnt and most of all being honest about the shortcomings, as per Allison VanNest, Head of Communications at Grammarly, which is a software suite service for perfecting written English.

Do bear in mind, not to cross the limit while self-criticizing and avoid pointing fingers at how annoying your previous boss was.

5. Tell Me What You Felt Was Unfair To You In Your Last Job?
This question is intended to uncover some of your shortcomings. And the best way to respond to this question is by providing honest and positive answers. You can tell the recruiter about an unfair circumstance and try to shift the focus towards the proactive steps that you took to deal with that

Happy reading.


CSoC King
CSoC King
4 Indian Universities Among the World's Best

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/4-Indian-Universities-Among-the-Worlds-Best-nid-142661.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r1

The effect of positive educational reforms in the country has finally been rewarded, as four Indian universities have made it to the prestigious list of YouthInc Global Business School Rankings 2013.

The survey was a joint venture of Youth Incorporated and Rediff.com, and this report also inculcates inputs from the members of all the prestigious institutions, as well as students to comply the data.

The survey indicates that, while there has been a major shift in the list, top universities such as Harvard and Stanford managed to stay afloat and retained their top slots.

Nine of the top ten slots in the list are occupied by the U.S. universities, which reflect their domination in education over the rest. The survey also indicated that the educational standard in the Asian continent is getting bigger and a total of 17 Asian Institutes were slotted within the top 100. And China has the most representations among the Asian countries with 5 institutes slotted in the rankings.

Here is an overview of the top Indian Universities in the list, as reported by Rediff.

4. University of Delhi:
Rank- No. 99
University of Delhi, the premier institute of the country, is positioned at the 99th slot in the list. This leading institute is known for its high standards in research and teaching. It came into existence in 1922 and was initially established as a teaching and residential institute.

Ever since its inception, a strong commitment to support and nurture proficient talent has been made by the University of Delhi, thereby, emergingas a path-setter and role-model for other institutions in the country. Its rich academic tradition and promise has always lured the most proficient talent in the country and has encouraged them to make important contributions to their society.

The University of Delhi had a meek beginning. It began with just three colleges, two faculties, namely Arts and Science, and had around 750 students. But today, it has grown into a giant institute with 16 faculties managing 86 academic departments. It is currently spread across 77 colleges and 5 other renowned institutes spread across the city.

3. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur:
Rank- No. 79
For the first time ever, this prestigious institute made the list. This leading institution of the country is slotted at the 79th position of the esteemed list. IIT Kanpur was established with an aim to provide meaningful education, to conduct genuine research of the highest quality, to provide direction to the technological innovation and to support industrial growth of the country. IIT Kanpur began functioning in 1959 and initially had a very modest beginning. It started with about 100 students and a small faculty. This Institute now has a huge residential campus with about 309 faculties and in excess of 900 supporting staff. Currently, nearly 2,255 undergraduate and 1,476 postgraduate students are studying on the educational institute.

With the ever increasing number of mindboggling innovations in both its research and curriculum, IIT Kanpur is swiftly gaining a celebrated reputation.

2. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi:
Rank- No. 27
IIT Delhi, formerly known as College of Engineering and Technology Delhi, is slotted at the 27th position in this prestigious list. This institute is a major college of engineering in India and a source of pride for all the citizens of the country.

This institution was established on 21 August 1961 with a vision to contribute to India and the world through excellence in technical education, research and scientific education. It was created to serve as a valuable resource to the society and the Indian industries.

Throughout the history, this prestigious institution is best known for producing outstanding engineers and scientists.

This institute of national importance is a modern marvel, with campus that resembles a city, lush green gardens, wide roads, residential complexes, lawns, open water supply, backup electricity supply, well-equipped stadia’s and shopping complexes to carter to the day-to-day needs of its residents.

At present, this center of excellence has about 13 departments with 11 multi-disciplinary centers of research activity, and offers approximately 700 courses every semester, including post-graduate and undergraduate programs.

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai:
Rank- No. 17

IIT Mumbai is the highest ranked institute of the country. Taking giant leap from its 31st position last year, this institute is currently slotted at 19th position. Established in 1958, this institute was the first IIT to be set up with the assistance of foreign players such as UNESCO.

Presently, IIT Mumbai has about 14 academic departments that offer undergraduate and post graduate degrees in engineering, science, mathematics and technology. And in the last five decades, more than 39,000 students have graduated from this prominent institute.

IIT Mumbai is a renowned leader in engineering education and is noted for research in varied areas of technology that are making significant contributions to the nation. It is also well-known for the superiority of its faculty and the exceptional competence of students graduating from its undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

95 3 Tips for Landing a Pleasing Career on Thu 7 Mar 2013 - 7:44


CSoC King
CSoC King
3 Tips for Landing a Pleasing Career

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/3-Tips-for-Landing-a-Pleasing-Career--nid-142564.html

Most of the career problems occur due to the fact that people are very bad at picking the right jobs. People initially think that they have selected a good job, but later, it turns out to be a bad option.

In the present day scenario, it seems almost impossible to land a good job on the first go and never think that you will be an exception.

But, with that said and done, most of us still aspire to be great at selecting the right career path for ourselves. So, here are a few guidelines to reflect on, irrespective of whether it’s your first career or your ‘n’th career, as reported by Penelope Trunk on Business Insider.

1. Don’t Believe The Hype:
Most people have a ‘grass-is-greener’ approach to career paths that are not their own. They tend to be lured by the hype created around a specific job and in all probability, end up in misery for the times to come. Hence it is very essential for young aspirants to think twice before jumping into conclusions.

2. Pick A Lifestyle, Not A Job Title:
Look at the lives of the most successful people around you, and self-introspect about the life you aspire to pursue. But do bear in mind to look deeper and never ignore the minor details. You simply can’t aspire to have a life that they are enjoying presently, and probably have to incorporate the life that led them to the current position.

3. Don’t Over-Commit:
Trying out a variety of different jobs is not a bad thing. Power your mind with the verity that job hopping is the sign of an individual who is actually trying to figure out the position where he/she is a perfect-fit. And quitting when you know that you are probably in the wrong spot is a positive step in the pursuit to land a dream job. Never think that, a resume with lots of wrong turns is disastrous. You can probably consult a mentor or an advisor and fix the resume so that it looks like you actually had purpose and focus.

The most important thing here is not to over commit to one particular career path.


CSoC King
CSoC King
(88) Professions That Can Make You a Millionaire

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Professions-That-Can-Make-You-a-Millionaire--nid-141895.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r1

Do you aspire to join the millionaire's club and wondering what it takes to achieve this objective? The fact is that, it is an eminently attainable goal that can be achieved through sheer hard work, dedication and careful planning.

But it won’t happen simply by being idle and praying for things to happen, or entering the lottery and expecting to win every time, or simply reading how to make it happen. It is actually up to the individual opting to do something to achieve this goal.

Landing a lucrative occupation can be a good place to start the pursuit to earn big bucks. Here is a list of careers that young people can opt for to earn a seven-figure net worth over time, as reported by Lee Grayson and Demand Media on Chron website, and on Mallionairesolitaire.com.

1. Finance:
The finance sector is still offering a wealth of interesting, satisfying and most of all, well-paid opportunities. During the worst of the great recession, while most employers were closing businesses and a majority of employees were losing their jobs; many professionals in financial sector were getting bonuses and were leading a happy life. In fact, some of the finance industry's elite recently raised their sales and earnings estimates for the year, which is a great sign.

With the economy recovering and most businesses expected to venture into unchartered territories this year, banking and finance industry is expected to be the sunshine sector of the future. Some professions that are offering 7 digit pay package in this sector includes CEO, Credit Analyst and Financial Advisors.

As per the PayScale website, the annual pay package for a CEO, Credit Analyst and a Financial Advisor in India are approximately 9.52 lakh – 99.79 lakh, 2.46 lakh - 10.13 lakh and 2.17 lakh – 13.92 lakh, respectively.

2. Technology:
Professionals working in this sector use their creative juices to develop innovative and salable hardware or software applications. These professionals typically won’t make millions working for the corporate biggies; rather big money comes from marketing their ideas and designs to established tech firms, or by becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own tech firm.

As per the PayScale website, software developers typically take home an average annual income of approximately 1.41 lakh – 6.66 lakh, but can earn millions when he/she opt to sell their ideas or designs to biggies in the field. As per the online reports of London's Mail, the software designers who developed Instagram, which is new messaging software, pocketed around $400 million from an Internet startup. Professionals working in this field typically should be capable of operating with little immediate supervision, must be able to stay focused and should never give in to distractions.

3. Entertainment:
Majority of the performers, writers, artists and other technicians working in the entertainment industry in India earn respectable salaries, where as directors, actors and some singers are earning millions annually.

As per the emirates247 website, the highest paid actor in the industry is Salman Khan, who charged a whooping 60 crore, which is equivalent to $40 million for one of his movie titled ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, while other biggies in the industry such as Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan charged 45 crore ($30 million) and 35 crore ($23 million) respectively, for their latest hits. Leading ladies in the industry are also not behind. Actresses, namely Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor charge approximately 10 crore to 15 crore per movie.

Connections within the industry, proficient talent and a good agent are what it takes tobag big bucks and land a multi-million dollar bank account in the entertainment industry.

4. Professional Sports:
Professional sports offer some of the best paid careers in the world. These professional get paid based on their performance. Innovations in technology, mass media and increased leisure have brought large audiences, as a result of which professionals athletes and sports organizations are commanding large incomes. Presently, most professional athletes bag in millions of bucks on every paycheck. Even those who are at the bottom of the pay scale, bag pay packages that is equivalent to salaries of some of the lucrative offers in other sectors. Since most individuals are not inherently gifted with dazzling abilities to make the cut, these professionals are amongst the most respected and garner healthy pay packages.

The recent IPL auctions are an example of the kind on money offered to these professionals.

5. Medicine:
The medicinal field offers some of the most lucrative and stable professions in the world. Some of the best-paid professionals in this field include surgeon, physician, anesthesiologist, obstetrician and gynecologist.

As per the PayScale website, the average annual income of a Surgeon is in the range of 3.05 lakh to 22.69 lakh. The median salary of the physician is approximately 1.29 lakh to 12.11 lakh. The annual salary of an anesthesiologist is around 3.69 lakh to 18.69 lakh, where as the median salary of an obstetrician or gynecologist is approximately 1.23 lakh to 56.02 lakh.

Another booming profession in this sector is that of a medical scientist. The annual salary of this professional is approximately 1.97 lakh to 11.68 lakh, as listed by the PayScale website.

97 9 Happiest Jobs in the World on Sun 24 Mar 2013 - 12:55


CSoC King
CSoC King
9 Happiest Jobs in the World


Let’s face it; most of us are unhappy with our present job and aspires to land a job which is more fun to work. But are you aware of any such profession that is fun to work or the ones where employees don’t cringe when they hear the alarm go off every day in the mornings, because they are aware that they are about to spend a day doing what fulfills them the most.

Here is a handpicked list of the happiest professions on the earth, as listed by Steve Denning of the Forbes.

9. Operating Engineer:
These are professionals who ensure that the manufacturing systems of business organization are adequate and functional, as well as guarantee that they are inclined to industry practices and senior management’s specifications. They build highways or erect skyscrapers and include surveyors, engineers sitting at computers guiding construction, crane operators and other skilled laborers.

This field of work is heavily unionized and the professionals enjoy attractive perks, along with high hourly wage

8. Financial Services Sales Agent:
These are professionals who are responsible for selling banking services such as mutual funds, loans and so on. These professionals also use their proficiencies in fields such as accounting, tax, economics, and finance to review client’s personal data and recommend investment strategies that are in line with the client’s goals.

Constructive working environment, opportunity to interact with different kinds of people, handsome pay packages, along with an option to earn bonuses are some of the perks of this line of work.

7. Psychologist:
This is one of the most fascinating professions on the Earth. Though, the process of uncovering the reasons behind human behavioral pattern and developing an understanding of the underlying motives is a demanding task, it entails a sense of satisfaction and joy that is unmatchable.

6. Artist:
Though the pay in this line of work is relatively less, people working in this field are among the happiest professionals in the world. It is the profession that shows us that wage and job satisfaction is not mutually proportional. Flexibility, autonomy, creativity and the opportunity to express one’s self are some of the reasons behind the high satisfaction rate for these professionals.

5. Teachers:
This is a profession where benefits go far beyond drawbacks. The satisfaction and happiness involved in helping pupils become self-aware and instilling a life-long love for learning in them is unparallel.

Job security, serious vacation time, flexibility and autonomy are some of the perks of this line of work. In spite of a myriad of unique challenges, this is one of the most gratifying jobs one could ever imagine and the professionals are among the most satisfied members in the workplace.

4. Authors:
This line of work allows an individual to fully express one’s self without any fear or without any constraints. Plus the added perks of flexibility, autonomy, good pay and most of all the respect makes this profession one of the most admired line of work in the world.

Being able to create and live in a world of our own is the biggest advantage of being an author.

3. Physical Therapist:
This profession has one of the best job prospects and outlook for the future. And in addition, it has the highest satisfaction level among all the professions in the world. The ability to help people suffering from disabilities or injuries, plus the added advantage of job security and demand are some of the driving forces behind the huge satisfaction level of these professionals.

2. Firefighters:
Despite being one of the most hazardous and challenging job that demands round the clock service and extensive training, the professionals working in this line of work are the happiest individuals in the job market. The job satisfaction is driven by the fact that these professionals work round the clock and risk their lives day-in and day-out to save the precious lives of people and their most sacred possessions.

1. Clergy:
Clergies are the least worried and the most satisfied individuals on the Earth. The day-to-day activities of a clergy includes mentoring youth towards faith and personal maturity, being with people in the depth of sorrows, celebrating joyous occasions, preaching, teaching and helping people in need. These activities develop a sense of satisfaction and joy among clergies and drive them to work for the cause of creating a better world.

98 8 Most Popular Freelance Careers on Thu 25 Apr 2013 - 10:46


CSoC King
CSoC King
8 Most Popular Freelance Careers


Ever felt that you’re working really hard but your job is not enough for you? Are you a passionate type who craves for autonomy or the one who aspires to try out something different apart from your regular work? Not to worry, the answer is obviously freelance and there are a variety of options out there. Forbes however, has brought together the best among the various available options out there.

Here is a brief overview of the most popular freelance careers, as listed on Forbes.

1. Writing
Common Job Functions: Content Writer, Editor, Technical Writer, Copywriter, Content Manager, Blog Writer

The job description of these professionals includes composing text for marketing projects, technical manuals or publications; checking grammars and spellings; explore, edit and write proposal documentations; develop content ideas; construct operational manuals, quick reference guides, technical specifications, learning documents and standard operating procedures; and so on.

The average estimated income for the professionals working in this field is $25 to $30 an hour.

2. Marketing
Common Job Functions: Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Project Manager

Advancements in technology and changes the way businesses run have had a positive impact on this sector. Presently, there are a huge number of employment opportunities for aspirants with proficient talent across variety of sectors ranging from consultancies, merchandising and promotions to market research and analysis.

The freelance workers associated with this sector are responsible for a wide range of functions. They are responsible for everything from managing client relationships, examine and critique ideas, to managing products to creating customer experience strategies for brands, tracking budgets, updating products on the website, proofreading documents and more.

The estimated average earnings for freelance workers in this field are in the range of $46 to $52 an hour.

3. Business Project Management
Common Job Functions: Project Manager, Process Analyst

Recession and the corresponding repercussions have emphasized the importance for these professionals. Presently, there are a huge number of employment opportunities across a variety of industries ranging from health care and construction to engineering firms.

The job description involves overseeing strategies between clients and companies, developing project plans, directing resources, manage project expectations, oversee project restrictions such as time, cost, quality, and so on.

The approximate earnings in this field are $34 to $46 an hour.

4. Web Development
Common Job Functions: Web Application Developer, Junior Developer, Web Content Developer

The job description includes implementing existing application into software platforms; working behind the scenes to update and managing content that appears on the web pages; providing technical support; managing sites and servers; improving application and architecture; translating business initiatives into online campaigns that communicate the company’s message, product and services; and more.

5. Accounting
Common Job Functions: Accountant, Property Accountant, Accounting Clerk, Bookkeeper

Freelance workers associated with this field are responsible for handling variety of issues related to money, finance, sales, payrolls, expenditures and profits; performing audits to ensure an individual or business is being truthful in its tax documents; analyzing the business ledger and overall financial health; assisting with account reconciliation and financial reporting; performing routine bookkeeping tasks, and monthly reconciliation of bank statements; and so on.

The estimated earnings in this field are approximately $16 to $30 an hour.

6. Insurance Inspection
Common Job Functions: Insurance Appraiser, Residential Insurance Inspector

Freelance workers associated with this field basically act as the eyes and ears of the insurance company. They are responsible for carrying out an extensive inspection, gathering information, writing reports, identifying risks, making suggestions, conducting surveys, taking photographs, and generating computerized sketches.

7. Social Media
Common Job Functions: Online Community Manager, Social Media Coordinator

Online community managers and social media coordinators are basically responsible for leading, engaging and moderating social communities on the internet. They also monitor communities; manage and update all social media platforms; build and implement online, social, and mobile strategies; publish content to website and social media platforms; and write engaging copy for social media channels.

The average earnings in this field are roughly around $20 and $25 an hour.

8. Graphic Design
Common Job Functions: Visual Designer, Communications Designer, Digital Designer

This is an expanding field that offers a wide array of employment opportunities. And the freelance workers engaged in this field are responsible for creating marketing ideas; designing graphics, campaigns, applications, websites and games; editing photographs as per the requirements; and creating graphics to complement selected content.

The estimated earnings in this field are $21 an hour.

99 8 Jobs That Will Never Die on Sun 16 Jun 2013 - 20:37


CSoC King
CSoC King
8 Jobs That Will Never Die


1. Financial Planner
Not all have what it takes to manage their personal finances and almost every time we require a little assistance, thus guaranteeing the ongoing viability of acareer as a financial advisor.

As a financial advisor you will be responsible for assisting your client in matters related to managing assets, liabilities, cash flow, pension funds, investments, insurances and so on. And most of the time you will be the person in-between your client and an absolute financial disaster.

2. Writer
Making a living as a writer is not as easy as it sounds and takes more than just a flair for writing. It takes a lot of dedication, devotion and passion, plus the ability to laugh off rejections, criticism and other hardships. And the one who manages to stick to it irrespective of the hardships and discouragements is bound to find a rewarding career that can pay his bills for the rest of his/her life.

Depending on your forte, you can opt to be a technical writer, content writer, author, ghostwriter, and so on. And those who long to write creative material can find a median salary that is in excess of six digits a year.

3. Computer Programmers
Recession or no recession, computer programmers are the most sought after entities in the job market. As long as computers and technology play a central role in the way businesses are run all over the world, computer programmers will have little trouble landing a job, irrespective of the economy.

The only imaginable situation in which these professionals might find it hard to land a job is when people completely reject technology and innovations, which in all probability is never going to happen.

4. Teacher
Teaching is the Holy Grail among all the professions. Not only is it stable and recession-proof, but also the earning potential of these professionals never seem to die down.

As long as people don’t know things, there will always be a need for someone who can teach them; hence teachers are always going to be in-demand, even if the situation isn’t always ideal.

5. Chemical Engineer
Chemical engineers possess expertise that is not just limited to one or two fields. They can opt to work in fields such as medicine, energy, technology, cosmetics, food, beverages and so on.

Though the chemical industry is not the most sought after or trendy as some of the other lines of work on the list, it is second to one in terms of stability, pay-packages and employment opportunities. Plus the fact that it is practically impossible to imagine customers going without products that contain chemicals makes it an ideal job with long-term prospects.

6. Chef
If you have a special flair to churn out something fabulous each time you enter the kitchen, there might be a lucrative offer waiting for you.

As long as there are hungry people who crave for a delicious meal, but hate to cook, there will always be a need for chef.

7. Mathematician
Mathematics is one of the core subjects that has shaped the evolution of man. And in fact, it is the backbone of this human world. And unless this changes, there will always be a demand for someone whose mathematical knowledge goes beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

8. Pharmacist
Most of the times, health complications or illnesses require more than just bed rest, a nutritious meal or a chicken soup. At these times we call for the full force of the pharmaceutical industry to put up with the issues.

Though your doctor prescribes powerful drugs as a cure, you will have to go to a pharmacist to dispense the goods. And this is where you can cash in as a pharmacist. Plus the fact that this profession will continue to thrive for as long as there are diseases and sick people, makes it a perfect job with good long-term prospects.


CSoC King
CSoC King
3 Lessons To Creativity By The Genius Leonardo Da Vinci

Link: http://www.siliconindia.com/news/general/3-Lessons-To-Creativity-By-The-Genius-Leonardo-Da-Vinci-nid-155951-cid-1.html

The lesson 1: Improve your chances of success by networking and aligning yourself with successful people.

The lesson 2: Promote your ideas and your work with boldness and self-confidence. If you don’t believe in them enough to speak up for them, who will?

The Lesson 3: Same (Renaissance) can be said of the current “information age” too. It is like renaissance if the modern era. You can take full advantage of the opportunity to increase your creative potential by acquiring meaningful knowledge which the information age is offering you.

Creativity is the ultimate and most revered gift of humans. It is our identity. One of the most respected figures for creativity is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. He epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. He was often been described as a man of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination". Leonardo is perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. His paintings The Last Supper and Mona Lisa played on the human imaginations for centuries now. His design of flying machine, anatomical drawings of human body, his Vitruvian Manis based on the correlations of ideal human proportions, makes him a super human when it comes to creativity. Here are few lessons that you can learn from the creative genius Leonardo Da Vinci, as compiled by Lateral Action.

1 Align Yourself with power

Born out of wedlock to a notary, Piero da Vinci, and a peasant woman, Leonardo had no formal education to help him survive the cruel times where life was cheap and executions a common place. Leonardo knew he needed to become a member of the famous guilds to succeed in life. But it is a rarity for the illegitimate child to rise above his natural born status and become successful, let alone become a very famous personality who will be remembered for eternity.

Leonardo understood the importance of mixing in the right circles. Early in his teenage years he travelled to the big city of Florence. There he intermingled with the best minds and most successful artists in the country, taking an apprenticeship in the renowned studio of Andrea del Verrocchio. He quickly outshone his teacher and was honored at the age of twenty, by being accepted into the highly esteemed Painters’ Guild of Florence.

The lesson 1: Improve your chances of success by networking and aligning yourself with successful people.

2 Don’t hide your light under a bushel

Leonardo designed the cannon and submitted it to the Royal Palace of Milan. He signed his letter to the king as “a genius designer of weapons in war”.

However his ideas were not been used until 400 years later, where his drawings inspired the tanks of the First World War.

In his letter, Da Vinci boldly offered his instruments of war to the Duke, which were full of ideas which were not explored before. He tempted His Excellency by saying “I can construct bridges; I can demolish every fortress; I can make a cannon; I can make armored wagons that carry artillery”.

As if that were not enough, in a side note he added “I can further execute sculpture in marble, bronze or clay, also in painting I can do as much as anyone else”. He concluded the letter by challenging the Duke: “If any of these things seem impossible or impractical, I offer myself ready to make a trial and prove myself worthy.”

The lesson 2: Promote your ideas and your work with boldness and self-confidence. If you don’t believe in them enough to speak up for them, who will?

3 New knowledge brings new creative possibilities

Renaissance, the period between 14th and 17th century, is the time when intricate knowledge of human anatomy was revealed. Classical sculpture was rediscovered. New painting techniques developed. Heavenly music was composed. And majestic architecture was built. The era defines its name, which means “Rebirth” in every aspect.

The knowledge that forwarded from Renaissance period helped the artists change the world by applying knowledge and combining it with their imagination.

The Lesson 3: Same can be said of the current “information age” too. It is like renaissance if the modern era. You can take full advantage of the opportunity to increase your creative potential by acquiring meaningful knowledge which the information age is offering you.

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