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CSoC King
CSoC King
First topic message reminder :

Dear Friends,

Hope the following articles will help you in career planning, preparing a marketable CV & facing the interview board with confident.

The List of Articles Posted here are given Bellow for ready reference.

(1)10 important traits for professional excellence, (2)5 Things to Think Before Relocating For Work,(3)How to be Professional at Work, (4)10 Deadly Career Changing Mistakes You Must Avoid, (5)10 Secrets You Must Know About Job Interview, (6)10 Degrees Worldwide Recruiters Don't Want to See, (7)10 Myths about Career Planning, (8)Communication is Very Important at Work, Know Why?, (9)Lost Your Job? Concentrate on These Things, (10)Shifting from an existing job for better prospects is a natural process, its timing & its impact on the career, (11)10 Most Hot Personal Qualities Interviewers Seek, (12) A complete guide : how to write a Great Resume, (13)Top Careers If You Love Traveling, (14)Careers That Lead You Towards a Luxurious Life, (15)Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Include on Your Resume, (16)Dangerous Things Not to Do or Say During Job Interview, (17)Top Salary Paying Indian Cities for 2012, (18)Top 6 Things Recruiters Will Never Tell You (19)Important basic Resume Tips, (20)5 Phone Interview Tips That Can Fetch You a Job, (21)Things Your College Didn't Teach You About Career, (22)FEW TRICKY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS, (23)CS Interview Fundas as published by Ms. Soundharya on CSoC on 24/09/2012, (24)Top 5 Questions You Should Never Ask in the Job Interview, (25)Most Powerful Words to Use in Your Resume to Get a Job, (26)Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers, (27)How to Enjoy At Workplace, (28) The Modern Day Resume, (29)5 Ways To Refresh Your Resume, (30)Sell Your Skills, Not Your Degree, (31)7 Things Hiring Managers Notice in You, (32)5 Things Interviewers First Notice in You, (33)8 Questions You Must Ask The Recruiter To Prove Your Smartness, (34)12 Surprising Personality Traits of Billionaires, (35)Draft your cv with care by Mr. Azam on CSoC, (36)Key Skills To Be Mentioned in CV >> How to select Key Skills, (37)Top 5 Work Habits That Can Kill Your Career, (38)Top 4 Best Jobs for People Who Want to Help Others, (39)Learn How to Manage Excessive Workload, (40)Check How to Make The Best of Your Joblessness,(41) 5 Easiest Ways to Keep Fit in Office, (42) Job Interview Mistakes That Can Still Benefit Candidates, (43) Check How to Be Yourself At Workplace, (44) Top 5 Things to be Considered Before Switching Careers, (45) 3 Must-Ask Questions Before Accepting the Job Offer, (46) Top 7 Ideal Careers for Extroverts, (47) How to Deal With Failure, (48) 8 Simple Ways to Combat Stress at Workplace, (49) 4 Easy Ways to Make the Best of Your Career, (50) How to Write a Perfect Email That Gets Response, (51) 8 Benefits of Staying at a Job for 10 Years, (52) Best Jobs for People Who Want to Change the World, (53) Most Hated Job Interview Questions by Candidates, (54) Australia to Open Door for Educated Indians, (55) The 10 Most Disliked Professions, (56) Here's What Recruiters Check in Your Resume in 6 Seconds, (57) 6 Easy Ways to Get Noticed At Work, (58) Top 4 Ideal Jobs for Working Parents, (59) 7 Financial Tips For Your Big Career Shift, (60) 3 Interview Questions That Matters The Most, (61) College Degrees That Will Help You Earn Big Bucks, (62) Careers That Lead People to Commit Suicide, (63) Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview, (64) General Tips To Overcome An Interview, (65) 4 Easy Ways to Find Out If You Are Underpaid, (66) Career Resolutions That Helps You for a Good Future, (67) Check Out How to Avoid Being Too Nice at Work, (68) Learn How to Win Your Boss's Trust, (69) 9 Riskiest and Deadly Jobs in India, (70) Check What All You Can Save Working from Home, (71) Huge Workplace Stress Hindering Indian Corporate Executives , (72) Work Factors That Are on the Wish List of Every Working Women, (73) Top Things You Must Never Say Your Co-Worker, (74)6 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired!, (75)Resume Blunders That Can Cost Your Job, (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95) (96) (97) (98) (99) (100)

Have a nice interview, a nice job and a nice career.

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CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link for "FEW TRICKY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS"


Have a nice career.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link


for “CS Interview Fundas as published by Ms. Soundharya on CSoC on 24/09/2012”

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link


for “Top 5 Questions You Should Never Ask in the Job Interview”

In the job interview process, after the interviewer finishes his or her questions to the candidate, they give a chance for the candidate to ask if he or she has any questions to ask regarding the job or the company they are being recruited for. So, at this moment the candidate should make use of the chance in an excellent way than just asking silly questions. If you are going to appear for any job interview, you need to be very careful in deciding what questions to ask and what not to ask. This is because asking interesting and relevant questions can help you in impressing the recruiter, as it symbolizes your interest towards the job that is been offered to you. Apart from that, asking relevant questions might also help the recruiters get additional insight into you by the type of questions you ask them about.

So, at a job interview, you need to be very careful in the type of questions that you ask, because, many times your silly questions can kill the good impression that the recruiters had got by your excellent answers for their questions in the earlier stage of the job interview process. So, here is the list of top questions that you need to avoid asking it in the job interview process to the recruiters, as reported on different sources.

1. “I have nothing to ask”:
More than any other thing, this sentence might drop you into a troubled situation because; every employer would be expecting you to talk something from your side during the interview than just answering their questions. So, in this situation, if you tell that “I have nothing to ask”, the recruiter might feel that you are unfit for that job especially if you are recruiting for a PR or any media related posts. If you are been interviewed for any such posts, it is very important that you need to open up your mouth and talk to people to get the relevant information. If during this situation, if you fail to open up your mouth and ask questions or clarify if you have any doubts, the recruiters will never ever select you at any cost, because, they will think, “If you can’t ask them any question, what question are you going to ask to the people, if you are selected for that post?” So, as everyone will be having some sought of doubts every time related to a new job, you need to open up your mouth and clarify them instead of just shutting your mouth or asking some silly questions, just for the sake to ask something.

2. “How was my performance in the entire interview process?”
Expecting a relevant answer for the question, “How was my performance during the interview?” on spot might create a picture of your over anxiousness or in some cases it shows your desperation towards getting that job. This is a question that can’t be answered on spot because every performance has to be reviewed in detail analyzing and discussing it with each other. In a job interview, a decision can’t be taken in one go, because, it is the recruiters duty to analyze all the candidates performances bycomparing each ones performances by taking valuable amount of time to decide whom to select. So, as a candidate, it is your duty to just give the interview and it is advisable not to ask this question at any point of time because, it can create a bad impression in the minds of the recruiters. All in all, don’t end a job interview session in a gauche note.

3. “Do you check any references? Or Can I refer someone to get this job?”
It is true that most of the present recruiters would check references. But that doesn’t mean that you can ask about that before they take that [references] into consideration. Asking about that knowingly or unknowingly can create further problems and many times your chance of getting that job might fade off because of this one silly mistake. Asking the recruiters, “Do you check references?” might also implies that you are hiding something from them. So, think this as the advice and be careful as well as try to avoid this particular question in any circumstances. It is also advisable for you to depend on your own talent and skill while approaching any career opportunities because references is not the thing that can last long for as it is only your own talent that can take you towards many heights related to your career path.

4. “What benefits can I expect from the company’s side?”
If you think that you are the smarter candidate than anyone else who have appeared to the job opening, than its better to come out of that myth, because, thinking yourself as a smart candidate might build up your confidence level but you must remember that you shouldn’t be over confident about yourself at anytime in your lifetime as it might harm you very badly in your future days. If you ask the question, ‘what benefits can I expect from the company’s side?’ thinking you are the only choice for the recruiters, it’s really a bad guess, because there are lot more candidates waiting for the job opportunity out there one of whom can be selected by the hiring managers if you start showing your attitude towards them especially when you are just a fresher in the professional life. So, it’s better not to ask for any benefits at this stage because, you are still a fresher and your recruiter has lot more people out there to select if not you. Make sure your questions is centered only towards the job you are been offered and towards the company.

5. “What is your company’s primary business? Or, what business does your company do?”
This can emerge as the silliest question you can ever ask because as a job seeker, it is your primary duty to get to know about the company’s every single detail where you are going to interview with. If not the entire details, it is your responsibility to get to know the primary details of the company like when the company was started, who was the founder of the company, what business they are mainly into, etc. If you are unprepared with at least these basic details, then for sure your hiring managers will get annoyed and irritated to know about your unprepared and carelessness as well as your laziness. So, as a good candidate it is your responsibility to gather basic information with a small amount of research to emerge as an interesting and worthy candidate for their company. So, come out of your careless and lazy attitude and look in to the essential things that you need to collect to be properly prepared for the job interview.

So, these things mentioned above might be helpful to you in your next job interview session in the future if you take a note of it carefully.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link


for “Most Powerful Words to Use in Your Resume to Get a Job”

The detailed content is reproduced below for your ready refence.

Any resume needs to be written in such a way that it can attract your potential employer. So, if you are in search of a job of your dream, you need to be very careful while forming an appropriate and attractive resume that can catch the attention of your potential employer in not more that 60 seconds [1 minute]. Though you can list out a lot of unwanted words that are better to avoid mentioning on the resume, there are only specific kinds of good words that are to be mentioned in the resume because, each type of job resume must have different types of words to attract the employer. These words are better to be called as the ‘Keywords’ more than calling them as the ‘good or best words’. As the keywords can be entirely different for different types of jobs, you need to use those words appropriately according to the type of job you are applying.

Here are some of the keywords that can be used in varied formats of the resume that can be powerfully used to make your resume attractive for the potential employer and to get that job of your dream, as reported on different websites. Checkout the list here…

1. Use the word “Successfully”:

Every potential employer likes to hear or see the word “Success” in a resume or during the job interview. So, while highlighting your skills, it is better to use the word “I successfully…” in describing your achievements and responsibilities. You need to use this word in a rather potential way that can prove you are a winner in the past and have the ability to continue being a winner in the future as well. You also need to prove them that; you are the better or worthy candidate for the job that has been offered by using the word “success” In appropriate places wherever necessary, reports the head huntable website.

2. Use the word “I applied”:

Using the word “applied” in your resume can describe your working nature and skills. But the point to be noted here is, using the word “applied” shouldn’t mean, why you have applied for that post. Instead the word “Applied” should be used to describe your skills. You should point out your significant skill sets explaining where you had applied them in solving various problems or creating something new of your own. For example, you can mention the word ‘applied’ while describing, “I applied my skills in creating this particular product”.

3. Use the word “Team Player”:

In the corporate world, it is must being a social person than just being an introvert. You need to mingle with others than being concentrated on just the work you need to do. You shouldn’t be the person who is like, ‘Do your work and go’; rather, you need to be the person who is very communicative as well as a good worker. So, in a resume you need to use the word ‘team player’, while describing yourself as a person who is very communicative and enjoy working in a team. If you use this word in an appropriate way in your resume, your recruiters will get the feeling that you are a good team player, who doesn’t have any problem working in a team. This particular word will also describe that you are very good in interacting with others.

4. Mention the word ‘accomplished’:

Whenever you are preparing a resume, you need to show up your excellence level for your recruiters. So, you need to explain certain situations, where you successfully solved the problematic situation by making use of your skills.It is good to use the word ‘accomplished’ in the resume to describe what you have been doing in your previous positions. Explain the potential recruiters on how you successfully led the company to accomplish their targets.

5. Use the word “Created”:

Any potential recruiter will get attracted very easily if you use the word ‘Created’ in a positive manner regarding your work. If you have created something of your own in your previous jobs that helped the company to make profit or in your everyday life that got a positive impact, it is good to mention it on your resume. Like for example, ‘I created an idea that turned out to be a million dollar idea that profited my previous company’. So, you need to use this powerful word in a very effective way that can showcase your potentiality.

6. Use the word “Flexible”:

Getting adjusted to any situation can be of great help in the future, especially in your professional life. So, to get adjusted to anything new, firstly you need to be flexible. So, using the word “flexible” in your resume, can get the attention of the employer because, every company will be having some sought of changes quite frequently and they expect their employees to get adjusted to any changes that happens in the company’s policies. Not just mentioning the “Flexible” on your resume, you need to adapt that quality as soon as possible to avoid any future problem. Using that word on your resume also shows that you can be relevant and consistent with the aim given to you in the fast-paced business setting.

7. The strongest words to use in your resume can be nouns:

Usually, the present recruiters are more interested in knowing how about you’re your academic skills, job titles you handled in the past, degrees you have pursued, companies you have worked for till now etc. So, they are very much interested in knowing the powerful keywords like about your educational institution, about your certifications, your branch of study etc., reports Karen Burns of the U.S. news and World report.

8. About your past “Achievements”:

As every employer likes to analyze your past performances, you can highlight your past achievements in point wise. It doesn’t have to be your past performance only in your professional life, as you can also list out something if you would have achieved something really worthy in your academic life or your personal life which can be shared in your list of achievements till date.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link


for "Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers".

The words ‘Job interview’ happen to be extremely stressful for a lot of people. The pressure of performing well in an interview increases with the need of a job seeker and his desire to acquire that dream job. However, despite the urge to work, it has been often noted that a lot of us crumble under pressure during these testing moments when we can easily pass with flying colors. Normally the applicant tends to give in to the stress and the yearning to get the desired job. What he forgets is that all he requires is courage and determination to keep going. Always remember, it is never the journey to one’s goal but the fear of the journey that defeats the man. Once the interview is given, we normally feel absolutely positive that the job is ours. But when the result turns out to be negative, we feel utterly disheartened.

What one fails to understand is that it is not them but by and large the type of questions asked and our failed attempts to give the preeminent and accurate answers in the interview causing the damage. At times, a lack of answers is coupled with a scarcity of confidence as well. On a majority of occasions, interviewers have opined that what they look for is self-confidence and a surety that the candidate is meant for the job.

All a person needs to understand is that the recruiter has liked your resume and that is the reason why the face to face interview is happening. Half of the battle has already been won and just because of a few ambiguities in the style of presenting ourselves, trounce is caused.

There is a barrage of questions that one has to answer in job interviews, with queries ranging from your expected salary to what you did in school and even how you would describe yourself. The list of these questions is infinite. There might not be an end to such questions but there is always a solution to this fiasco and the best solution for each and every one of these mauling questions is to think with honesty and have a forestall strategy regarding how one can answer these questions. It is not as difficult as it may sound. A little preparation and the right amount of focus can easily help you obtain the desired job.

So, you don’t need to get worried and start thinking about the kind of questions asked by the interviewer. This article will provide you with ample information to gain the knowledge of understanding the precise procedure and etiquettes required to get your desired job. By and large, following are the questions asked by the interviewer.

Interview Questions about your personal traits

This is the section where you truly need to bring out your versatility, confidence and the eagerness to learn. Make sure that you can mince as many golden words as possible but at the same time do not overdo it, as there is a possibility that the interviewer might find you impolite and over-confident. Nobody likes a bragger. Both speech and silence are equally important tools required to climb the ladder of success. One is always required to have the art of knowing which tool is supposed to be used and when. This is an art which you would have to master, and for which time and experience are the only teachers available. It is all about selling yourself as a useful product that can benefit the organization. If asked, do talk about your negatives but ensure that you present them in a manner that they would still be constructive for your potential employers. Do not even attempt to leave an impression that you are perfect and have no flaws. As not only the attempt will fail terribly but also give an impression of your being shallow and fake.

Tell me about Yourself / What is the accurate way to describe yourself?

Answer: While talking about yourself, first give your introduction by saying: ‘I am…’. Never start the introduction with ‘Myself…’, as this is incorrect English. Always use your complete name as only using the first name is normally considered informal. Remember you are not sitting with friends, as this is a formal meeting. Once you have informed the interviewer about your name, talk about the qualification achieved by you. Talking about a plan of pursuing a masters or any interest in further qualification always works as a positive. By doing so, you can always leave an impression of being fervent towards knowledge.

What are your negatives? / What is your greatest weakness?

Answer: While talking about your negatives, ensure that you always talk about them as a positive and not as something that will present you in negative light. For example, make sure that you tell them about your habit of checking things on repeated occasions and not that you wake up late in the morning because you will come off as someone not punctual. You always need to remember that stating one’s negative is important but make sure it has to be done is such a subtle manned that they simply go disregarded.

What are the goals set by you in terms of your career?
Answer: This is the question where you get a chance to praise the organization but make sure it does not leave a wrong impression. Here you can always say that your aim is to work at senior management level in an exceptional organization like theirs. Do mention that you plan to achieve this goal by contributing your leadership, interrelating, technical and management skills towards the growth of the organization and yourself.

What is the best way you handle stress?

Answer: Now this question can have different answers. You can talk about stress being good for you as you’re able to work in a far better way than usual. Apart from that, you can also share other recreational ways through which you handle stress like exercising, taking long walks, reading, long drives or maybe grabbing a drink with colleagues and friends. It will present you as a person who knows how to manage stress.

Do you take your work home?

Answer: This question is a little tricky as you cannot tell them that you have a habit of taking work home every time as it might seem that you are not capable of meeting deadlines. Though you can certainly explain that you understand the requirement of deadlines and how they affect business and do not have any issues taking work home whenever required. The best way to tackle this question is not to delve on the topic for too long.

How do you describe yourself in a role of team player?

Answer: The best way to answer this question is by giving an example. If you have ever played any team sports, the experience can be used here to explain your understanding of the concepts and procedures required for a team to generate unsurpassed results. As here we are talking about one’s profession existence, the ideal exemplar can be from your previous organization. Explaining how you implied your experience to achieve best results in your previous team will be ideal.

Has any personal trait of yours caused a problem in your professional or personal life lately?

Answer: This is a question where you can do wonders. Accept that yes there is a trait that had caused a problem in the recent past. Tell the interviewer that you would not consider yourself as a perfectionist but you are always trying to make sure that the result provided by your team is as close as perfect. Due to this trait of yours in the previous organization, you were rarely satisfied with the work done by your assistants and to achieve the best result you landed up doing most of the work yourself. Once you have given the example, remember to emphasize that you have learnt how to deal with this peculiarity of yours. If you don’t do this, there is a strong possibility of the interviewer might feel a lack of leadership skills in you.

On what points you chose your college?

Answer: This is the time to show that you don’t make a hasty decision. All your moves are carefully thought and calculated. Tell the interviewer that before you decided on the particular college, colossal amount of research was done. You found out about the best possible faculty, environment and infrastructure suitable for the stream chosen by you. As all answers led to the same direction, the decision was made.

Do you have plans to study further for an advance degree?

Answer: Tell the interviewer that you believe that education goes on for life, there is so much to learn and you have just started. Talk about your plans to gets a master’s degree in the near future as you feel it is a must to remain competitive.

Did you face any tribulations in the transition from high-school to college?
Answer: Do not deny the truth here. You can talk how the sudden freedom and the temptations that came with it. How you managed to control yourself and not fall for the desire to break all the rules and enjoy the freedom. Agree that it was tough but you managed just right.

What do you consider as success at school?

Answer: Here you can talk about your being competitive and not believing in the last moment preparation. For you, success did not mean giving your best only during the examination. One should give his best all throughout the year and remain on the top throughout.

What do you think about social duties of a person?
Answer: For this question, the best way would be talking about what have you personally done with regards to your social duties. This will help you leave an impression that you are not just ‘all talk and no action’. You may talk about being a member of a group that fights for any social cause or something you have done for the benefit of an individual, city or country.

What would you consider your biggest mistake?

Answer: This is a situation to show that you are a thankful person and the best way is to talk about your parents. You can talk about feeling that you have not thanked your parents enough. Though your parents don’t agree to it, you feel for all the sacrifices they have endured to always provide the best possible option for you they need to be praised every day.

What are the personal traits required for a successful career?

Answer: While talking about your personal traits, remember that every trait you speak about is properly explained. The best options would be determination, punctuality and the aptitude for knowledge. Explain how your determination will help you to go on in taxing times. Punctuality will make sure that the deadlines are met. The aptitude for knowledge will always facilitate utilization of every advice in a positive manner.

If given a chance, would you like to re-plan your field of study in college?

Answer: Never say yes to this question. If one accepts that he would like to change decisions made in past, it will simply imply to scarcity of confidence. Even if you want to make changes in the past, keep it to yourself. Every interviewer looks for confidence in the candidate.

Do you think you can handle a high-pressure situation?

Answer: The best way to tackle this question is with a blasé attitude. Say that you enjoy pressure as you love challenges. You can also support the answer by talking about your professional experience and how it has taught you to maintain a calm head when in pressure. No matter how the situation might be, one should never lose his cool. You believe that when furious, a person can never take an appropriate decision.

What would you change about the working of your college?
Answer: While talking about the change, make it a point that your view does not come across as squabbling. Emphasize on the positive outcome of the change you want and how it will help the college work better. Talk about the existing issues in an extremely subtle manner.

Did you enjoy independent research for college projects?

Answer: The answer to this question should definitely be yes. Explain how you enjoyed the independent research. This will develop a faith of you being independent. The interviewer will be able to achieve confidence in your capabilities of handling a project autonomously.

Do you think you can adapt to a wide range of people and environments?

Answer: The ideal way to describe your adaptation skills is through an example. Talk about the way you beautifully dealt with people of different backgrounds during your servicing days in college. Try and mention a particular incident where you were able to resolve a situation with your charm and communication skills.

What steps would you take to solve a problem?

Answer: Here you can prove your capability to make a calculated decision. Acquaint the steps very carefully. Say that you first analyze the situation as it is very important to understand the problem to find the apt solution. Then you think about the consequences and feasibilities of every solution available. Once all the options are explored, you make the decision in favor of the best available option. Do also state the importance of timing while making a decision.

Do you think that scheduling your time is important?
Answer: Here make the interviewer understand that you know the value of time. You believe that to meet deadlines one should always calculate the time required and the time available. By doing this, a person will exactly know where he stands and what more is required to meet the deadline.

Interview Questions about your work history

Kindly tell us about the company you worked for and your job profile? This is the part of an interview where candidates are not able to impress their interviewer. It has been often noted that people appearing for interviews often fumble when it comes to answering questions with regards to their previous work experience. Don’t do this with yourself and do ensure that you have all the relevant information about your previous organization. Even if you had not been familiar with the history of your preceding employer positively, do the research required. Always present a positive picture of your previous organization. It does matter if you completely disliked your job. Keep this bit of information to yourself.

Did you like/dislike your previous jobs?

Answer: Do ensure that you never talk negative about your previous employers. Always present a positive image of the previous organization and how you enjoyed working there. Talk about how you got to learn a lot and how successfully you were able to imply it for the growth of the organization and yourself. When a person criticizes his previous organization, it leaves an impression on one not being thankful and loyal.

What were the most and least rewarding things about your previous job?

Answer: While answering this question, make sure that you only talk about the rewards and how you got the opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Never talk about how you hated your previous job and please don’t start counting the negatives and making fun of the previous employer. At the end of the day, you do not want to be known as a pessimist and an unthankful person. Rather, you should be evaluated as an achiever who only sees the positive things of his workplace.

Have you ever conformed to a policy unwillingly in any of your previous organizations?

Answer: To a question like this, one should try and present an obedient image. It shows your capability of adhering to rules and policies created by the senior management. The policies are normally made to make sure a particular system exists and is followed. A lot of thinking goes into the belief that no employer wants any of his employees to rebel against him. Do not emphasize a lot on your answer as you also don’t want to come across as person who has no brain of his own.

Could you talk about your best presentation in the last organization?

Answer: When explaining the presentation, first talk about the efforts you had put in the presentation. Talk about all the late nights and research done and how you single-handedly make the presentation. Once you have spoken about the efforts, talk about the success of the presentation. Mention all the praises you got. How not only your colleagues but the senior management and even the president of your organization was impressed with your creativity and efforts.

Have you ever faced disagreement of colleagues during a project?

Answer: Disagreement of colleagues during a project is very normal. While talking about it, first mention your reason and then justify it honestly. Explain how your reason was for the enhancement of the project. Do not end the answer by simply justifying your point. Explicate how you stood for the reason in a calm, experienced and professional manner. End this question by confirming your success in explaining your reason and guiding your colleagues to agreeing with your point of view.

Have you ever faced a problem with your supervisor/ instructor?

Answer: Never answer this question directly. You can say that you did not exactly have a problem but you did have a slight debate with your supervisor once. Carefully explain the situation keeping in mind that you don’t come across as a rude person with bad attitude. Conclude your answer by confirming that it was a healthy professional debate and you both understood that there is nothing personal about it.

What besides your duties did you provide to your previous organization?

Answer: By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to understand your interest towards development. The ideal way can be by describing a new and helping pattern you had set for the improvement of quality and quantity of work in your previous organization.

If your supervisor was not available for an important decision to be made, what did you do?

Answer: This question will judge your aptitude to make a decision. Never tell the interviewer that you simply waited for your supervisor to return. Tell him that you made the decision yourself. If the requirement of superior authority was a must, you endeavored to get hold of the supervisor. Once the supervisor was found, you explained the situation and the decision you have made and got the approval.

Were you ever asked to stay back after your working time?

Answer: This is a question where you can make extra points. Here you can explain how made a voluntary stay back for the opportunity to learn and help your seniors in their work. This helped you to understand the functioning of the senior management and the organization better.

Interview Questions about the New job and Company

What do you find interesting about this job?

Answer: You are the preeminent person to answer this question as you only know the true motivation behind applying for the job. One can mention reasons like an option to learn, better opportunities, better scope of success and a bigger platform to show your capabilities. While talking about your interests, do also talk about the challenges you expect and how you plan to win them. You can also tell the interviewer that how challenges thrive your interest in the job. Even if money is the core reason, never mention it to the interviewer.

What motivates you in your professional life?

Answer: Talk how the idea of achieving the impossible, increasing your knowledge and the idea of growth gives you a rush, as you are always eager to learn and explore the entire functioning of your industry.

What will you bring to the organization?
Answer: Now this is another question where you will have to use a lot of creativity. Make sure that you are versatile and answer it in a way that you will truly show the employers that apart from bringing in needful skills, you will bring in various other skills that might not be expected from you.

Would you consider yourself as a goal-driven employee?

Answer: Say that you are not only goal driven but you also like to surpass the goals set by senior management and yourself. Say this in an extremely polite manner. You don’t want to come across as an over-confident person.

Why should the organization hire you?

Answer: This is one of the most important questions that may be asked. So while talking about the reasons, do it in an absolutely polite manner. One can talk about his ability to adapt and how he can utilize the prior experience for the betterment of the organization. Talk about your capacity to work as a team member and providing fresh and creative ideas. One can also mention his peculiarity to never give up, meeting deadlines and the qualities of a leader in him.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Answer: Be modest here. Tell the interviewer that though you understand that future comes with no guarantees, one should try his level best to achieve a position in the top most management of an organization.

Which quality of yours can be the key to success?

Answer: Talk about your eagerness to learn. Say that you believe that knowledge is the key to success. Knowledge can always help to cross the obstacles in life and take one to triumph.

What are the qualities of a successful manager?

Answer: Say that a successful manager needs to have the competence to originate strategies that can help in achieving targets. He or she should be able to communicate these strategies to the team members in a way that provides the best result. A manager should have the capabilities to make his team work together and be a role model for all.

What do you know about our organization?

Answer: This is where your preparation is required as the information will change with every interview. Make sure you have all praises for the organization. Show how you are impressed with their working and growth. Remember to mention how you are truly looking forward to work with them.

Is traveling for work fine with you?

Answer: There is absolutely no point in saying yes to this answer when in reality you’d prefer to sit at home. The best way to deal with this situation is to quiz them about how much travel is expected from you and answer accordingly. If necessary you can always say that if required you do not have any issues considering it.

Do you have issues in relocating?

Answer: This an extremely personal question as it differs from person to person, as a lot of people have family concerns while some just do not prefer the idea to relocate. The only suggestion here would be not to give dead ended answers. You can simply mention your preference and say that you can always think about relocating if an interesting offer is made.

What would you prefer, a better job or better remuneration?

Answer: The best way to answer this question would be by saying that the most important thing is to enjoy your work. A high remuneration cannot help if you do not enjoy your work. A right amount of remuneration is also required as it helps in paying your bills.

What kind of a supervisor would you prefer?

Answer: While answering this question, do not sound very demanding. Tell the interviewer that you can work with any supervisor. All you require is that he is willing to understand your point of view and gives ample space to come up with new innovative ideas to do your work.

What would you do if you are not able to mingle with a colleague?
Answer: The answer for this question is simple. Tell the interviewer that you understand the difference between personal and professional life. If there is any difference, there is nothing personal about it. In a situation like this, you would prefer to resolve the problem in a complete professional manner.

What would you do if a number of things are required to be done by you?

Answer: Talk about your talent of multi-tasking here. Say that you never fear a huge amount of work. Work always provides knowledge and experience. Hence the superfluous you work, the more you shall learn.

What helps in building your enthusiasm in work?

Answer: The answer to this should be recognition and growth, as you believe if a person has persistently worked hard and outdone his target he deserves recognition in any form by his seniors and a possibility to grow in the organization.

What would be your suggestion to our organization?

Answer: Whenever talking about one’s organization, make it a point that every opinion given is extremely humble. Don’t start pointing out the flaws of the organization. This might lead to you offending the interviewer.

How much training would you require to start giving a productive result to the company?

Answer: Make it a point to explain that you are a fast learner. Try to relate your answer with the brilliance you had achieved in your last training and your capability to imply the knowledge for best possible results. Give a realistic time frame as you do not want to come across as an over-confident person.

What made you decide this field of working? / What influenced you to choose this career?

Answer: While talking about his decision of field, one should always be absolutely affirmative. You can always talk about better growth rate, your passion towards the particular field, opportunity to learn and a chance to utilize your competence to the fullest.

Would you be more comfortable working with data or collaborating with individuals?

Answer: Never choose a particular option here. Talk about your ability to acclimatize as per the demand of situation. This will keep your options open and assure the interviewer of your capability to work with indifferent situations.

Do you believe taking risk is fine to achieve a goal?

Answer: The answer to this question would be yes. Pronounce that a calculated risk is required to achieve a goal. You believe if one does not take a calculated risk, the possibility of inventing new innovative ideas would be extremely stumpy. Every innovative idea is invented by taking a calculative risk. This would directly lead to bad results, which can affect the working of an organization.

What would you do if your decision has resulted in a failure of a project?

Answer: Do not try to play the blame game here. You should simply accept your fault. Not only you should accept your fault but also apologize for your mistake. Positively tell the interviewer that you will learn from your mistake and never repeat it.

How would you react if your trustworthiness is questioned?

Answer: Do not provide a hasty or an emotional answer to this question. Say that you would first like to find out the cause of lack in trustworthiness. If required, you shall give an explanation. An assurance of winning back the trust should also be given.

What irritates you about people around you?

Answer: Do not make any judgmental remarks about the people around you. You can always talk about disliking fake and shallow people. Make sure you do not pass any derogatory comments about anyone.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Answer: One should never talk about his drinking or gambling habits. One should always show that even in his spare time, he enjoys doing something constructive. You can converse about painting, reading, writing a diary, swimming, photography or playing any other sport.

Why did you decide to leave your last job?

Answer: Never try to portray a negative image of your previous organization or boss. You can always talk about the lack of opportunity to grow, limitation in experimenting or simply because you feel that this organization will provide a better and bigger opportunity to grow.

How soon can you join if this job is offered?

Answer: Before committing the time period, be absolutely sure. Calculate the time of notice period required at the previous organization. If the notice period is already served, keep in mind the time required to collect the realizing letter and work experience certificate. Only commit to a fixed date if you have all the required papers and serving of the notice period is not required.

Have you ever been terminated from your services?

Answer: If you have never been terminated, the answer is simply no. For those who have faced this problem, remember you can always say that you were never terminated but you did walk out of a job as you were being blamed for something done by a senior or colleague.

What kind of pay package are you expecting?

Answer: For this question, only you can be the judge. Never hesitate to discuss the remuneration. Do not push the interviewer. The conversation should not sound like money is the only motivation for you. Even if you really want the job, don’t beg on your knees and say that you’d accept any kind of remuneration. It is in your best interest to quote the salary you were getting in the previous job and see what they have to offer.

Is there anything you would like to ask me?

Answer: When you are given an opportunity to clear your doubts, kindly make sure you ask one question at a time. Do not assail the interviewer with irrelevant or imprudent questions. The relevant question can be about detailed job description, components of the remuneration, office timings (make sure you do not sound rigid about them), hierarchy of the organization and your own progress path.

Interview Closure: Once the interview is over, do not forget to thank the interviewer for the opportunity and the time given to you. If you have had more than one interviewer, thank each one of them for the same. It is always advisable to apply for a job you truly desire. When a person is moving towards the goals he desires from within, there is a stronger chance of success. Do not run after the money. Pay attention to quality work. Give a hundred per cent to what you do. Do it with the fullest of the heart and complete honesty. Remember hard work and honesty always pay. If you manage to give all your honesty and legitimate efforts, money, success and fame will follow on their own.

The above article is general in nature.

Have a happy learning.

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CSoC King
Dear Friends,

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for "How to Enjoy At Workplace"

It is difficult to find time to engage with your colleagues at the workplace as your work will be hectic every day. So, obviously for this reason your workplace can be a boring place to work, the place you spend most of your time in a day. To turn that boring place a place to enjoy while working definitely you need to follow certain procedures. So, here are few essential ways you can follow to enjoy your time at your workplace, as reported on Mensxp website.

1. Start your day with a relaxed mind:
It is a most essential quality that you need to adapt to have fun at work. It might be difficult to manage this way when you are experiencing some problem related toworkplace or your personal life. But, if you try to adapt the way of keeping yourself relaxed everyday will help you to do your work without any sought of stress. Meeting the deadlines, tolerating your annoying boss all the time, preparing for presentations are all few things which makes your mood upset. But as a productive employee, you shouldn’t worry about those things much instead concentrate on your work which helps you to build a good career path.

2. Managing time is a must:
If you want to complete your work before the time allotted, for sure you need to follow and learn about the time management. If you want to leave your office early by completing all your works, you need to plan sufficient time for each of your days work. You should also be quick with your work and see to it your work is well organized at the end. By following a perfect time to work, you can also enjoy sufficient time for your breaks during the work.

3. Converse with your Co-workers:
If you think you are bored working continuously try to have a small chat with the colleague sitting next to you. But before starting your conversation with that person, first see if he or she is free to talk to you for sometime or not because if you interrupt in their work definitely they will feel annoyed about you which shouldn’t happen at any cost as it might lead you to have a bad relationship with that person. If he or she is free to talk with you, you can discuss about your favorite activities, talk to them about the latest movies, about sports etc. These talks can bring you out of your boredom and let you enjoy your work in a good way.

Have a happy learning.

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for “The Modern Day Resume”

Our world is constantly changing. Although people do their best to keep up, more often than not it's easier said than done. With the unemployment rates in America, and in many other parts of the world, dangerously high, the competition to find work in this economy is fierce. Because of this, we wanted to provide you with some innovative ways to make your resume stand out. If you incorporate these tips in a resume of your own, you'll look modern, up-to-date and willing to go beyond what's asked of you to be successful.

Why You Should Hire Me
There is a lot of controversy on the web about whether you need a cover letter to go along with your resume. Some say that a cover letter is necessary as it is the perfect place to explain why you should be hired for the position, but many say that some industries don't care about a cover letter. You definitely need to explain why the rest of your resume deserves to be looked at.

Therefore, why not express this explanation in a short and sweet "why you should hire me" summary. This can be at the beginning of your resume and should be two to three paragraphs in length. It should also include the main reasons why you want the job and why you think you think you deserve it based on your relevant experiences and skills. Feel free to add some reasons in point form. Putting some of your resume in point form gives your content order and helps the employer look through your resume easily.

Although some people may tell you not to include your references' contact information on your resume unless asked to, you will most likely be asked to include references sooner or later. You should definitely still have some references ready-to-go just in case. Since you will probably have to provide references eventually if you want to get hired, why not include more than just some references on your resume?

If an employer is seriously thinking about hiring you after looking over your past work, experiences and education, the employer will usually want to get in contact with your past employers to know two things: what kind of employee have you been in the past and would your past employer recommend hiring you. Before you give potential employers your references, you must first get in contact with the references yourself to make sure it is still OK to include them on your resume. You should use this time to further build your relationship with your references and talk to them about the position you are being considered for.

Since you are getting in contact with your references anyway, why not ask them each to create a quick three to five line "personal recommendation" highlighting some of the skills that may be essential for the specific position you are applying for. You can add these to your resume along with the contact information of your references. It will show your potential employers that you have taken the initiative to get references ready.

Personal Websites
Today, everyone has some kind of website. It may not be a personal website with a personal domain name, but many people have a blog. A website is a great way to show your presence online, show that you are keeping up with the times and that you are tech-savvy. If you're currently looking for a job, you should probably already have a personal page on LinkedIn, so include the link to your profile on your resume.

So, how do you differentiate yourself from others? Well, some people are going well beyond a LinkedIn page and are actually creating their own personal websites. It can cost around $60 per year to set-up and maintain, depending on what domain name you register and which web-hosting products and services you want. You can even use WordPress for the page layout. Designing the look and content of your own website is much simpler than one might imagine. Any link you provide to a potential employer should be relevant to the position you are applying for. Make sure that any link you provide is professional, and only portrays the skills and attributes that will help you in the hiring process.

The Bottom Line
For those of you who are currently looking for a job, you're probably finding it pretty tough. With the U.S. economy still struggling to rebound from The Great Recession and the global economy slowing down because of the eurozone, you must do everything you can to land a potential job. For many, it starts by differentiating themselves through unique resume features. By summarizing your cover letter, your introduction will be short and sweet. When you include recommendations along with your references you display many positive character traits. Finally, by adding a link to a personal website, you are showing you are innovative and creative. Although adding these features to your resume won't guarantee you'll get the job you're applying for, it will definitely help you stand-out and give you a better chance of getting to that next crucial step, the interview.

Have a happy learning.

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for "5 Ways To Refresh Your Resume"

Keeping your resume up-to-date is an important part of looking for a new job; but let's face it, it's fairly time intensive and it can be difficult to know where to start. If your resume is in need of a refresher, take a look at these tips below. You may find that you don't need a complete do-over, but rather a quick update.

1. Edit Excess Writing
It's tempting to add lots of verbiage to your resume to make your work sound more impressive. But that's a mistake. Keeping your content clear and concise is always best. If you haven't read through your resume in a while, take a look at each section and pick out the phrases or wording that isn't clear or doesn't communicate anything.

Most employers receive plenty of resumes for each job opening, so don't make them reread yours so that they understand what it says. They probably won't do it.

2. Update Your Achievements and Skills
This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you've been in your current position for a while, or you've been out of work for a while, it's easy to forget some of the important details. Think back to when you started the position and how it's changed since you started. How have your responsibilities grown? Have you won any awards with your work? Did you receive a promotion?

Don't just list your daily tasks, but rather look at your actual responsibilities and what you've accomplished. Discard old information that isn't relevant and add achievements that you've accomplished while at the job, or skills that you've had to learn to make the job more efficient.

If you're the type of person who doesn't give themselves enough credit, ask a trusted co-worker or friend that knows what you've done at the job to help you. An outside perspective can help you remember things you may have forgotten. (To improve your skills, read 6 High-Value Skills That Will Supplement Your Career.)

3. Change Passive to Active
When you write your resume, you need to ditch the passive voice and use an active one. What does this mean? Here's an example of a hypothetical passive resume sentence: "Was a part of a major website redesign team." Although it's true, it's boring and doesn't convey that you did much on that team. A better sentence would be something like: "Worked with fellow co-workers to redesign company website."

Read through the responsibilities you currently have in your resume and revamp the sentences that are passive.

4. Update Technology References
OK, so your achievements and skills are up-to-date, but what about your computer skills? Have you updated those? Each job will have their own technology skill requirements, or some may not have any at all, so you'll have to decide which ones are best to list. Just be sure to delete old technology that no one uses anymore (remember PerfectWorks?).

This goes for your email address as well. If you're still using your "cutiepie16@domain.com" email address from high school, then it's time to update it. Use your name as the address whenever possible, as in "j.smith@domain.com."

If you're using an email provider like AOL for your account, consider using a more updated provider such as Google's Gmail, or purchase a domain so your email address is the same as your name. Old providers can make you appear out of touch with technology.

5. Share It
This is technically a refresher tip, but it's just as important. Let your friends and family know you're looking for a job, and tell co-workers who won't spill the beans that you're looking.

Save your resume in several different formats to make it easier to send out. Some employers may want Word documents, others may prefer a PDF and some will want you to copy and paste it to their site. Keep a clear format version of your resume that can be easily copied and pasted into a website program. Take out bullet points, bolding, numbers and special characters that may cause formatting problems in other file types.

The Bottom Line
No matter what type of work you do, refresh your resume regularly so that it's always ready to go. Frequent refreshes will save a lot of time later when you're ready to send it out. If you've already updated your resume, give it to some people you trust for a critique. They might catch something you've missed

Have a happy learning.

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CSoC King
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for "Sell Your Skills, Not Your Degree"

Since you graduated, you've probably developed skills beyond what you learned in college. Therefore, you may not have to go back to college if you want or need to change careers. In fact, if you're looking to make a career move, you might be more successful if you look more broadly at your set of skills and learn how to sell those to employers outside of your current career and education niche.

Focus Your Career Goals
Do you already know what you want your next career move to be? If so, you can jump ahead to the section on creating a skills-based resume. If you don't, you have several options.

First, make a list of what you are looking for in a new career. For instance, are you thinking about changing jobs because you no longer want to sit in a cubicle for eight hours a day? Then your list should include something like "must involve being away from my desk at least four hours per day." Similarly, you may want to have a job that doesn't require a lot of overtime. Consider your preferences for required travel or working on projects in teams or independently. You may not get everything you want, but brainstorming is a great start.

Next, conduct research using descriptions of what you are looking for in a career. Ignore jobs you know are outside of your field of interest. For instance, if somehow "lion tamer" comes up in your search - and your friend's cat makes you nervous - you should eliminate it from any further discussion.

Based on your search results, narrow research to careers that fit at least five out of 10 things you want in a new career. Pick five careers for building a skills-based resume.

University career centers can help you with the following:
• Career tests to help you find what you might like to do next
• Job placement
• Resume review and workshops

Still not sure what your next move should be or need guidance in defining your career goals? Volunteer for a charity organization and/or call the career center at your old university for help. Remember to bring the list of what you are looking for in a new career position with you.

Volunteers at nonprofit organizations are often given as much responsibility as they want to have and extra guidance because they are working for free. You could learn leadership and training skills while showing newer volunteers the ropes or marketing and sales skills while helping to promote charity events. Let volunteer coordinators know what your skills are, so they can assign tasks to help you move forward.

Create a Skills-Based Resume

Step 1: List all jobs you've held.
Jot down at least five tasks you performed in each job. For instance, working in teams to create ad campaigns, helping customers find the right products within your company's product line, making travel arrangements for industry conventions or negotiating prices with suppliers.

Then, under each task, write down how you completed this task. Not only will you see one-word skills such as "organizing" or "problem solving", but you'll also find the expanded details you need for adding specifics to your resume. You will not copy your job listings into your resume, but this exercise will be the basis for step three.

Step 2: Browse career sites for your skills.
Select the new career fields in which you are interested. Then, enter descriptions of your skills one at a time into the search box.This will help you determine the specific position titles that could work with the skills you have. Pick five job listings to mull over and study the full descriptions.

Step 3: Showcase skills that fit descriptions of your desired positions.
Pick two skills you possess that match the job listings you selected. Create separate skills sections for your resume for each position. For instance, a resume for an event planning position could list travel planning and problem solving as skills. Skills you could use for a merchandising manager position might include organization, negotiation and/or market analysis.

After picking two of your skills per job, add five to 10 bullets under each skill with your accomplishments in this area. The bullets should be similar to the bullets in step two, but your accomplishment listings will be more detailed.

Step 4: Format your resume.
• Put your name, address, and contact information at the top.

• Objective - Limit your objective to one sentence that specifies an objective directed at the specific position to which you are applying. Don't write that you are looking for new experiences in a creative field. Specify what you want to do for that company.

• Have a section for education below your skills. You want your skills to stand out more than your degree.

• Summary of your experience. List all your post-college jobs, your dates of employment and the city and state. If you have a lengthy career history, limit your previous jobs section to where you developed the skills in your resume. Volunteer positions can be included.

• Limit your entire resume to one page

The Bottom Line
Most people will change careers at least once in their lives; some will change occupations multiple times. If you went back to school each time, you'd take on a new professional title: lifetime student. Use your professional skills to catapult you into a new career field instead.

Have a happy learning.

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for " 7 Things Hiring Managers Notice in You "

It is the universal truth that every employer wants to hire professionals who are smart, dynamic and exceptionally talented. In order to hit the right cords of hiring, employers today not only start judging the candidates from the first question, but start evaluating the applicant from the moment of their arrival. According to Jada A Graves of U.S. News, listed below are seven things that interviewers tend to observe as soon as you arrive for the job interview, moreover keep in mind that fifty percent of your fitment for the job depends exclusively on that.

1. Arrival Time: This is the most important thing to note, as interviewers do give emphasis on the time of your arrival, so never ever arrive late for your interview as it can prove to be a great blunder. You are sure to impress the interviewer if you arrive on time which is just 10 minutes before the appointed time, likewise you should not also show up too early as the interviewer might tend to get irritated by you, remember that interviewers are busy people they have several other tasks to do, if you arrive too early suggests that you want them to leave all their work and attend you.

2. Dress: You must know that the kind of dress that you select to wear for the interview matters a l ot, because the right kind of attire boost your personality and gives a minimum idea to the interviewer about your taste and your sense of professionalism. Therefore it is always advisable for you to call the organization’s front desk before the interview and find out what is their organization’s official dress code, based on that plan out what you can actually wear for the interview.

3. Body language: As wearing the right outfit for the job interview is quite important, simila rly you should also concentrate on wearing the right body language, therefore focus to look comfortable, at the same time not too relaxed as it can keep you from bagging the offer. Likewise you should also avoid moving restlessly, even if you are nervous sit down and wait and of course never cross your arms in the course of the interview.

4. The style of your communication: If you are a fast- talker or a person who talks very slowly, it 's time that you check out your communication style and try to fix it. Also check out your speaking tone as it should not sound too aggressive or too confident. This you can very well do, if you ask your friend or your relative to hear you and mention the points where you need to concentrate and improve.

5. Your Preparedness: You can very well demonstrate your preparedness, in front of the interviewer b y learning about the organization and its mission. You are sure to come across the most common question asked by most interviewers, what is the organization’s mission? Be ready to answer this question by the basic understanding of the organization’s mission beforehand through research. If you decline to answer this common question, the interviewer might think that you are not much serious about the job and that you have not taken the minimal pain to research beforehand about the company you are interviewing.

6. Enthusiasm: Remember that your enthusiasm for the job says a lot, like how much eager and e xcited you are for the job opportunity. Likewise show the interviewer your interest for the position you are interviewing. Interviewers show their excitement and preference on hiring applicants who look positive and excited as they believe that applicants, who are excited for job, will do well in the long run than candidate who do not seem to be much excited.

7. Skills and Qualifications: By just having the right dressing sense and the zeal for the job does not mean that you will get hired for the position. You should definitely possess the qualifications and the skill set required for the position. Also, be prepared to explain your skills that can highlight your talent and accomplishments.

Have a happy learning


CSoC Smart User
CSoC Smart User
Very nice and helping post.. Looking forward to get such suggestion from you, Sir... Thank You.

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Every job interview process will be conducted in a different manner in different companies. So, if you are in search of a job right now, you need to be aware of the fact that, there is no any sought of specific predictions like, these are the questions they are going to ask me, these are the only documents they expect from me to produce, these are the things they notice in me as soon as I enter, etc. As a candidate you need to be very much focused on how to prepare yourself for an interview to make it work for you. Apart from that, you should realize the fact that, you can only build that level of confidence in you only when you think that as the ultimate or the final job interview you are giving. So, if you consider it as your last chance to showcase your talent, then you definitely prepare well for it.

The present recruiters have become more cautious about selecting their right candidate. In that aspect, there are a lot of things that they have started noticing in their interviewees at the first level, i.e. as soon as the candidate enter the interview room, the interviewers have started noticing a lot many things. If you are curious to know about those top qualities that the present recruiters are noticing in interviewees at the first level, checkout the list given as it was reported by Jada A. Graves on U.S. News Money website.

5. The Arriving Time:

As a good candidate the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is your arrival time to the interview venue, because, this is the first way you can impress your potential employers by reaching on time. If you reach your interview venue on time, your potential employer will be impressed by you for the first time, as it also describes your time management level. So, whenever you are going to attend an interview session for your dream job, then, you need to work out in a proper manner to achieve that dream goal.

Make sure, you leave home quite early whenever you are about to attend an interview session as there is no guarantee that the traffic will be less. This point should be noted especially if you are going for a job interview in any of the major cities in your place, as there is no hope or any specific time you can give to reach a particular place, as it all depends upon the road traffic and other circumstances. Reaching the interview point too early can also be a disadvantage or you.

4. About Your Attire:

To be professional, to look professional is a must in the corporate world. So, if you want to look professional, you should be very careful even with the attire you wear, be it only for the job interview or as an employee. During an interview, one of the first ways you can attract your possible employer is by wearing perfect professional attire. If you wear attires that are very untidy, outdated, very tight that you can’t even walk or sit properly wearing it, too revealing attires, definitely the recruiter would have observed all these things.

So, it is better to avoid such clothing and dress up professionally. Wearing perfect clothing can be the best way to impress your potential employer. Another thing you need to remember here is that, wearing just professional attire doesn’t make you look professional, for that you also need to carry the attitude that suits your personality as well as the attire.

3. Your Body Language:

In any of the job interviews your body language matters a lot as said in our earlier articles. This is because, without a proper body language, it is turn out to be very difficult for you to impress your potential employers. To present an impressive attitude in front of your potential employer, firstly you need to look comfortable and also feel relaxed without any sought of tension in your mind. But, you must also not be too relaxed, as it might harm your chances in the job interview. You need to behave natural in front of your recruiters, and also avoid sitting by crossing your arms because it makes the recruiter feel awkward. You need to sit down in a relaxed manner as soon as you enter the interview room after greeting everybody over there.

Avoid looking restless at any stage of the interview. If you are not aware of the answer for any of their questions, you need to be confident in telling that you don’t know the answer in a clear manner.

2. The way you communicate:

Communicating well wherever you go will help you to build good rapport with others. Communicating well is not just talking continuously with others without any break. Communicating stands for being clear and sensible in whatever you talk. Your conversation will only click when there is a two way communication other than just one side communication. So, in a job interview, you should have a control on whatever you are talking or answering.

To make your conversation with the recruiter impressive, firstly it’s better to take a break before answering any question and in that break you need to think about what you should talk to the recruiter. Make sure you talk in a way that the recruiters can understand what you are talking about. Another important thing you need to remember here is to have a smiling face while conversing with them.

1. How well you have prepared for the interview:

This is the top most things your recruiter will notice in you at the first level. They analyze how well you are prepared for the interview in just a few minutes after you have started conversing with them. So, it is better you be prepared on all the basic things namely, carrying all the relevant documents with you, having a basic knowledge on what business is the company into, and other basic information relevant to the company and also your field of study, and last but not the least towards the job you are being recruited for.

Be ready to answer some of the most common interview questions without any confusion in your mind. If you are interviewing for any post that demands very good communication skills, it’s better to improve your way of talking to others before you attend that interview session. The present recruiters also expects you to be knowledgeable in the technical skills apart from just the theoretical skills, so it’s better you have a sound knowledge on all these things.

Have a happy learning.


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CSoC King
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for “8 Questions You Must Ask The Recruiter To Prove Your Smartness”

8. Are you experiencing any sought of problem right now in the company? If yes, then what are the measures the concerned department is taking to resolve it in an efficient way?

This question must be asked because:If you ask this question to your future employer, they will get the feeling that you are concerned over company’s issues or problems as you are interested in this job. Apart from that, their answer for this question will help you get to know about their personality and ambitions and it might also lead to further more questions between you and the interviewer.

7. Which kind of employees can expect a bright future here? And, what qualities does the employee should adopt, to do well and advance in the firm in future?

This question must be asked because: It shows that you are more interested in building a good future in the company and it also helps you to decide whether your attitude or nature along with the skills you accomplish will help you build your career in that company or not. Apart from that, if you get to know the kind of person or employee they are interested n recruiting, you can try building your personality in that manner in the future if you are given a chance.

6. Who is going to lead me? How many are there in the team where I will be working?

This question must be asked because:It shows your interest towards knowing about the internal structure of the organization and also it helps you to get thorough information about the specific job description that you are enrolled for. Asking this question can help you to position yourself as an ideal candidate in front of the recruiters. If you are recruited in a company it is very important for you to know about the ‘peaking order’, especially if you are working under several bosses in a company.

5. For how long is this position open and what is the reason for the open position?

This question must be asked because: It is very much necessary to ask this question because as a potential candidate, you will be having some doubts in your mind as in, who was working on this position before the hiring process opened for this position. If the recruiter says, it’s been for among time, then you can dig out further information about why no one were selected before for this post before you can in.

4. What about by pay package?

This question must be asked because:Asking this question to the potential employer is not a simpler task, as it’s a matter of prestige, especially if you are an experienced candidate. If you are an experienced candidate, you will be having the upper hand in negotiating the salary matters because, your recruiter will be in a state where they need to recruit you for sure because of your level of experience.

But, the only thing you need to remember here is, while asking this question, you must be sensible than asking them in a demanding kind of an attitude. While asking about the pay package, it is better to ask about the bonuses you will be entitled to, as it plays a very important role in your financial matter. You should be smart enough while asking such an important question.

3. How many more interview process to go?

This question must be asked because:It is very essential to ask this question because it shows how well you have performed. If you ask this question definitely the interviewer will tell you about the further process of the interview session, but in the mean while you will also get to know whether they are interested in hiring you and also you can know about how well you have performed. If they say, your interview process is done and you will get a call after few days, in many cases it shows you are not selected.

But if you get another chance of interviewing with another set of recruiters, definitely it shows they are interested in hiring you for the job post. So, always while you ask this particular question, you need to be very careful as well as creative enough to ask that, which can show up your smartness level.

2. May I know where the job is based?

This question must be asked because:Knowing the job location is very much necessary in the present time, because, in a country like India, there is no surety that you can get a job that suits you in your own city or somewhere in your State because the demand for a job is that high. The present professionals in India are very much ready to travel across the country or even the world, if they come across a good job that can help them to build their professional life. Apart from that, it is also necessary to know where your posting will happen because; you need to get ready to shift for that new place along with your family [If you have one] as soon as possible if you are fine with the job offered.

1. Well, I think all by doubts have been cleared about the job and I would love to work for your company. So, what will be my next step?

This question must be asked because: IT confirms your recruiter that you are satisfied with the job offered. This question also leads them to ask you if they have any unsolved questions about you or your working style.

Have a happy learning.


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for "12 Surprising Personality Traits of Billionaires"

People, who are billionaires today, were once nothing, but their unusual powerful thoughts made them different and rich. And if you are dreaming about becoming rich like few billionaires. Wake up now; it’s time to cherish your dream. As Of course, in one day you cannot become a billionaire but at least you can spend time in learning about the 10 personality traits of the billionaires in the world. And once you start adopting their personality traits in you, and then you can also become a billionaire too, says UnmaskingTheMillionaires.com

1. Punctuality
“A man has no right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily,” said John D Rockefeller, the first billionaire the world had. John preferred having a strict time schedule and many times he refused to have meetings with strangers. He was very particular about being approached in writing rather than by telephone. This may be his way of controlling time.

2. Optimistic
Faith and optimism encourages a person to move on and face every obstacle in life. “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute,” says billionaire Warren Buffet

3. Self Reliant
The chase for self reliance started early in life for most billionaires. Warren Buffet bought his first shares at a young age of 11 years. When Buffet was young, he worked as a newspaper delivery boy and also sold chewing gum- this is a clear demonstration of his desire for self reliance.

Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican billionaire is another surprising example. ‘‘He invested in Government saving bonds at the age of 11, tracking his purchases in a detailed ledger. By the age of 15 he had bought a small shareholding in Banco Nacional de Mexico – then the country’s largest bank,’’ reports, The Telegraph, UK.

4. Disciplined
Without being disciplined, it is nearly impossible to become a billionaire and maintain your giant wealth. Being disciplined would mean following the same schedule every day. Discipline also involves organizing your office, house, affairs in a way that the ambition of becoming a multimillionaire is enhanced.

5. Perseverance
For achieving something in life, you need to work towards your goal. Nearly all wealthy people have persevered beyond where most people wouldn’t reach. The story of Soichiro Honda (1906-1991), the founder of Honda Motor Corporation, is a real life example of tough perseverance. Young Honda incorporated the company in 1937 to manufacture piston rings. In the initial years his business didn’t flourish yet he persevered and in due course he won a contract to supply piston rings to Toyota, but he lost it due to poor quality of pistons. Then in 1941, after gaining expertise over the quality standards of Toyota, he started to supply the rings. Unfortunately, in 1944 his plant was bombed. In following year an earthquake squashed whatever that was left in the plant. He didn’t lose hope, but changed his heart and started manufacturing motorized bicycles in 1946. Moving on he focused his mind in the automobile. As of March 2011; Honda has 179,050 employees on its payroll and was the 8th largest car manufacturer in the world.

6. Precise
You would hardly find amultimillionaire doing something unnecessary and sloppy. In fact from their communication to the business strategy everything a rich man does is always precise.

7. Focus & Concentration
Many young businessmen fail to earn even their first million as they indulge themselves in too many things. Perhaps they truly need to focus on what John D. Rockefeller said about this issue, “Do not many of us who fail to achieve big things . . . fail because we lack concentration – the art of concentrating the mind on the thing to be done at the proper time and to the exclusion of everything else?”

8. Calm, Quiet & Curious
Rich people believe calmness to be their strength. “Success comes from keeping the ears open and the mouth closed.” John D. Rockefeller said. Well it’s obvious that no can think of a master business plan and successfully run a business worth millions with an anxious mind. It needs calmness and curiosity to nurture something new and useful.

9. Strategic
Almost every billionaire always makes strategic decisions for running their business. For instance, acquiring other companies; poaching employees from rivals are all a part of strategy.

10. Rigid
Most billionaires have a particular style of action and business running idea that they use for years together and are too rigid to change. They take up one business model that works favorable and are rarely changed.

11. Spiritual/Religious
Many Billionaires hold firm faith in religion. They believe in the supreme power and consider him being the sole controller of all events of the Universe. For John D Rockefeller religion always came first. It is said in his entire lifetime he missed only 2 Sunday church sessions.

“I don’t know if there’s a god or not, but I think religious principles are quite valid.” Bill Gates said in interview.

12. Charitable
Wealthy people generously donate for causes they cherish. Bill Gates is famous for his large philanthropic activities through his foundation. Warren Buffet has also gained popularity for committing that he will donate most of his wealth to charity.

Have a happy learning.


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CSoC King
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for " Draft your cv with care by Mr. Azam on CSoC"

The detailed topic is reproduced below for ready reference.

"Send us your updated CV."

This is the beginning of every hiring process. At the outset you are going to be evaluated based on your CV. The prospective employer has only minutes to spare for a primary evaluation. In your CV you are trying to convince the employer that you have the right qualification, skill sets, attitude and experience essential for the position applied for. If you succeed in that, definitely you will be called for an interview.

Unfortunately, vast majority of the applicants fail in this first stage itself. They fail not because of their deficiency in qualification, experience, skills etc. But their CVs fail to create an impression that this is the candidate which the employer is looking for. The employer doesn’t know you personally at this stage. For him, your CV is you and your face. So, your CV should communicate whatever you want to communicate to the prospective employer.

Q. What do you want to communicate to the prospective employer?
You want to tell him through your CV that you are the apt person for that job.

Q. How can you do that?
You have to identify the description of that job, the responsibilities in that position etc. Carefully analyze what the employer is looking for in the ‘Mr. Candidate.’

Once it is done, link your qualifications, skills, experience etc. with that. Now you are telling the employer that I am the right candidate for that position. Every alphabet, comma, dot, free space etc. has relevance and meaning in your CV. You should be careful. A misplaced word may affect your prospects.

Now you can start....

I wish to add some tips at this point.
• Keep in mind that your CV is your marketing document.

• In your CV you are trying to say ‘what you are’, ‘what type of a position you are seeking’ and ‘the qualification, experience and skills to support your candidacy.

• Be careful while selecting the format of your CV. Take into account the requirements of the specific position.

• Your CV is not a document to express your graphics skill.

• Your CV should prominently express yourself as a professional.

• It should contain your Name, Address, Telephone number, E-mail id etc.

• ‘Objective statement’ – is it essential? It is your choice. Depending upon the situation you can decide on this. If you add an objective statement, it should be absolutely clear and precise. But most of the objective statements that I have seen are just a bunch of words, vague and do not convey any objective.

• Don’t blindly copy other’s objective statement. Think a while and convince yourself. Keep in mind the position you are applying for.

• At your option you can provide a ‘professional synopsis’ after the objective statement, if any. It gives your picture as a professional in nutshell. If you are experienced, consider using this option.

• While listing your educational qualification, start from the latest. All relevant qualifications, certifications etc. have to be listed.

• Training programs, workshops and symposiums attended can be listed, if relevant. E.g. IFRS training.

• Work experience – Start from the latest. Give details like ‘position held’, ‘reporting authority’ etc.

• In work experience ‘job description’ is very important. Be honest. Give prominence to those aspects which are relevant for the position applied for.

• Use all your accomplishments whether in work or in social life to project your personality.

• Don’t forget to add special skills which are relevant for the position applied for.

• Give personal information to the required extend. In certain countries asking gender, caste etc. are illegal.

• Give two references. Contact two prominent and relevant personalities and tell them your requirements. Provide them sufficient information. Get their consent and list their name. DO NOT USE RELATIVES AS REFERENCE. They may be prominent persons but they are your relatives. So their opinion on you may not fetch value in this case.

• Be specific and clear in your claims. Don’t make general statements in CV.

• Create a habit of collecting documentary support for all your positive deeds and achievements. E.g. suppose you have taken a career guidance session in your nearby school for the HSC students explaining them the potential of CA/CWA/ CS profession. Make sure that you collect a certificate from the school authorities praising your service.

• If you have any work/social experience projecting you as a team player, use it properly. It is a big ask in today’s work environment.

• Make sure that your CV is précis. Limit it in two pages.

• Check for spelling mistakes.

• Don’t use the same CV for all job applications. Prepare CV according to the requirements of each opening.

• Regularly go through the “opportunities” page of the leading Newspapers and understand what are the qualities, qualifications and skills asked by recruiters for specific positions. E.g. Finance Manager. This will help you in drafting your CV.

• Do not use photo copies of your CV while applying for a job. Take a fresh printout in a good quality paper.

• Regular refinement is required in making your CV perfect.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

While writting a simple markatable CV, one has to mention, among others, "Key Skills" in it.

One has to select Key Skills depending upon one's capability.

Please refer to the below mentioned four job openings for CS (Sourse: www.naukri.com).

One has to select the key skills from the required job profile & jod description given below.

(1) Opening for Company Secretary - Noida - Fresher Can Apply

Job Description

1. Independently looking after the Quarterly & Annual Listing Compliance of Company.

2. Handled the various ROC Compliances like

Change in the Registered Office of the Company;

Shifting the Books of Accounts from a place other than the registered office of the Company etc;

Preparation & Filing of various statutory forms under the Companies Act 1956;

Internally liaison with other teams / departments for collation of data as required for functioning and also to provide information / data required by other teams concerned

3. Conducting the Board Meetings, Committee Meetings & General meetings of shareholders of Listed Company;

Preparation of Agenda and minutes of Board meetings, Committee meetings & General meetings;

Preparation of Annual Report of Listed Company, public & Private Cos.

4. Conducting the Statutory General Meeting & Preparation & Filing of Statutory Report with ROC.

5. Handled the RBI Compliances

6. Assisted in the various Legal Matters; Drafting & vetting of Legal Agreements

7. Maintained the Statutory Records and Registers at Registered office
Salary:As per Industry Norm

Industry: Oil and Gas, Energy, Power, Infrastructure

Functional Area: Company Secretary


Keyskills:company secretary, compliance

Desired Candidate Profile
Education:(UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization) AND (PG - CS)

1. Only Female Candidates are prefered.

2. Freshers can also apply.

3. Candidate should be well verse in Legal Matter, Legal Contents Drafting, legal Documentations etc.

4. Candidate with good communication and good academics are prefered.

Company Profile

Netbrains Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Company is a flexible entity in many sector business of 5000 Crore group

Contact Details
Recruiter Name:Ms. Priya

Address: R-18 FIRST FLOOR MAIN VIKAMARG Near Metro pillar 48 NEW DELHI,Delhi,India 110092

Email Address:priya@mynetbrains.com

Reference Id:CS 001 - Noida

(2) Required Company Secretary (cs) for Sec 135, Noida

Job Description

To execute all secretarial works from agenda, minutes, filing of forms & returns and maintenance of statutory records.

To take up responsibility for compliance under the Companies Act, 1956 with respect to the Corporate Affairs like incorporations, share-transfers, directorial changes, directorial remunerations, disclosures of interest etc.

Drafting of resolutions (circulations or otherwise), Memorandums, Articles, Compliance certificates, other secretarial correspondences and drafting/vetting of agreement.

Convening, constituting, holding meetings of Board of Directors, Board Committees and General Bodies.

Documentations pertaining to Loan, Debentures and Shareholders Agreements

Interact with Funding partners and their documentations

Minimum experience should be 4 years post qualification (CS).
Salary:INR 4,00,000 - 7,00,000 P.A

Industry: Real Estate, Property

Functional Area: Accounts, Finance, Tax, Company Secretary, Audit
Role Category:Senior Management

Role:Company Secretary
Keyskills:CS, company secreatry

Desired Candidate Profile

Education:(PG - CS)

Please refer to the Job description above

Company Profile
ATS Infrastructure Ltd


ATS Group (ATS) was founded in 1998 and has kept growing to becoming a brand to be reckoned with in the real estate industry today. We are a young endeavour comprising of experienced professionals - Anand, Talwar and we were quickly recognized by the market and soon forged into a group with spiraling growth to 3 separate companies- ATS Infrastructures Ltd., ATS Promoters and Builders and ATS Construction and Maintenance Pvt. Ltd.

ATS Promoters have established themselves as a proven player to deliver urban infrastructure projects. Ongoing projects of ATS Infrastructure are commanding excellent valuations and are ahead of the pack in their existing locations. The Promoters are well known for their timely delivery, high quality conscious approach, corporate governance and transparency. ATS Infrastructure has also proved its capability to identify attractive parcels of land all across the country including NCR , Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa , Dehradun etc.

The promoters have shown excellent capability to aggregate large parcels of lands at strategic locations. Land parcels at Chandigarh, Goa, Gurgaon and Deharadun are abutting major roads or landmark developments thus offering excellent opportunity to carry out premium developments.. The scale of the projects and the capacity to execute it provides unmatched positive externalities and benefits.

In our endeavor to provide" Affordable Luxury" since 1998, we have built residential complexes 2 in sector 50, Noida of over 500,000 Sq.ft - ATS Greens I & ATS Greens II, both of which are 100 % occupied & our 3rd project in Noida - ATS Greens Village which is an over 1.5 Million sq. ft project. is already sold out..

The overwhelming response and high demands led us to our first project in Greater Noida - ATS Greens Paradiso, Construction has already started at Golf Meadows in Dera Bassi, Chandigarh and we would soon be launching our projects in Gurgaon , Goa & Dehradun ATS projects always focus on the Affordability, comfort , luxury , peace & greenery which ensures a tranquil & harmonious environment for all the inhabitants.

Contact Details

Recruiter Name:Varsha

Contact Company:ATS Infrastructure Ltd

Address: Plot no 16, Sec 135, near metlife building expressway noida NOIDA,Uttar Pradesh,India 201301


(3) Company Secretary - Legal & Compliance

Job Description

1. Ensuring legal / SEBI compliance,

2. Intimating Stock Exchange on all developments, issuing paper ads on board meetings.

3. Assist with compilation and lodgement of quarterly and other periodical financial reports.

Salary:INR 3,00,000 - 5,50,000 P.A

Industry: Agriculture, Dairy
Functional Area: Accounts, Finance, Tax, Company Secretary, Audit

Role Category:Senior Management
Role:Company Secretary

Keyskills:Company Secretary - Legal & Compliance, CS, Company Secretary, company secretary
Desired Candidate Profile

Education: (PG - CS)
Please refer to the Job description above

Company Profile
Flex-i Partners
A Leading Recruitment Firm
Contact Details
Recruiter Name:Neetha
Email Address:careers@flexipartners.com

(4) Company Secretary

Job Description

convening and servicing annual general meetings (AGM)/meetings (producing agendas, taking minutes; conveying decisions etc.);

Knowledge of NBFC(National Banking Finance Company).

Dealing with ROC/RBI/SEBI/Stock Exchange etc.

providing support to committees and working parties such as the Board of Directors etc;

implementing procedural/administrative systems;

handling correspondence before and after meetings;

writing reports;

providing legal/financial advice during and outside of meetings.

administering pension schemes and share issues;

maintaining current awareness about company law;

keeping a register of shareholders and liaising with them on behalf of the company.

Salary:As per company norms
Industry: Banking, Financial Services, Broking
Functional Area: Accounts, Finance, Tax, Company Secretary, Audit

Role Category:Senior Management

Role:Company Secretary

Keyskills:Accounts, finance, tax, company secretary, audit, assistant company secretary, legal, executive secretary, acs

Desired Candidate Profile

Education: CS

Formation of a New Company

Conversion of Public Limited Company into Private Limited and vice versa

Issuance of Equity Shares, Preference Shares, Debentures,
Bonds & Other Instruments

Issues relating to Transfer of Shares

Preparation & Updation of Memorandum & Articles of the Company

Preparation of Minutes, Board Resolutions and arranging Statutory Meetings

Preparation of Notices, Directors Reports and Compilation of Annual Reports

ROC Filings including filing of Annual Return in XBRL Format

Fund Raising by way of IPO, PE, Private Placement etc

Preparation of Proposal & Compliances of Dividend Distribution

Dealings with SEBI/NSE/BSE etc

Valuation of Shares

Merger & Acquisitions

Company Law Compliances &Maintenance of all Statutory Registers / Records

Licensing, Legal Matters & FEMA Compliances Contracts Drafting & Scrutiny there on.

Company Profile

Frontline Securities Ltd

FSL group has over 28 years of experience in financial advice & wealth management. Our core team consists of professionals who have spent years in the areas of taxation, finance & wealth management.

At FSL, we offer a wide range of services intended to make investment planning and execution convenient for our clients, without compromising on their level of control. We engage primarily in mutual fund distribution and our extensive expertise in this field enables us to provide professional, knowledge based service.

Our unique selling point is our value added services, which includes exclusive online analytical tools that provide strong support to clients in investment decisions and allows them to monitor their portfolio on a regular basis. We want our clients to be well informed & knowledgeable, as creating wealth is difficult but retaining it is even more difficult.

Our value added services will assist you in taking timely decisions with regard to selection of funds, the right mix of asset classes and improvement in returns of investment in debt funds by selecting the right mix of debt based funds, while satisfying your liquidity requirements.

We may also mention here that we were the runners up to the CNBC Financial Advisors award 2008.

Contact Details

Recruiter Name:Ms Manjula

Contact Company:FSL Software Technology ltd
Address: B 22 Sector 4 Noida NOIDA,Uttar Pradesh,India 201304

Email: careers@fslindia.com,careers@fslindia.org

Reference Id:CS/FSL/OCT

I hope the above will help you in sorting out your skills to be included in your CV.

In due course, I will put a specimen copy of a simple marketable CV.

Please correct me if I am incorrect in my presentation.

Have a happy learning.

42 Top 5 Work Habits That Can Kill Your Career on Wed 10 Oct 2012 - 10:32


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link


for “Top 5 Work Habits That Can Kill Your Career”

As each one of us like to advance in our career in our professional life, we like to work towards achieving it by our skills and hard work. As it has been proved that without hard work [Smart work] and our talent, it is not at all possible for anyone to achieve something good in their life both personally as well as professionally. But even after knowing that fact, many lack the basic things or habits that they need to accomplish in their life to advance in their life. In a professional life, a professional needs to deal with many projects that allow him or her to get promoted to higher positions with a pay raise.

But, there are many employees who lack the quality of having right work habits that help them to get advanced in their life. So, if you don’t like to be one among them, have a look at the top most bad work habits that can kill your career in future, as reported by Alison Green of U.S. News & World Report, as reported on Business Insider.

1. Fail promoting your own work in front of others:
You would have done a great job by completing a project successfully. But if no one is aware of your achievements is a big waste, which also won’t help your reputation in any sense, neither your salary nor your career advancing opportunity. So, as many of you hide showcasing your good job to others, it is better to make sure at least your managers are aware of your achievement.

2. Being self-protective:
It is a fact that many people have the habit of being too much self-protective if at all they get a poor feedback for the work done by them. If this attitude continues in the workplace, it is very difficult to excel in your professional life as many co-workers give up all the hopes on you if you start showing your self-protective attitude towards the mistake done by you. It might also lead your colleagues to start avoiding you and also your manager might stop assisting you on how you are suppose to work. So, it is advisable for you to come out of such attitude as soon as possible.

3. Taking sudden decisions:
Taking right decisions is a must for any professional to succeed in their professional life. So, to take the right decision, you need to have a deep thought and also ask for others suggestions regarding your next step. In your professional life, taking the decision of leaving a job must be taken with a deep thought as it is a very sensible issue.

If you want to quit the job just because your boss scolded or insulted you in front of others, you better have a deep thought on that issue before taking the next step. If your boss has insulted you in front of others you need to try and give it a positive thought. If you leave your job in such situations, that black mark will stay on you for your entire life. So, it’s better to stay back and prove your capabilities in a positive way. You should also be careful while taking sudden decisions before accepting a job offer without doing thorough study about that offer.

4. Being too negative:
Being negative always might be the big enemy in your life every time. In your professional life, if you keep complaining about the new projects assigned for you to complete as well as regarding your company’s policies and the management, keep in mind, you will never advance in your career regarding your work. At the same time, if you start talking hilariously with a negative sense in it about your boss and other co-workers you might be in big trouble if you are still working for that company. So, it’s better to stop talking negatively about others or regarding any things related to your office.

5. Lying about work:
Lying about your work progress is the biggest mistake you end up doing in your new company. If you get caught any time in the future regarding this work, for sure you will be under big trouble at office. It doesn’t matter whether your lie is a small one or a big one, if it results negatively towards the company’s progress, then it is you who is going to face the trouble in the future. So, it’s better to speak up the truth every time and face the punishment than getting insulted in the wrong way in the future. You can also correct your mistake if you accept the truth as soon as possible.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link


for “ Top 4 Best Jobs for People Who Want to Help Others”

Every people have different way of thought. Each one of you has a different view point to see your life. Some of you just prefer to be a part of your family; working hard and concentrating on them just make them happy, while some others like to be a part of the society and show concern towards the society and prefers to help other people who are in need. Helping an unknown person is possible only when you are an outgoing and friendly natured person. If you are well versed in conversing with an unknown person and have a caring nature, you have all the rights to seek for a career where you can help others.

So, if you love helping others and you are in search of a job that allows you to do that, here are some of the best jobs in the world that allows you to make your dreams come true, as mentioned by Rachel Carpenter on Yahoo Voice website.

1. Life Coach:
Every person in this world will be going through some sought of conflicts in his or her life which can be both personal as well as in their professional life. So, as many times people will be under some sought of dilemma regarding their life, many of them prefer consulting a life couch to help them give proper guidance. If you are not aware of the basic work nature of a life coach, for your information, life couch is a person who helps identify the people’s worries and help them in solving those problems by giving them the right direction to help them achieve their goal. To be a life coach, you need to have degrees in psychological counseling, hypnosis, dream analysis etc.

2. Physical Therapist:
Physical therapists are the health care professionals who are primarily concerned with remediation of impairments and disabilities. Physical therapists are concerned about analyzing the functional ability, movement potential through examining the patient, evaluating and diagnosing them. This is another fantastic career stream to choose if you love to help others.

3. Sign Language interpreter:
Sign language interpreters are basically those people who help the deaf and dumb. They help the people who can’t hear understand what is being said in different situation. Though certifications are not actually required to be a sign language interpreter, he or she needs to have a degree that shows your skills towards this sign language interpretation. In the United States, some of the colleges offer a Bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language [ASL]. To be a sign language interpreter, he or she needs to have good memory skills, good listening and a good communicating skill as well. You need to be very good in understanding the technical information as you need to know what to interpret about such type of information.

4. Social worker:
Most of us love to contribute something for the society by helping the public. So, to help the public there is no such rules that you need to be a politician as you can also serve as a social worker by joining any of the nearest NGOs in your place or serving the public independently. If you join this sector, you can not only gain happiness of serving others but also you can earn a good pay.

Have a happy learning.

44 Learn How to Manage Excessive Workload on Fri 12 Oct 2012 - 16:22


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please refer to the following link


for “Learn How to Manage Excessive Workload”

Excessive workload increases the stress and ultimately leads to employee burn out. This can be effectively managed by proper utilization of time, resources and human power, in a coordinated manner. Also, activities such as accessing the priorities of individual tasks, breaking the given task into manageable components and accurately slotting each component into your schedule can help you in managing overload.

Here are few tips which might help you to efficiently manage work overload, as reported by Rica Bhattacharya of ET bureau.

1. Time management:
We have only seven days in a week and 24 hours in a day; hence time management becomes very critical to manage workload. Time management helps you to control and coordinate all your resources, and efficiently distribute the workload, thus ensuring maximum productivity within least possible time. Also time management eliminates stress and helps you to perform better.

2. Prioritize your tasks:
Excessive work load can be efficiently managed by prioritizing the different tasks. You must accurately identify the task which needs immediate attention and the task which can be postponed. Thus prioritizing acts as a reliable task scheduling tool that ensures maximum allocation of resources to the task that needs immediate attention and prevents fragmentation of energy.

3. Work and life Balance:
Employees must learn to balance personal life and work. This will prevent stress and also helps the employee to produce better results, which in turn increases productivity. Spending valuable time with your family, going on long holidays and pursuing your hobbies, act as stress relievers. These activities can energize the employee and helps him to manage workload in a better way.

4. Assigning the work equally:
It is essential for a professional, especially, the one in a leadership role, to suitably distribute work among the members in his team. This ensures that no member is over burdened and guarantees smooth functioning of the team. A well structured work layout will ensure a maximum productivity with minimum efforts.

5. Enjoying the work:
This is a proficient and effective way to manage excessive workload. The fact is that if you enjoy your work, the very thought of overload doesn’t exist. Ultimately, work will become fun and you can reach greater heights within the least possible time and efforts.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please refer to the following link


for “Check How to Make The Best of Your Joblessness”

Recession is an unforeseen scenario that can have an adverse impact on blue-collar men. It could cripple numerous organizations and take away the livelihood of millions of people. Joblessness in such unfortunate situations can have a positive or negative effect on your life. It depends on what you make of it.

Checkout few vital tips on how you can effectively utilize this break from hectic work and plan for a better future, as reported on mensxp website.

1. Reflect
Break from regular office work could be a turning point in your career. You can spend some valuable time with yourself, introspect on your career thus far and build a future course of action.

2. Search Jobs
The period away from work is the best time for you to search for your dream job. You can enroll in some online job portals or social media, and carefully pick and choose the appropriate job of your choice.

3. Charity
Indulging in charity can give you immense satisfaction and a feel-good factor. This may re-energize your soul, which in turn helps you to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve in life.

4. Make up for Lost Family Time
On a positive note, joblessness gives you the best chance to spend valuable time with your family and friends. You can easily make up for the lost time away for the family, and cherish each and every moment spent with them.

Have a happy learning.

46 5 Easiest Ways to Keep Fit in Office on Wed 17 Oct 2012 - 19:14


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please refer the following link


for "5 Easiest Ways to Keep Fit in Office"

Let’s face the fact; presently most of you are at a stage in life where you spend most of your hours of the day in office. Hence you might be experiencing difficulty in balancing office work and fitness at the same time. In addition, it is natural that most of you think office is an imprisonment.

As you find very minimal time to hit the gym, jogging, yoga or engage in other fitness related activities after work, here are some cool ways to catch up with some fun, fitness and play, whilst you work at office as reported on MENSXP

1. Walking Around your Workplace:
Walking around your workplace is a simplest way to keep your metabolic rate up and also ensures that you do not feel burdened with your work. This simple activity even acts as a stress reliever, which in turn increases your productivity. Hence it is advisable for blue collar men to a break from work after every few hours and walk around your workplace to regain your strength.

2. Ditch your Laziness:
Climbing stairs rather than using the lift may have a huge positive impact on your fitness. Try getting creative with it, so that it doesn’t sound like torture than fun. Rewind your childhood days when you used to run up and down the stairs like a hare with a bunch of your buddies. Try to involve your colleagues and start the game.

3. Incorporate Healthy Food Habits:
Munching on healthy and nutritious food in your free time at office is the best and easiest way to stay in shape. Hence try to cultivate the habit of eating nuts, fruits, oatmeal or grain bars at regular intervals of time which replenishes your dwindling energy reserves without having any adverse effects on your body. Also such nutritious food may help you to get rid of some unnecessary weight from your body and take care of your weight problems.

4. Do Your Work on Your Own:
Do not depend on the office boy to carry out small activities such as taking photocopies, passing on the files / documents to your colleagues, etc. Also simple activities such as going over to talk to your colleague rather than discussing the matter on chat, getting a glass of water to yourself, collecting the snail mails from the main desk, etc. can also help to stay fit with least efforts.

5. Stretch your body:
While at office it is advisable to perform some simple stretching exercises such flexing your feet, stretching your back, etc. which can relax the tensed muscles of your body, and helps you work at a faster pace and increase your productivity.

Fun, fitness and play are things that are not served on a platter at your office. You have to put some efforts and find ways to reach them.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please refer the following


for “Job Interview Mistakes That Can Still Benefit Candidates”

It is true that every mistake the candidate do while giving an interview can cost them their job opportunity. So, to avoid such a circumstance, the candidate always try to prepare for an interview without any flaws that can help them in getting a job. It is always believed that, to be perfect in doing something or understanding something, everyone will make mistakes at the earlier levels. So, same can be applied in a job interview because, knowingly or unknowingly you will end up making certain mistakes during the job interview. It can be because of the fear you experience while giving the interview. This fear can be experienced by both the experienced candidate looking out for the next job as well as by the fresher, who doesn’t have any sought of experience about a job interview.

So, because of the fear, a candidate might sometimes end up in the below mentioned mistakes, but these mistakes can be still beneficial for you. So, check out the mistakes and how they can be beneficial as reported by Caroline Ceniza-Levine on the Forbes website.

1. You might fail in understanding the job nature:
Many of us go wrong in understanding about the nature of the job properly when you get to know about your duties and responsibilities for the first time. But as it is your first time experience in that profession, there is no need to worry so much when you are explained about your responsibility towards the job by your interviewer during the interview session.Though you understand about your job incorrectly when the interviewers explain you, you will gradually learn it automatically once you start the work in that particular profession. Once you get adjusted to your job nature after getting selected, you will be accurate about your job responsibility.

If you think that as you have given an incorrect answer about your job responsibility to the job interviewer, your chances of getting the job will be reduced. There is no need to worry about that if you have done well in the other part of the question and answer session during the job interview. If you have convinced them about how passionate you are towards that job, you will definitely get a call from them for that position.

2. You might end up in misinterpreting the question asked:
During every job interview session a candidate must have a perfect concentration on everything from the time he or she enter the interview room till he or she comes out of that room. If you are going to take up a job interview in the future and fail in understanding the question asked by the interviewer, definitely the interviewer will think you are not serious about the job offered. But this situation can also be helpful for you sometimes, when your thoughtfulness and your efforts can make you stand unique from the rest of the other candidates.

If you misunderstand a question asked to you, before giving a wrong answer, it is better to ask the interviewers pardon to repeat the question again in a polite manner. If you would have already impressed the interviewers by your skills, you can still make a good impression on the interviewer even if you give a wrong answer by misunderstanding the question asked.

3. You might present your over-eagerness to get that job:
Showing interest towards a job offered is good because, when you are interested in pursuing that job, definitely you will be prepared well for the interview session that can help you to get that job even in the midst of other talented candidates. Always in an interview session, you need to present yourself interesting and unique that will impress the job interviewer. But sometimes, candidates show over-eagerness of getting a job and they will do anything to get that job during the interview session. They might start asking questions even before the interviewer complete his or her sentences, to show up their smartness level. Though this kind of an attitude can make a bad impact on the interviewer, sometimes it can be helpful for the candidate, if the interviewer take the candidates eagerness in a positive way. If the interviewer feel that, as the candidate is showing immense interest towards the job offered they would be more productive at work, definitely the candidate will get the job without fail.

But it is better not to be over-eager every time as each interviewers attitude will be different and sometimes it can also give you a bad result.

Have a happy learning.

48 Check How to Be Yourself At Workplace on Tue 30 Oct 2012 - 17:59


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please refer the following


for "Check How to Be Yourself At Workplace"

In a professional life, it is quite easy to lose yourself whenever you are under high pressure and expectations. Such situations force a person to lose all his or her qualities that resembles their uniqueness. So, if you are eager to learn how to overcome that problem and be yourself by keeping your personalities intact even in a challenging situation at workplace, here are few easy ways you can follow to be yourself, as reported on Mensxp.com website.

1. Learn how to share:
Sharing something useful with others can always help you in building new and good relationships. This method will also help you to keep your identity intact. Even though your colleagues have different interests that others like that you don’t have, it is better to stick on to your perspective because, at the end it is your own uniqueness that helps you to grow up. When it comes to profession, it is better to stick on to your professional boundaries that help you to reach out your opinion freely.

2. Show interest:
Whenever you are conversing with your colleagues, see to it your interaction is mutual in all terms. Apart from that, see to it you won’t put yourself under control on the professional front. If you take real interest in the personalities of your colleagues, definitely, they too start respecting your way of thinking.

3. Be Authentic and Honest:
In your professional life it is better to be authentic and honest at your every move towards success at workplace. If you try to project yourself with a false identity among your colleagues, then for sure you will lose yourself one day. It is good to be known of the fact that no one in this world is perfect as everyone has his or her own strength and weaknesses of their own. Avoid concentrating only on your faults every time and give a chance for your peers to get to know the real you.

4. Stop comparing yourself with others:
In a professional life, there is nothing bad than comparing yourself with others. It is better to be yourself, than comparing yourself with others at the workplace because, if you start comparing with others, then for sure, you are going to lose your self-identity. Than comparing yourself with others, it is better to learn and install some of your colleague’s good qualities that help you for a better future. While inculcating your peers’ qualities, make sure you won’t change your inherent personal qualities to make space for those changes in your personality.

5. Leave the past behind:
Leaving all the bad memories behind will help you to emerge as a new person every time. If you leave your past behind, it will allow you to grow up in the future. Even if you remember your bad memories, make sure it is only to find or define yourself. As you will always have a chance for a new beginning, every new day, helps you to experience something new in your life that helps you to grow and change.

2. Show interest:
Whenever you are conversing with your colleagues, see to it your interaction is mutual in all terms. Apart from that, see to it you won’t put yourself under control on the professional front. If you take real interest in the personalities of your colleagues, definitely, they too start respecting your way of thinking.

3. Be Authentic and Honest:
In your professional life it is better to be authentic and honest at your every move towards success at workplace. If you try to project yourself with a false identity among your colleagues, then for sure you will lose yourself one day. It is good to be known of the fact that no one in this world is perfect as everyone has his or her own strength and weaknesses of their own. Avoid concentrating only on your faults every time and give a chance for your peers to get to know the real you.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please refer the following


for "Top 5 Things to be Considered Before Switching Careers"

The fact is that every job including your dream job, has its downsides, and hence decision to switch careers should not be made without due consideration. A single wrong move in the present volatile economic and employment condition could jeopardize your entire professional career.

Here are few essential things that need to be considered before switching careers, as reported on MENSXP.

1. Evaluate the Reason for Change:
Often people choose a wrong career option in desperation and end up leading a miserable life. Hence it is important for every aspiring individual to evaluate the reasons for switching careers multiple times. This evaluation is an excellent way to delineate the motivations. If you feel that reason for change is a small issue that can be resolved with some counseling, then it is advisable to put your decision to quit on hold. However, if an individual has an unambiguous and precise reason for changing career, then they should definitely abide by it.

2. Access your Skills:
Having decided to switch career, it is very essential for you to have a thorough assessment of the skill required for the new career. Having recognized the necessary skills for the new career, you should make it a point to hone and sharpen them to the best of your abilities. If you are really passionate about the new career you wish to choose, it is very necessary for you to gather all the fundamentals needed for eligibility.

3. Appropriate Research is Very Essential:
Before entering into uncharted territories, it is essential for you to carry out a thorough research and gather as much information about the new career as possible. You can use either the internet or appropriate professionals as a medium for research. It is also essential for you to access issues such a job security, salary, job profile, incentives and other demanding attributes of the new job. These assessments are very crucial in determining whether the new career option is profitable or not.

4. Networking:
Creating a network of professionals is a crucial step that can help you to land in your dream job. Try to contact people who are working in the field of your interest and get some valuable feed backs regarding the job vacancies, references and requirements. You can also use the various job search portals and consultancies as a medium to land in your dream job.

5. Internship:
Before considering something as potentially drastic as a career change, it is very essential for you to have a real time experience of the intended job profile and check if it suits your requirement. Such real time experience can be a game changer in your life, as it helps you to determine your compatibility with the given job profile and also might land you in your dream job.

A career shift is an irreversible decision in ones professional life and should be carried out with utmost care and consideration. By following the above mentioned tips, you will be able to put up with all the potential risks and craft a smooth career path.

Have a happy learning.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please refer the following


for "3 Must-Ask Questions Before Accepting the Job Offer"

There is nothing better than being offered your dream job, especially after attending numerous interviews and applying for just about every job that caught your attention. It is always advisable to keep your excitement at bay and give some time for yourself to think before accepting the job offer. Here are few essential questions that you should be asking your probable employer regarding the offered position, as reported by Chanel Woods on Come Recommended website.

1. What was the time taken by the last employee in this role to complete his / her task every week?
Although everyone work at their own pace, it is always advisable to acquire an idea about the approximate time required to complete the basic job duties of an organization. This helps you to access your current commitments and decide whether or not you can put in the necessary time required towards accomplishment of your job objective.

2. How long should I serve in the organization before being eligible for a promotion?
Different organizations would have incorporated different structures with regards to the promotion of its employees. While some follow performance based promotions, others have incorporated rigid hierarchies with set schedules for performance reviews, which dictate the promotion of an individual. Thoroughly access all the protocols and the growth opportunities at your prospected workplace and accept the job offer if it is in alignment with your personal objectives.

3. Why did the last employee in this role leave the job?
This question helps you to unearth any unseen quirk regarding the offered position that probably drove the last employee away from the job. Thoroughly examine all the shortcomings of the open position and accept the offer if you can leave with those issues.

It is advisable to carry out some research about your projected employer before attending the interview and clear all your doubts regarding the prospected job with the recruiter, before accepting the job offer.

Have a happy learning.

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