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CSoC King
CSoC King
First topic message reminder :

Dear Friends,

Hope the following articles will help you in career planning, preparing a marketable CV & facing the interview board with confident.

The List of Articles Posted here are given Bellow for ready reference.

(1)10 important traits for professional excellence, (2)5 Things to Think Before Relocating For Work,(3)How to be Professional at Work, (4)10 Deadly Career Changing Mistakes You Must Avoid, (5)10 Secrets You Must Know About Job Interview, (6)10 Degrees Worldwide Recruiters Don't Want to See, (7)10 Myths about Career Planning, (8)Communication is Very Important at Work, Know Why?, (9)Lost Your Job? Concentrate on These Things, (10)Shifting from an existing job for better prospects is a natural process, its timing & its impact on the career, (11)10 Most Hot Personal Qualities Interviewers Seek, (12) A complete guide : how to write a Great Resume, (13)Top Careers If You Love Traveling, (14)Careers That Lead You Towards a Luxurious Life, (15)Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Include on Your Resume, (16)Dangerous Things Not to Do or Say During Job Interview, (17)Top Salary Paying Indian Cities for 2012, (18)Top 6 Things Recruiters Will Never Tell You (19)Important basic Resume Tips, (20)5 Phone Interview Tips That Can Fetch You a Job, (21)Things Your College Didn't Teach You About Career, (22)FEW TRICKY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS, (23)CS Interview Fundas as published by Ms. Soundharya on CSoC on 24/09/2012, (24)Top 5 Questions You Should Never Ask in the Job Interview, (25)Most Powerful Words to Use in Your Resume to Get a Job, (26)Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers, (27)How to Enjoy At Workplace, (28) The Modern Day Resume, (29)5 Ways To Refresh Your Resume, (30)Sell Your Skills, Not Your Degree, (31)7 Things Hiring Managers Notice in You, (32)5 Things Interviewers First Notice in You, (33)8 Questions You Must Ask The Recruiter To Prove Your Smartness, (34)12 Surprising Personality Traits of Billionaires, (35)Draft your cv with care by Mr. Azam on CSoC, (36)Key Skills To Be Mentioned in CV >> How to select Key Skills, (37)Top 5 Work Habits That Can Kill Your Career, (38)Top 4 Best Jobs for People Who Want to Help Others, (39)Learn How to Manage Excessive Workload, (40)Check How to Make The Best of Your Joblessness,(41) 5 Easiest Ways to Keep Fit in Office, (42) Job Interview Mistakes That Can Still Benefit Candidates, (43) Check How to Be Yourself At Workplace, (44) Top 5 Things to be Considered Before Switching Careers, (45) 3 Must-Ask Questions Before Accepting the Job Offer, (46) Top 7 Ideal Careers for Extroverts, (47) How to Deal With Failure, (48) 8 Simple Ways to Combat Stress at Workplace, (49) 4 Easy Ways to Make the Best of Your Career, (50) How to Write a Perfect Email That Gets Response, (51) 8 Benefits of Staying at a Job for 10 Years, (52) Best Jobs for People Who Want to Change the World, (53) Most Hated Job Interview Questions by Candidates, (54) Australia to Open Door for Educated Indians, (55) The 10 Most Disliked Professions, (56) Here's What Recruiters Check in Your Resume in 6 Seconds, (57) 6 Easy Ways to Get Noticed At Work, (58) Top 4 Ideal Jobs for Working Parents, (59) 7 Financial Tips For Your Big Career Shift, (60) 3 Interview Questions That Matters The Most, (61) College Degrees That Will Help You Earn Big Bucks, (62) Careers That Lead People to Commit Suicide, (63) Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview, (64) General Tips To Overcome An Interview, (65) 4 Easy Ways to Find Out If You Are Underpaid, (66) Career Resolutions That Helps You for a Good Future, (67) Check Out How to Avoid Being Too Nice at Work, (68) Learn How to Win Your Boss's Trust, (69) 9 Riskiest and Deadly Jobs in India, (70) Check What All You Can Save Working from Home, (71) Huge Workplace Stress Hindering Indian Corporate Executives , (72) Work Factors That Are on the Wish List of Every Working Women, (73) Top Things You Must Never Say Your Co-Worker, (74)6 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired!, (75)Resume Blunders That Can Cost Your Job, (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95) (96) (97) (98) (99) (100)

Have a nice interview, a nice job and a nice career.

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CS Gajendra Singh Solanki

very nice posts.

102 Degrees That Teach 'In-Demand' Skills on Thu 9 Jan 2014 - 15:57


CSoC King
CSoC King
Degrees That Teach 'In-Demand' Skills


Do you want to be more marketable in the job market? Well, the best way to start is to enroll in a college major that will teach you in-demand skills. And here is a list of degrees that will teach you in-demand, marketable skills that are bound to add value to your resume, as listed by Terence Loose of Yahoo Education.

Business Administration

Potential Career: Financial Analyst
Projected Growth: 23 percent (Over 2010 to 2020)

In the words of Ryan S. Himmel, president and CEO of BIDaWiz Inc., which is a financial advice website and company, this is arguably the most sought-after degree that provides a highly diverse set of skills.

As per College Board, which is a nonprofit research organization that promotes higher education, economics, business ethics and law, marketing, operations management and financial management are typically the courses covered in this college major. And as per Himmel, this degree provides analytical, management and communication skills that plays a critical part in the success of any business organization.

Computer Science

Potential Career: Software Developer, Computer Programmer
Projected Growth: 30 Percent (Over 2010 to 2020)

In the words of David Bakke, an editor at MoneyCrashers.com, which is a career and financial advice website, this is a college major that provides both general and specific skills that opens door for a wide variety of opportunities. And he added that, thought the coursework is rigorous and hectic at times, it doesn’t let you down when it comes to marketability.

Algorithms, data structure, computer system organization, digital system design and artificial intelligence are some of the classes associated with this degree, says the College Board. And as per Bakke, depending on the specific programs, computer science grads could be well-versed in a variety of computer-related skills ranging from programming and data management to graphic design.

Health Care Administration

Potential Career: Medical and Health Services Manager
Projected Growth: 22 percent (Over 2010 to 2020)

This is an industry on the boom. And as per Anthony P. Carnevale, director of Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, this is arguably the fastest growing industry in the world that is bound to create innumerable number of employments opportunities for college grads over the next decade.

By enrolling in this major, you will learn everything from health care laws and ethics to accounting and epidemiology, says the College Board. And in the words of Debra Wheatman, a certified professional career coach (CPCC) and president of Careers Done Write, which is a career coaching agency, the complex problem-solving and communication skills, plus the specific skills in areas namely management and human resource provided by this degree are highly valuable.


Potential Career: Accountant, Budget Analyst
Projected Growth: 16 Percent (Over 2010 to 2020)

As per Susan Heathfield, who has more than two decades of experience in the human resources field and writes for About.com, this degree is tailor-made for people who are on an look out for college major that provides real-world skills that will be in-demand in the foreseeable future.

Typical classes taken up by grads associated with this field includes business law, cost accounting, government and not-for-profit accounting, and accounting information systems, as listed by the College Board. And in the words of Heathfield, "This degree is in my top three for giving skills employers are looking for." She added that, math, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills are some of the in-demand skills provided by this college major.

IT And Information Science

Potential Career: Computer System Analyst
Projected Growth: 22 Percent (Over 2010 to 2020)

With the emergence of Big Data, earning a degree in information technology (IT) or information science has become very attractive and lucrative, says Bakke.

Computer networking, web technology, systems analysis and design, and web technologies, and computer systems and architecture are some of the classes covered under this degree. And as per Bakke, information storage and database management are the two key skills provided by this degree, which are essential for working with Big Data. Teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills are some of the other vital skills that are provided by this college major.

Some of the other degrees that teach in-demand skills includes paralegal studies, communication, dental assisting (Associate’s degree) and more.

103 5 Attributes You Need to Get a Job at Google on Thu 27 Feb 2014 - 11:30


CSoC King
CSoC King
5 Attributes You Need to Get a Job at Google

Link: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/5-Attributes-You-Need-to-Get-a-Job-at-Google-nid-161986.html

Do you aspire to land a job at Google? You will be amazed to know that good grades, high IQ or being successful at your current position is not enough to land a job at this renowned organization.

Check out the list of five attributes that you need to display to bag an offer letter from the search engine giant, as listed by New York Times.

1. Humility: As per Laszlo Block, who is senior vice president of people operations at Google, in a competitive space that often witnesses numerous creative heads join forces to keep the company up and running, it is essential for individuals to step back and allow others to contribute. And he added that the candidates who show that they possess this ability during the screening process are bound to be rewarded.

In his words, “Your end goal is what can we do together to problem-solve? Hence it is essential for you to do your bit, then step back and allow others to take over,” reports the New York Times. And he added that, “Without humility, you are unable to learn. Successful, bright people rarely experience failure and so they don’t learn how to learn from that failure.”

2. Ownership: This is another sought-after skill that is closely linked to humility. As per Block, after recognizing and admitting any errors, the next step is to take responsibility. And if a candidate doesn’t abide by this rule, he is bound to end up in the bottom of the pile. It is also essential for candidates not to blame problems on other people. In his words, “Committing the fundamental attribution error, which is if something good happens, it’s because I’m a genius. If something bad happens, it’s because someone’s an idiot or I didn’t get the resources or the market moved,” is a big ‘NO’.

He also highlighted the importance of the other side of ownership, which is making one’s case heard and putting across his point without being offensive or blinkered by bias.

He quotes, “What we’ve seen is that the people who are the most successful here, who we want to hire, will have a fierce position. They’ll argue like hell. They’ll be zealots about their point of view. But then you say, ‘here’s a new fact,’ and they’ll go, ‘Oh, well, that changes things; you’re right.’”

3. It’s Not All About Good Grades Or Being Smart: Good grades can be a plus, but it doesn’t guarantee a smooth sailing during the screening process, said Block.

In his words, “The number one thing we look for is general cognitive ability, and it’s not IQ. It’s learning ability. It’s the ability to process on the fly. It’s the ability to pull together disparate bits of information. We assess those using structured behavioral interviews and validate that to make sure they’re predictive.”

4. Leadership: This is not as it is perceived to be or is not about being a braveheart-style leader, exclaimed Block. As per him, there is so much more to being a leader than simply boasting one’s resume by saying that he was the school captain or was the fastest person to become the head of a department.

He quotes, “What we care about is, when faced with a problem and you’re a member of a team, do you, at the appropriate time, step in and lead? And just as critically, do you step back and stop leading, do you let someone else? Because what’s critical to be an effective leader in this environment is you have to be willing to relinquish power.”

5. You Don’t Need To Be An Expert: Surprisingly, this attribute is the last thing that Google is looking for while screening for talent.

As per Block what Google wants to do is “take somebody who has high cognitive ability, is innately curious, willing to learn and has emergent leadership skills”.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Four Things To Avoid While Writing Your Resume

Link: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Four-Things-To-Avoid-While-Writing-Your-Resume--nid-162158.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r1

You may be the perfect fit for a job, but employer is never going to realize that, if he sidelines your resume after a mere glance. Even in this online era and technology advancements, a great resume is still the golden ticket to a successful job hunt.

It’s common knowledge that spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are trash insights. But is there anything else that job seekers are knowingly doing wrong? Well to find what it could be, we have listed out few points that may help you to chalk out a thrash free resume, as reported by Charles Purdy of Boston.com.

1. Avoid badly formatted Resume

Looks certainly matter! If you want a thrash free resume you should keep few things simple in your resume. Few basic things you have to follow, such as using standard fonts, because it’s very hard to match fonts between Word and HTML. You need to follow the same font throughout the document. Do not use spaces or tabs for formatting a table or aligning text. As much as possible try avoiding fancy table borders because it might not be formatted correctly. And you might end up getting your resume trashed.

“I don’t like it when I receive resumes with funky fonts,” says Mona Abdel-Halim, co-founder of the Web-based resume tool Resunate, he further added, “It is not professional and it makes the resume harder to read.”

2. Avoid immature Resumes

This is one of the biggest mistakes some of the professionals do either knowingly or unknowingly. That is to present an immature resume. Professionals should realize the fact that adding pictures or cartoon characters is not professionalism. Instead you can make your resume as professional and readable as possible. Most of the employers have said that they have immediately trashed resumes that sport a picture on them; and added that cute resume additions like these are for kids and not for professionals.

3. Your resume is sneaky

David S. Williams, founder and CEO of salary consultancy Spring Raise, said that if you are unemployed, do not try to hide it, in fact reveal it. He further added that “You may be doing yourself a disservice because you may be a strong candidate for a position, but you tried to hide your current status.”

A better way to tackle this is to be as straightforward as possible on your resume. Most of the job seekers don’t realize how important it is to utilize the cover letter. It is a must to use the cover letter to give the details of your career’s progress including information about how you managed your time during your previous job. And if you still don’t remember to write a cover letter, be assured to get your resume thrown into the trash.

4. Your resume is too templated

Longtime recruiter Mike Monroe said that, unchanged, familiar resume templates from word-processing programs is irritating. He further added “This won’t automatically put you in the trash, but it tells me that you have put less thought into your resume than your competition.”

HR manager Jessica Campbell from talent agency Voices.com said one of her area of concern is “when a candidate has used a template resume,” but has not updated with his details before sending it.

To prevent your resume from ending up in the trash for this reason, focus on important things rather than beating around the bush. Avoid plagiarism because the other person is different from you. He or she might have written it to describe his or her own skills for a particular job. Think and write whatever is applicable to you and whichever suits you the best.

105 Career Blunders To Avoid In Your 20s on Thu 13 Mar 2014 - 9:39


CSoC King
CSoC King
Career Blunders To Avoid In Your 20s

Link: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Career-Blunders-To-Avoid-In-Your-20s-nid-162798.html

20s is a crucial period; and career is one of the most important concerns for you, irrespective of whether you are an experienced professional or a college pass-out at this point of time. People in order to, earn success and reach their goals at lightning speed find shortcuts and commit mistakes which leave a mark on their career eternally. So to succeed and have a well-off career, you need to be aware of what you do and contribute your true efforts in it. Here is a list of the most deadly career mistakes that you have to avoid in your career, reports MENSXP.

Wrong Timing:
As the quote says, “lost time is never found,” and it’s the same with workplace. Every office has different work timings but when you’re given certain timing make sure you stick by those schedules. Even if your office has the best of work environment, try being punctual and avoid being late. You might think your boss or manager might not notice anything, but they cross check more than what you do. And if your late coming becomes a habit, you might be tagged out as an irresponsible individual and hence forth miss out on opportunities or even big projects and promotions.

Unspoken Office Rules:
It’s no secret that this is the age of social media. And all of us tweet, we post, we share, and we like comments and pages. It’s all fun until our social media pages lead to our own professional demise. Not to forget this is the most common mistake professionals tend to do, that is to take advantage over the workplace guidelines. Even if your office is cool about employees using social networking sites, use it when required and don’t overdo it. Your 20s is the time to do all this, but it’s not professional at workplace. And most importantly avoid using messaging apps like Whatsapp and BBM all the time because some companies have the procedure of monitoring and reporting all your internet usage activity to their reporting managers. So be rest assured that even a speck of dirt can be used against you.

Official Communication:
Putting everything on email is one rule you should always practice. Having a record of daily activities will make you better organized at work place and most importantly you’re not in the receiving end when it comes to complaining about job not done because you can prove it with your electronic records. Therefore, sending the right information, checking all mails on your official id, replying to all mails, will help you to be in the loop and not clueless.

Not Connecting:
Well if you’re not accessible or reachable what is the point in having an account set up in top social media sites. There is ‘n’ number of professional social media sites and by far the best is Linkedln, so use it to join groups and follow big companies on it. Send personal emails to individuals, asking them to connect with you. At work place too, connect with your collogues and even with other departments. More importantly attend company events; meet new people from the industry. And never restrict yourself to people at your level. Help yourself to gain confidence in meeting the top executives in other departments, and other key people because all these things will teach you a lot of invaluable lessons and help you gain exposure.

Quiting For Money:
The Gen next is all dependent on instant remedy. In fact at present money influences most of our decisions. But running after it, can only guarantee you with uncertainties in the long run. The ideal way to go about this is to choose best companies in your industry and don’t settle for companies just to work. The company you choose determines your personality, so lend your name to the company that you can associate with. At the end of the day your job description, your experience, you’re on-the-job training should all come in line when you make the next move.


CSoC King
CSoC King
1. To handle overall secretarial matters of all foreign clients and in house companies including direct interaction and communication with foreign clients

2. Establishment of Liaison and Branch office of foreign companies,

3. Incorporation and secretarial compliance of
private and public limited companies,
section 25 companies,
not for profitorganizations,
trust and societies

4. Application of DIN and DSC for directors and other required fillings with MCA

5. Conducting various statutory meetings including
board of director meetings,
committee meetings
shareholder meetings,

6. Drafting minutes, filing of forms, public deposits, managerial remuneration, secretarial audits as required under the Companies Act and active participation in secretarial due diligences

7. Maintenance and updating of all statutory registers as required under the Companies Act, 1956,

8. Preparation of Minutes, notices of various meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) together with relevant wording for resolutions,

9. Consultation/advice on minor/routine secretarial matters to all clients

10. Preparation of Annual Return, Directors Report and filing of Annual Report & Return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) after relevant approval and other annual secretarial

11. Filing of necessary Forms from time to time with the MCA

12. Issue of shares to resident and non residents including liaising with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Authorised Dealer (AD) for required fillings

13. Preparation of necessary documents and Forms like FC GPR, FC TRS and filing with the RBI and AD

14. Drafting, vetting of various agreements viz Shareholders Agreements, Information Memorandum,Share Purchase Agreement, Management Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Foreign Collaboration Agreements, Lease Deeds, Indemnity Bonds, Land related agreements, marketing
documents, Loan Syndication documents and other Contractual and tender documents.

15. To ensure good compliance, coordination , effective communication & risk management processes.

16. To manage entire company secretarial matters of the clients.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate should be qualified Company Secretary in India and should have 4-5years experience of doing business in India with foreign clients and particularly in Delhi with on hand Legal consulting experience in secretarial matters.

The candidate should be well aware with laws & regulation.

Source: www.naukri.com posted on 07/04/2014





CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Divya,

Thank you for your valued compliments.


CSoC King
CSoC King
10 Unusual College Degree That Offers Unique Career Prospects

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/10-Unusual-College-Degree-That-Offers-Unique-Career-Prospects--nid-165012.html?utm_campaign=sundaydose&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=newsletter

Opting for right degrees that will make the pocket full with hefty bucks in returns is what every individual looks out for. But there is a lot of debate over which degrees are the best. So when graduates hit the employment trail they could opt for some rather unusual degrees that are least popular yet can be most rewarding. Here is a list of remarkable and unusual college degrees that are all set to be trending ones in the near future, as reported by Shell Harris of TopTenz.

Taxation: Paying taxes is a hectic process but it is definitely ranked high in the job market as one of the most valued degree. So, a degree in taxation will most likely reward a job after completion.

Degree in Taxation provides various options like full time courses either in undergraduate level or PG level and further studies too. A degree in this field will give in-depth knowledge for individuals about how the taxation system works and how it can be put into paper. Although it deals with numbers, the degree allows you to work with people and organizations that regularly need their taxes revised. This degree also helps you to lend out ideas and advices to individuals and companies about tax savings and many other benefits.

Radiologic Sciences: If you’re interested in working in the fast growing medical field, but only have a limited amount of time and money to invest in your education? A degree in Radiologic Sciences could be the one which may interest you and would want to consider. Even though most of us would have not come across colleges offering this course, but the current trend shows that it is ofgreat demand and this is attributed to the booming healthcare sector.

A Radiologist’s job can seem simple at times as it mainly focuses on reading x-rays. Yet, becoming a master in this field would give an edge and gives you better knowledge how to deal with patients and their injuries and diseases.

Archeology: An Archeologists job that involve travelling across the globe tosearch for unseen artifacts, and unearth strange grounds, Indeed an interesting one. Archaeologies are the individuals who help preserve the earth’s history, which makes these individuals live every movement lively and enthusiastic. Earning a degree in Archeology isn’t easy and it certainly requires a great level of training and field work, but the rewards are much more than what you expect. With the degree being popular it is still rarely offered by some of the colleges some and the chance to become a real life Archeologist is still very much up for grabs.

Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. It covers both current work and concepts that are more advanced. It is also a study related to application of extremely small things that can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering.

Individuals with this degree are not only trained to observe and study objects that are too small for the human eye to see, but they also learn how to build revolutionary products using this technology. With the help of Nanotechnologists, we can create a cleaner planet, easier lives, and almost anything that can make the world a better place. As technology claims to be the way of the future, you’d surely be benefitted in finding more number of jobs in this field. So acquiring a remarkable degree in Nanotechnology would do a word of good as a college grad.

Aromatherapy: This looks to be the most remarkable and unusual degree that you can acquire. An individual who can identify the smell of something that can be as infectious as the sight can work miracles. Aroma therapists are the individuals who can create a concoction of different scents to produce many desired results. The beauty of an Aromatherapist is that they provide therapy which can improve the health and well-being of patients. They can single handedly change your mood for the betterment of your health. On the other side, aromatherapists also play a major role in the introduction of things such as new perfume lineups. So, this degree is certainly unusual and unique which you may want to consider.

Global Governance: The degree basically educates students about the current trend in politics, sociality, humanity, philosophy, economy, and other world conflict. Degree in global governance provides individuals in-depth knowledge and skills that is required to run a country upon graduation. This degree isn’t as rare as many of the others on this list, but should meet the criteria that to purse a degree in Global Governance by having a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. With the extra benefits this degree offers, the degree can truly help individuals to imprint a solid legacy across the globe.

Oriental Medicine/Herbology: In our modern consumer culture where the newest trends are more valued, in a way seems people are no longer interested with things that are old. But most of us are not aware that the new discoveries are based on the evolution of ancient medicinal practices and many of the alleged revolutionary health products on the market today are made from herb extracts and ancient medical practices. In other words, an Oriental Medicine also known as Herbology’ major basically knows how to keep you healthy without a touch of modern medicine. Till date, Herbology degrees have been on the rarer side unlike the standard medicine degrees as people are more money minded than considering the health benefit.

Blacksmithing: Well this is something not which everyone can just do it. Blacksmiths are the individual who can literally work on any metals to create unique and original items like gates, furniture, tools, and some utility items. Unlike some of the unique professions, blacksmithing functions in a more direct fashion and provides you the items you need. You can get the best out of Blacksmithing when they turn their work into artistic field. And this art form allows these individuals to create custom-made decorations, ornaments, and some rather fine jewelry. So there is lot of opportunities to explore, if you have the skills to deliver.

Comedy Studies: Well, this is something unique to have it alongside your resume, but if you can score it off, it would be the most challenging profession to make a living out of it. In fact among all the above degrees this looks to be the most remarkable and unusual degree that you may want to consider. Majors in this field are responsible to entertain people and make them laugh. So if you feel you’re good at that then a professional comedian studies or an additional education related study can find success and fame. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Enigmatology: How would you feel if you were the only person in the world who had a particular degree? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, that is what this degree can offer and alsot the reason why its stands out as the best among the list.

Enigmatology is basically a puzzling occupation that deals with the creation and solution of puzzles. This profession undoubtedly needs the most intelligent and the best educated individuals who can tap on some of the hardest of the hardest puzzles. Even though not many colleges are offering this unique course, it is gradually coming into the frame as one of the most sought after profession an individual can opt for.

110 Six Top-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere on Sun 13 Apr 2014 - 9:29


CSoC King
CSoC King
Six Top-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Six-TopPaying-Jobs-You-Can-Do-From-Anywhere--nid-164868.html?utm_campaign=sundaydose&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=newsletter

With the advancement in the information technology, more and more people realize that jobs no longer means working within the four corners of the office or the corporate environment but can also be done remotely anywhere in one’s convenient zone through a computer or on the Web. So, choosing the right virtual job that will accomplish the needs of the people is the key to growth. Have a sneak-peak at the list of virtual jobs that will help you make some big bucks by spending less time and money commuting into an office, as reported by Yahoo Education.

1. Applications Software Developer: Well, this is the job that is trending off late with the new age computer and mobile devises coming into the frame. And guess what !If you can come up with some unique and creative software, this profession can in turn get you some big money without any doubt. Software developers work mainly behind a computer or on the mobile platform all day to earn top dollar, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Virtual Tasks: Software development is entirely computer-based and this makes it a great career for telecommuting. Software developers perform tasks such as developing software, designing applications, and collaborate with other computer specialists to create optimum software programs. And if you have the right set of traits and skills going along with this perform then this job can be even better and exciting working from home.

Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of FlexJobs.com exclaimed, "Along with having great time-management skills, successful telecommuting software developers are also tech-savvy and comfortable using technology such as screen-sharing, IM, email, and video for the elements of the job that need team collaboration, reports Yahoo Education.

2. Accountant: An accountant is certainly required in any organization irrespective of whether it’s a small organization or a large corporation. And to justify this, normal person can’t handle the ever-changing tax laws and banking laws. And as an individual or business, you need somebody to do that for you and these are professionals who can deliver it.

You might be in a dilemma that accountant is a person who has to typically sit in the office to earn big bucks by watching all the proceedings within the organization but that’s certainly not necessary when there is lot of facility to do it virtually.

Virtual Tasks: "With the excellent accounting software available these days, an accountant with the right experience can set up shop to service a variety of clients from home," said Elizaga founder of Forward Options. "The most important software an accountant ought to have in his or her arsenal is Quickbooks, software by Intuit available either in desktop or online versions."

3. Graphic Designer: The easiest way to explain what a graphic designer does is that these professionals make things look good, with their innovation design and creativity in turn getting paid well for doing that. Due to the fact that these individuals mainly work on computers, they don't need to be anywhere next to their co-workers or an office to do their jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers work include developing the layout for a Web screen, which involves advising clients on strategies, creating images, and developing graphics with computer related software.

Virtual Tasks: As most of the graphic designers work on default software like the illustrator, Photoshop and others, it’s quite easy for these individuals to telecommute and still effectively involved in their job. "Like a software developer, a graphic designer can create solutions for clients in the comfort of his or her own home directly from their computer," Elizaga exclaimed.

Additionally, if you have a highly secure computer setup, with a quiet and professional home office, this job can bring in lot of opportunities, which you’ll want to explore something that will help you be a master in virtual world too.

4. PR Specialist: Thinking about a career that will allow you to constantly be on the go? If so, a virtual career as a PR specialist would certainly give you an edge over other professions. From corporate events to community activities, PR specialists are the individuals who play major role in bridging the gap between clients and the general public. Since individuals are well-paid in this role for managing and organizing several events at the same time, it's easy for these professionals to operate virtually without being at an office setup.

Virtual Tasks: "Being a PR specialist entails the development of PR campaigns, researching media contacts, and pitching stories, all of which can generally be done via computer, phone, and email," exclaimed Sutton Fell CEO and founder of FlexJobs.com. As PR work is versatile in nature, meeting deadlines and closing off deal will certainly fall outside the standard work hours, so telecommuting would certainly be the best option as well as beneficial that lends these individuals the opportunity to respond to clients on the go. Sutton further added, "It is critical that you are easy to reach at all times, so having reliable mobile and internet service is a must if you want to be successful as a virtual PR specialist."

5. Personal Financial Advisor: The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that personal financial advisors typically work in offices and in the mean time almost one-fourth of them are self-employed. This means that a quarter of the professionals in this lucrative field determined to work in their own place of employment.

Even though personal financial advisors work revolves around working in office space, these individuals most probably will be involved in meeting with clients, traveling to attend conferences, or teaching finance classes.

Virtual Tasks: "More personal financial advisors are quite entrepreneurial in their work, operating, in a real sense, their own business," said Dale Austin, Director of the Career Development Center at Hope College. He further adds, "Given that most prospective clients of the financial advisor may be working during the day, the advisor also must have a very flexible work schedule, often meeting clients in the evening."

6. Market Research Analyst: Providing precise information to companies about what consumers think and feel is what market research analyst do on the job. These marketing professionals help an organization determine what products or services the customers want, when they want it and at what price. If you are good at interpreting data and formulating reports upon the research findings, then, considering a virtual job as a market research analyst would be a right fit.

Virtual Tasks: The market research analyst job is data driven by nature and also researching, giving presentations, analyzing trends, and identifying opportunities. And if you’re well-versed in database and spreadsheet programs, it certainly doesn’t demand you to work in an office setting unless you’re short of any research data.


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5 Interview Types You Must Know as a Candidate

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Congratulations, your job search has finally paid off and you have landed a job interview. But this is not the time to celebrate or get excited, as you have only crossed the first hurdle. Now it’s time for an interview with the potential employer and it is essential for you to sail through the screening process with flying colors to land a job offer.

At this point of time you must be concerned about the interview process and the things you need to say to impress the recruiters? To help you we have put together a list of different types of interviews and ways to sail through them, as reported by Kristen Wishon of Come Recommended.

1. Informational Interview: An informational interview is your opportunity to know more about the company, specific job, industry or a specific person by interacting with a veteran in the field. It also helps you to develop a relationship with a professional in the industry, expand your network and possibly garner a job interview in the near future.

Be well prepared and approach an informational interview as usual. Carry out some research about the organization prior to the interview process and come up with a list of discussion points and questions to help things run smoothly. If necessary take some notes during the interview and exchange business card to keep in touch. But be wary and don’t be aggressive about landing a job.

2. Telephone Interview: A telephone interview is often used as the first round of screening for an open position. It is a cost effective method of interview, which basically includes behavioral questions and lasts for around 10 to 30 minutes depending upon the needs of the hiring manager. The good thing about telephone interviews is that you can have notes and other materials such as resume, cover letter, list of references and possible answers you have prepared ahead of time. Remember your answers should be unambiguous, polished and it is essential for you to convey enthusiasm for the corresponding job. It is also very essential for you to sell yourself effectively through gentle words and confident tone of your voice.

For a successful telephone interview it is essential for you to find a quite place that is free from background noise and other distractions to conduct your interview. Answer your phone with a polite greeting and avoid embarrassing lost signals or dropped calls.

3. Video Interview: Now a day’s, video interviews have become more prevalent and is the most commonly used form of interview, especially for out-of-state jobs or the one that requires remote work. Using Skype, video conferencing software or other video chatting services, an individual might be asked to complete the interview process by interacting with the employer over the internet.

Video interviews might seem daunting at first for the job seekers, but there is no need to worry. Prepare for them as usual. Wear professional attire, be on time, research about the company prior to interview and be confident. If you have any issues with the software or technology, don’t shy away to ask for assistance.

4. Panel Interview: As the name indicates, in a panel interview a job seeker is interviewed by several individuals at once. The panel might include a variety of employees such as prospective direct manager, hiring manager and other related individuals. Although panel interview might seem intimidating, there is no need to lose sleep. If you are well prepared and maintain your composure, you should be able to sail through the process with utmost ease.

If you establish rapport with each member of the panel, take one question at a time, maintain eye contact while answering each question and stay cool, the interview should be a piece of cake and nobody can stop you from landing the job.

5. Group Interview: In a group interview, several job seekers are invited to participate in the interview process and are questioned at once. Since any group naturally sort outs into leaders and followers, the interviewer can establish which category each candidate falls into. In addition, this approach allows the interviewer to separate the best candidate from the mediocre within least possible time.

The key here is to treat this interview like any other interview. Prepare well and follow up as usual. But make sure that your voice is heard, but don’t be authoritarian. You should do nothing other than act naturally and be seen as a team player rather than a scene stealer.


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4 Lessons Indian Husbands Must Learn from Sachin Tendulkar


Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, is an inspiration to the world. He made his international debut when he was merely 16 years old. Mathew Hayden, the Australian batsman once said, “I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India in Test.” He clearly meant Sachin Tendulkar.

Our 'Little Master' has made the world proud with his antics on the field and has been named among the greatest cricketers of all times. Professional achievements aside, there is another part to Sachin– a shy boyfriend, a loyal husband and a committed life partner. As inspirational as he is in cricket, there are a lot of things that all Indian husbands can learn from this 'God of Cricket' too.

Dedication and commitment

For a person of Sachin’s stature, there is definitely no dearth of beautiful temptations. But Sachin is one of the few cricketers whose name has never been involved in a controversy with regard to his love life. While some of his contemporaries were chasing Bollywood divas, Sachin remain chaste and oblivious to abounding enticements surrounding him in all part of the world. His commitment and love towards his wife is really inspirational. Well it won't be wrong if we say that every woman should be blessed with a husband who is as dedicated as Sachin Tendulkar.

Focus on qualitative time

Since Sachin travels all over the world almost all round the year, he hardly gets to spend a lot of time with his family. However, the Master Blaster balances his work and family by ensuring that he spends qualitative time with his wife and kids whenever he is at home. He takes them out on holidays, family dinners and bonds with his family lovingly whenever around. His wife Anjali says, “He hasn’t spent Diwali at home since we got married. But it really doesn’t matter that it’s Diwali… any time he spends at home is great!” Sachin epitomises the fact that quality of time is always more important than quantity.

Only love matters

Sachin’s wife Anjali is six years elder to him. She is at least one inch taller than him. She is from a different community and culture. But all these petty things just didn’t matter. For Sachin, the boyfriend, as well as for Sachin, the husband, love is all that matters. This is one quality that every husband can emulate. Nothing is bigger than love. Once in a BBC interview when asked about his dream women, Sachin answered ‘my wife’ without batting an eyelid.

Recognises his wife’s sacrifices

Unlike a lot of husbands who never recognise the sacrifices that their wives make for the family, Sachin has gone on record time and again recognising Anjali’s contribution in his life. He concedes that he never has the time to teach his kids or spend much time with them, he always endorses that it is his wife who manages everything so beautifully at the personal front. He recognises and respects the fact that Anjali gave up her doctor’s career so that she could manage the family. (Must Read: Tricks to Become a Super Wife).

He says that Anjali has been his biggest support and even mentioned that when he is on the field batting, his wife fasts for him!

Sachin Tendulkar is a true inspiration, not only in the field of cricket but also off the field. Be it love and dedication to his family or his humility, there is a lot that every man can emulate from him. So, all the husbands out there, look beyond the Master Blaster's cricketing shots and you are sure to score a century with your wife!

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Get To Know These 8 Personalities In Office

Unity in diversity seems to reflect in every office and its employees. An office comprises of variety of workers from different parts of the country with various kind of personalities. All of them together create a team and execute many essential events.

It’s a great challenge to work with employees with different habits and behaviors. Below mentioned are some of the various kinds of employees found in every organization, reports TOI

1. The Believer: This kind of person is always dedicated and committed to work. They love their job. They are the best examples of motivated employees and give their best to the job assigned. They a have strong sense of loyalty that binds them to the organization.

Leaders with this quality should not be overlooked. They should be encouraged and nourished. They have the capability of inspiring co-workers and making them work efficiently, without any effort.

2. The Soldier: The most dependable employees are considered the soldiers of the office. You can fully rely on them without any headache. They are the symbol for loyalty and stick to their jobs for a long time.

Soldiers may have stability as one of the advantages but it may be hard to manage them when change is required—they lack leadership skills. Soldiers should be encouraged to take initiatives.

3. The Idea Champion: Idea champion’s brain is always buzzing with new ideas and thoughts. They help in initializing and innovating new ideas and projects. They have a wide range of thinking and often come up with new suggestions.

On contrary, the idea champions lack focus. With new ideas coming to mind everyday, they are unable to concentrate on the existing project. They have a tendency to jump from one to another seeking for innovation during which they often miss the finer details.

4. The Climber: A person with a thirst to rise and reach the top of the organization fast may be designated as the Climber. Climbers can be seen trying to make their work visible to all and keeping connections with the high authority people who matter. They are eager to be recognized.

Climbers have a tendency to switch jobs very often in order to climb up the organizational ladder. Sometimes these people bring a sense of bitterness among fellow colleagues but one can extract good essence from them.

5. The Doormat: Seeking sympathy and avoiding work, these people are easily dominated and pushed around. They are often new employees and are considered as very simple and lacking knowledge of the concerned job. Doormats should speak up against the injustice towards them and face the troubles.

6. The Troublemaker: Troublemakers are not only upset with their job but spread negative vibes even among the co-workers. The symptoms of a non-satisfied troublemaker are being late to office, being absent without prior notice, pending jobs, low energetic and commenting upon the company and the team.

Presence of a troublemaker can be very unhealthy for an organization. According to experts, the main cause of their dislike towards the job should be found as early as possible and should be solved.

7. The Materialist: A materialist works only for the salary. They have no interest in the improvement of either the team or the company. They lack motivation but continue to work solely for daily bread and butter. They reach a certain high level of the organization and have no goals to achieve. They do the least possible work and stay in the office accurately during the office bound timings.

8. Mr. OCD: As we all know, OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. In relevance to employees, this gives a negative impression about the perfectionists. Perfectionists can sometimes be real troublemakers. They are so much dedicated to work that they focus on too much of details and make a fuss.

These kinds of employees are so efficient that sometimes people take advantage of them knowing that the perfectionist will take care of all the mess. Perfectionists should be inspired more and more in order to keep their spirit fresh and up going.

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/Get-To-Know-These-8-Personalities-In-Office-nid-177661.html/4


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4 Tips To Get Along With Your Career Resolution

2015 has finally arrived with lots of challenges. To improve one’s career, planning a goal or taking up some resolutions are some of the most important things to be done. May be this is the year when finally your fate is expecting a change.

For a career focused individual, it is highly recommended that resolutions should not only be pretended but should be followed. If you want to succeed change according to the resolutions you have set and in order to focus on them you should have the below mentioned features as reported by Business News Daily.

1. Be Prepared and Engaged Everyday: Make sure you are fully engaged in your current position and let others know about your responsibilities You should be active and hard working through out your work. Being active, taking responsibilities, planning for future and involving in different tasks are the features that will help you in lifting up your career.

2. Take Help of Technology: You can take the help of new advanced tools and software. As the PGi survey says employees think that their career resolutions will get a lift with the better technologies. As O Brien said, “Employees want technologies to help them be more efficient and productive.”

Topping employees throughout the world wish for tablets for work, project management tools and productivity. Big work challenges can be handled smartly through technology.

3. Commitment To Your Goals: Workers should believe in themselves, their abilities and strengths. He should be confident about his own capabilities. A lack of confidence will block your way towards the goal set. Along with that a person should identify his weaknesses even.

If you know what you exactly want from your career you can shine bright what so ever risk it may involve. No one should ever be afraid of the risks or failure. Failure will stop you from being confident. Risks should be taken in order to rise higher and higher.

4. Be Proactive: Keep your ears and eyes wide open. Keep information regarding everything happening around you. Make it a point that your seniors or Boss notices your dedicated performance towards the company as well as the team. Update yourself with the opportunities and techniques required to climb up the ladder.

Source: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/4-Tips-To-Get-Along-With-Your-Career-Resolution-nid-177624.html?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=r5indiaorg

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Career Guide: Books Every Job Seeker Must Read

We all need a road map to success, just how the compass gives the ships direction on the sea, books can help give an understanding of the career we want. Career books are expert’s thought in print. These books will help career aspirants learn from the best on how and what kind of career to choose and get into.

As a career aspirant it is important to get information from ever source possible and books are a good place to start. So, what should you read? Which books are relevant to this age? Here is a list of them with inputs from Business News Daily.

The secret of part time economy:

Do you want to learn the importance of part time or freelance jobs? your new careerAre you someone who is interested about starting your own business or branding your image? Well, the book "The Leap: Launching Your Full-Time Career in Our Part-Time Economy” by Robert Dickie, explains on how to brand yourself sharpen your skills and use them to generate other side incomes.

The “Part time economy” sector is growing. It will be wise to take a share from this sector.

Learn to distress:

Being stressed, or feeling stressed out is going to be a part of life no matter what you do. This is one of the most dangerous reasons for suicides in the corporate world. So learn to distress yourself by reading "How to Stress Less: Simple Ways to Stop Worrying and Take Control of Your Future" by Benjamin Bonetti, who gives advice on how to keep cool.

You can do nothing when you are stressed out, learn to be wealthy and healthy. These two concepts go hand in hand.

Find the needle in the haystack:

When life throws so many situations, failures, and confusion in your life, there is the tendency to give up or remain stagnant. needle in a hystackThis book "Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free and Get Going in Your Career, Business and Life!" by Joe Sweeney, gives readers the guide to charting out a clear path in the midst of chaos.

Know your market:

There are times when people go looking for jobs but are unaware of the current trends, state and advancement of the market. This kind of attitude will get you nowhere because companies do not and will not hire irrelevant people.

So, to get a clear picture of the current market trend, read "What Color Is Your Parachute? 2015: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers" by Richard N. Bolles, who gives a clear picture of what the market looks like at present. His book has sold over 10 million copies and each year he comes out with an updated version.

Fight minority with confidence:

It is of no secret that women are a minority in the job market and they work extra hard when it comes to fighting for various positions in the corporate world. Well, for those women who want to learn how to outsmart your male counterparts or colleagues read "The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance — What Women Should Know" by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.

Their book teaches women how to clothe themselves with confidence and learn the tricks to advance in their career. Another book that they co-authored is a book called Womenomics’. Do take a look at this book to for further insight.

The transition:

There is a period in life where everybody is transiting from something to another. In this process of transition, one of the biggest times in life is from college to work. Now, when in college you will have numerous career paths you would want to take, but once you hit the road to work is where you realize that you need to serious decide on a single path.

This decision making is where many college students falter. So, to help amateurs and career aspirants make this transition a successful one, Lindsey Pollak wrote a book called "Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World". In this book, Pollak gives advice on how to navigate life after college to successfully land ashore the right job.

Understanding skeletons in a career:

You may know or must have heard of this saying “the grass is greener on the other side”. This saying is relevant when people quit jobs thinking the new job has better of everything the present company that they work in doesn’t. So many a times, careers are destroyed because people don’t understand what they are getting into until they get in to it.

So, to help career changers and job seekers know what each job looks like Michael Gregory wrote a book called "The Career Chronicles: An Insider's Guide to What Jobs Are Really Like — the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Over 750 Professionals".

This book is full of information directly from employees on the status, working condition and history of various companies. This book is truly worth your time if you want to know what you are getting into.

Being different:

Do you want to be unique? Are you unsure of how to do that? Do you want to make a brand image of yourself? Then, take advice from the book, "Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand" by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson. This book teaches you how to polish yourself, stand out and grab the attention of managers.

Which path to choose?

Many a time people are not sure which career to get into, where to settle and what job will give them satisfaction. Some people are far from being able to turn back, but for you young aspirants, in case you are in a debacle here is a book "The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success" by Nicholas Lore, that highlights which career to take for a successful, peaceful career. Remember, it is better to work at a job that you love than a job that pays you more.

Be your own coach:

There are people who learn better when they are teaching themselves than learning from others. But at times it is important to teach yourself in case you do not have the resource to learn from someone else. This book "Coach Yourself to a New Career: 7 Steps to Reinventing Your Professional Life" by Talane Miedaner, teaches people to teach themselves.

Take a look at this book so that you know how to build your career without wasting resources that otherwise could be used for something else.

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Top 8 Professional Courses For 12th Pass-outs

It is quite tricky making a choice of right career for the students and their parents. Peer pressure comes into play and students are swayed ending up with the wrong career choice.

The decision is crucial as it defines and shapes ones future. However, the dilemma is about what should one choose and what is the career and future prospects of that stream. It is thus important to keep oneself updated with the newest and trending courses that can land you in the best jobs.

Here we offer you a list of some great courses that have a bright future. Analyze them and find out which suits you best, reports Sure Job.

Trending Courses for Arts Background: B.Sc Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design, B.A (Hons) Economics, BA (Hons) English, BA Media & Communication, BA Political Science, BA – Tourism, History & Journalism.

Trending Courses for Science Background: B.Sc (Hons) Digital Art & Technology, B.Sc Interior Designing (ID), B.Sc Multimedia & Animation, B.Sc. Mass Communication, Advertisement & Journalism, and B.Sc (Electronics Media).

1. Engineering
This section of education has been springing up in India since the last decade. The number of colleges offering this course has risen astoundingly. The world is in the need of skilled engineers with the right set of qualifications and attitude. A majority of the Indian students chose this career option as it has a wide range of courses to offer along with plenty of job opportunities. Top engineering colleges in the nation organize entrance tests for the courses. Some of the most popular 4 year degree courses in this stream are Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Information Technology and Chemical.

2. Medicine
Medicine is one of the most rewarding, respectable and successful careers in India. Offering a plethora of specializations in varied fields of Medicine, this career option also lands students to the highest paying professions in the country. The field of medical studies is evolving with development of new ideas and new technologies. This overtly rewarding and lucrative career option lures more students as the number of seat have multiplied over years and there have new branches of studies to pursue. However the most preferred areas of specializations are MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy), BPT (Physiotherapy) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery).

3. Law
It is a 5 year degree course in legal studies. A career in Law offers well-paid opportunities across the globe. There are a plenty of professional courses in Law that can help to give career a kick start. Courses in legal studies are offered by many universities in India. The integrated undergraduate degree courses include B.A. LL.B., B.Sc. LL.B., BBA LLB and B.Com LL.B.

4. Charted Accountancy
This field is mostly approached by students with commerce background. A word of caution: one should be utterly dedicated and hard working to get through this degree course. Once you are a C.A. you have endless handsomely paying opportunities that settle your future for good. The field deals in financial accounting, audits, general management, taxation and company law of the firm in both public and private sectors. The fat salary paid to the CA professionals is one more factor that students are exceedingly attracted to this course. One can complete the course under Indian Chartered Accountancy Institute from various sub institutes across the country.

5. Architecture
From huge and amazing skyscrapers to innovative designed buildings that are around. Architecture career has witnessed a boost since the growth of capitalism in India. Architecture comes across as one of the most chic and skillful career options in the Indian education system. As the nation is developing big time and a greater emphasis is on the infrastructure, this career is one of the best options to grab pretty paying jobs.

6. Fashion designing
A career in fashion designing comes deals with applying art to the design apparels and lifestyle. This is an exciting career field that attracts aspirants to the world of glamour, fashion, creativity and designs. The skill of creating wonderful combination with colors, designs and patterns is the only requirement for admission in a fashion designing course. Apart from jobs in fashion houses owned by globally recognized designers, the filed also offers self employment options.

7. Journalism
Words have the potential to convey a lot and are considered more powerful than a sword. Journalism is the source of our everyday awareness of what’s going on in the world around us. Many students having a passion for writing opt for this challenging and exciting career. Journalism as a career offers many courses for both graduate and post graduate level. The field offers undergraduate courses in mass communication, mass media, and journalism. The industry offers jobs in print and electronic media. The future prospects look bright for ones who move ahead with ahead with hard work in this field.

8. Nursing Courses
Similar to medical profession, nursing is also one of the most rewarding and noble careers globally. The career deals with acquiring knowledge of taking care of patients and helping to cure their physical and psychological disorders. The nursing courses educate the students of the latest technologies in the medical world and accessing the latest medical equipments. Students with a degree in nursing are offered ample of jobs across the globe.


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10 Things Today's Employers Look For Before Hiring

As the workplace skills and requirements keep changing rapidly, job seekers need to update themselves with the newest trends for professional success. But having the right skills is just one the qualities that employers look for while assessing the potential employees.

Candidates wish if they could somehow read the minds of the employers and get to know the combination of skills and values they are looking for.

Every job requires a specific set of skills to get the work done but there a lot more you need to have apart from the technical skills. Candidates should keep in mind of what values they have to offer to bag the job.
Here’s a list of 10 things employers notice in employees while evaluating their potential for the job, reports Business Insider.

Some employers favor potential over accomplishments. The potential of a candidate to achieve a certain task stimulates more interest than references to prior achievements. Employers focus on the potential of the candidates and gauge how ideal a particular candidate is for the job. They also evaluate how far the applicant is competent to get the job done. Job seekers, thus, need to have determination and excitement for the job role they are being offered.

Many applicants are blessed with immense power of creativity; however they choose not to express it. Creativity is one of the best qualities candidates can have and that’s exactly what employers look for. Creativity is not a mere artistic quality; even the world of business needs its application. Employers look for candidates who have creative and unique ways to solve the conventional problems. Therefore, you need to convince your potential employer that face challenges head on.

The idea of moving to a new job is exciting and equally daunting as we step into a new work culture. Most of the new joiners cannot cope with transformation and require unusually long time to adjust to the new workplace. Considering this, companies hire those who confident to meet new colleagues and aren’t nervous about fitting in.

4.Ability to Add Value
Employees are expected to put in extra efforts into the job and function a bit beyond the call of duty. Companies want employees who can go an extra mile and work harder to produce better results. Job seekers need to let their employers know that their skills can help the company in making money and add value to their firm.

5.Outstanding Résumé
First impressions always count. Résumé delivers your first impression to your potential employer and a major part of the interview depends on how unique and interesting your résumé is. Résumés should be customized depending on the job role you are applying for. The résumé is more like your business card that acts as a selling tool to win over the interviewer. So be sure the CV is quite convincing.

6.Pertinent Job experience
Most of the interviewers require an evidence that you have the potential to do a certain work and that’s evident from your prior work experience. Work experience is thus a confirmation of your suitability. Recruiters can be convinced that you have the skills for the job considering you have already some relevant experience of the same kind of work.

7.Strong Online Profile
Social media is a key prospect in landing a job today. Being active on social networking sites on a daily basis is not only useful for searching jobs, it can also aid in the hiring process. The rising trend of social media has piqued the interest of HR professionals who look for candidates who can offer active and engaging corporate social media presence.

The quest to maximize productivity with minimal resources has lead to an increasing need of multitasking in organizations. Employers are thus in search for employees with ability to perform multiple tasks regardless of their assigned job role. Candidates who come forward with the willingness to learn new things and work out of their comfort zone are considered versatile and are readily hired by companies.

The process of the hiring appear stressful and hectic to many but applicants should not forget to display their enthusiasm to recruiter. There are circumstances when the stress wins over enthusiasm in the wake of displaying professionalism. However, saying it confidently that want the job with a smile on your face reflects the enthusiasm in you and leaves a good impression on the recruiter.

10.Cultural Fit
For most companies these days, the cultural fit carries more weight than the academic grades. Employers look for workers who can fit into their organization, team and the company’s managerial style. The candidate must be able to express flexibility in work and his ability to lead or work as a team.

Link: http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/10-Things-Todays-Employers-Look-For-Before-Hiring-nid-186778.html

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CSoC King
CSoC King

10 ways to survive a stressful job

Stress has become part and parcel of our life and, particularly, workplace today.

However, while some stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and can also impact your mental and physical health.

Workplace stress is generally associated with the pressure one is encompassed by the issues at the workplace. Although workplace stress can’t be avoided, however, there are means to manage or at least reduce it. Here we take a look at some of them:

1. Self-Introspection
Many of us are victims of a stressful work environment. However, when it becomes to dealing with it, most of us do nothing but freak out and end up making the situation even worse.

“At these times, pep talk with yourself can come to your rescue to maintain the calm and handle whatever is thrown at you. No matter what is going inside you, the best quality of a leader is to maintain the outer composure,” says Deepak Kaistha, managing partner, Planman Consulting.

2. Enrich your life

If work and the workplace have become the all encompassing phenomena of your life, change it. Enrich your life with good time for yourself, your family, and other endeavours that truly interest you.

“Having that distance and focusing off your job actually work in its favour. Circumstances that were great stressors for you earlier may start seeming less important and bothersome from a bigger perspective,” informs Ashish Arora, founder & MD, HR Anexi.

3. Create a network of allies

Build relationships in the organization outside of your immediate work circle. Even when things are going relatively smoothly, reach out to others and share your work and plans with them. Then, during times of crisis, you will be able to fall back upon this ally bank for guidance and support.

4. Prioritize your responsibilities

No matter what your role or the time of the year is, not everything can be as important. Assess what is critical and feasible from the point of view of your plans and resources, and maintain a confident focus on them. Say ‘no’ to tasks beyond your current priorities and explain why.

5. Maintain a strong track record of success

Despite the current stress, do your best to succeed in your assigned tasks. Build and maintain a strong track record of success. Even if the underlying stress is responsible for it, failure will only add to your stress. Break out of this vicious circle even before it forms, and do not let anything compromise the quality of your work.

6. Delegate certain tasks

Delegate what others can do as good as or even better than you. Delegating not only reduces your work clutter, so that you can now go on to focus on more important things, but also improves others’ perception of you as a leader or manager.

“The biggest advantage of working in the corporate world is the ability to work in a team. A great team player shares the concerns and deadlines with the team and also delegates the responsibilities. This not only takes off the burden, but ensures a better result and hence enhanced productivity. Hence stop taking all the load yourself. Share the load and the recognition,” advises Alok Bansal, Founder CEO, Alethia Education Services.

7. D-stress yourself
Long breaths and de-cluttering your work area unknowingly reduce stress level to a great extent. Further, a positive attitude, ability to see opportunities in every situation and a good night sleep are a few factors to keep you motivated at work, without freaking out on accounts of increasing pressure.
Besides, “creating a backup of your work, going with the flow, holding on to the faith by unwinding occasionally give you much-needed space, instead of working like a machine,” says Kaistha of Planman Consulting.

You also need to practice stress coping techniques. For instance, “go for tea break. Have lunch with a peer. Read an article on your industry or competitors. In fact, taking your mind off your issues at work from time to time can help you feel more relaxed and hopeful,” says Arora.

8. Communicate your problem

If you judge it to be wise, communicate your problem to the person who could be responsible for it or help you fix it. Getting a second perspective can substantially clarify your problem, and help you see the right action to take.

“Talking out your difference of opinions with a boss or colleague can at times be a positive step towards reducing the friction between both of you,” says Arora.

9. Develop yourself

Stress, all said and done, is relative. What is stressful to one may not trouble another. If your capabilities and attitude are stronger than your stressors, then you will not complain of stress, even if your circumstances are slow to change.

“In addition to applying different practices and techniques to cope with your stress, your most important weapon against it is – YOU. If you develop yourself at all levels – technically and behaviourally – you can become bigger than your stress,” says Arora.

10. Have a back-up plan

What is your back up plan if you do not succeed in your current role, or cannot keep your job? A lot of our ‘stress’ is our mental and physical response to the fear of what might happen if our current plan fails.

Having a back-up plan can help you allay those fears to a large extent. It helps you accept and be at peace with what you will do if, despite giving your best, your current efforts fail.

Source: The Economic Times

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