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CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Hope the following articles will help you in career planning, preparing a marketable CV & facing the interview board with confident.

The List of Articles Posted here are given Bellow for ready reference.

(1)10 important traits for professional excellence, (2)5 Things to Think Before Relocating For Work,(3)How to be Professional at Work, (4)10 Deadly Career Changing Mistakes You Must Avoid, (5)10 Secrets You Must Know About Job Interview, (6)10 Degrees Worldwide Recruiters Don't Want to See, (7)10 Myths about Career Planning, (8)Communication is Very Important at Work, Know Why?, (9)Lost Your Job? Concentrate on These Things, (10)Shifting from an existing job for better prospects is a natural process, its timing & its impact on the career, (11)10 Most Hot Personal Qualities Interviewers Seek, (12) A complete guide : how to write a Great Resume, (13)Top Careers If You Love Traveling, (14)Careers That Lead You Towards a Luxurious Life, (15)Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Include on Your Resume, (16)Dangerous Things Not to Do or Say During Job Interview, (17)Top Salary Paying Indian Cities for 2012, (18)Top 6 Things Recruiters Will Never Tell You (19)Important basic Resume Tips, (20)5 Phone Interview Tips That Can Fetch You a Job, (21)Things Your College Didn't Teach You About Career, (22)FEW TRICKY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS, (23)CS Interview Fundas as published by Ms. Soundharya on CSoC on 24/09/2012, (24)Top 5 Questions You Should Never Ask in the Job Interview, (25)Most Powerful Words to Use in Your Resume to Get a Job, (26)Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers, (27)How to Enjoy At Workplace, (28) The Modern Day Resume, (29)5 Ways To Refresh Your Resume, (30)Sell Your Skills, Not Your Degree, (31)7 Things Hiring Managers Notice in You, (32)5 Things Interviewers First Notice in You, (33)8 Questions You Must Ask The Recruiter To Prove Your Smartness, (34)12 Surprising Personality Traits of Billionaires, (35)Draft your cv with care by Mr. Azam on CSoC, (36)Key Skills To Be Mentioned in CV >> How to select Key Skills, (37)Top 5 Work Habits That Can Kill Your Career, (38)Top 4 Best Jobs for People Who Want to Help Others, (39)Learn How to Manage Excessive Workload, (40)Check How to Make The Best of Your Joblessness,(41) 5 Easiest Ways to Keep Fit in Office, (42) Job Interview Mistakes That Can Still Benefit Candidates, (43) Check How to Be Yourself At Workplace, (44) Top 5 Things to be Considered Before Switching Careers, (45) 3 Must-Ask Questions Before Accepting the Job Offer, (46) Top 7 Ideal Careers for Extroverts, (47) How to Deal With Failure, (48) 8 Simple Ways to Combat Stress at Workplace, (49) 4 Easy Ways to Make the Best of Your Career, (50) How to Write a Perfect Email That Gets Response, (51) 8 Benefits of Staying at a Job for 10 Years, (52) Best Jobs for People Who Want to Change the World, (53) Most Hated Job Interview Questions by Candidates, (54) Australia to Open Door for Educated Indians, (55) The 10 Most Disliked Professions, (56) Here's What Recruiters Check in Your Resume in 6 Seconds, (57) 6 Easy Ways to Get Noticed At Work, (58) Top 4 Ideal Jobs for Working Parents, (59) 7 Financial Tips For Your Big Career Shift, (60) 3 Interview Questions That Matters The Most, (61) College Degrees That Will Help You Earn Big Bucks, (62) Careers That Lead People to Commit Suicide, (63) Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview, (64) General Tips To Overcome An Interview, (65) 4 Easy Ways to Find Out If You Are Underpaid, (66) Career Resolutions That Helps You for a Good Future, (67) Check Out How to Avoid Being Too Nice at Work, (68) Learn How to Win Your Boss's Trust, (69) 9 Riskiest and Deadly Jobs in India, (70) Check What All You Can Save Working from Home, (71) Huge Workplace Stress Hindering Indian Corporate Executives , (72) Work Factors That Are on the Wish List of Every Working Women, (73) Top Things You Must Never Say Your Co-Worker, (74)6 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired!, (75)Resume Blunders That Can Cost Your Job, (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95) (96) (97) (98) (99) (100)

Have a nice interview, a nice job and a nice career.

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CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following article which will be very helpful in everyone's career.

Extract from "From the President column" written by CS ANIL MURARKA, the then President of ICSI >> July-August 2011 Issue of Student Company Secretary.

It is difficult to lay down a formula for a successful career. Professional prosperity is the payoff for several criteria. Nowadays, emphasis is laid on certain personality traits that help a person become an asset to his or her organisation. This “X” factor gives an employee an edge over others. Qualities like integrity, tenacity, drive and grit are what employers look for in a prospective candidate, apart from academic and non-academic qualifications. I would like to list out some of the important traits for professional excellence.

1. Talk the Walk
Most of what goes on in an organisation is communication. So it is very important to have excellent communication skills in order to excel. It is a well-researched fact that in any business or social organisation, people with a good command of the English language are by default pushed to the position of leadership. English is no longer a foreign language. It is the accepted global language of communication. Hence proficiency in both written and verbal English is of utmost importance.

2. Listen to Others
The other side of the communication coin is being a good listener. The art of listening can help one score brownie points over his or her colleagues. Always listen to what others have to say. This shows respect for them. You also gain a lot from ‘active listening’, which means you pay attention to what is being said and incorporate changes that may have a positive effect on your career.

3. Pleasant Personality
It is very important to be sensitive to what others feel and praise genuinely. Sharing a good rapport with one’s colleagues as well as superiors benefits an individual’s professional life immensely. Give credit where it’s due. And do it genuinely. Cultivate a pleasing personality. The ‘smile’ factor will save you from trouble as well as ensure that people help you when you need a favour.

4. Be Confident
Know yourself. Know your strengths, weaknesses, personality type, learning style, goals, needs, constraints and resources. Keep reviewing your progress. You should know your limitations. If one is not aware of one’s potential, he or she may set unrealistic targets and thus lose credibility by not being able to achieve them.

5. Team Spirit
You have to be a team person if you want to make it big. No company can be a one-man show. The concept of teamwork is extremely important for the success of any individual. You can have a group of superstars but if they do not work well as one unit, they are not going to be successful .

6. Why of the Matter
Ask the “why” question. Youngsters are generally focused only on learning “how to”. But it is equally important to know “for what reason”. An important tip: whenever in doubt, find out.The one who knows the ‘how’ will always have a job, but the one who knows the ‘why’ will be his boss.

7. Persistence Pays
Perseverance is the key to success. Always try to improve yourself. Commitment to and passion in what one chooses to do, coupled with the determination to excel, is critical to success. Whatever you do, always keep thinking how you can improve on it or how it can be done in a better way. Don’t get bogged down by problems. Keep looking for solutions.

8. All-Round Attention
Be an expert in a particular thing and at the same time try to develop multi-functional knowledge. In other words, one should be a jack of-all-trades and master of one .

9. Be your own Leader
Self-control and discipline are critical. Eliminate the need for supervision. You are what you are when nobody is watching you. Your ability to focus on your work even when there is no one to oversee will determine your fate.

10. Do it the Right Way
Above all, values and integrity should never be compromised. Success is important, but you should not jeopardise your integrity or your organisation’s reputation, for individual gain. Honesty always pays. Never compromise on the quality of work.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything else.

I hope the above 10 important traits will definitely help to do well in an Interview.

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thanks your guidence sir


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Mr. Rafig,

Thank you for your compliments.

The following link

states “5 Things to Think Before Relocating For Work”

As it has become much difficult to get a job at present in India, people have not stuck on to the desire of getting the job in their own place. They are anytime ready to move their base from one place to another if they get good job. Apart from that, employers also sometimes transfer their existing employees to other locations inside the country or sometimes to other countries as well and they take in charge of all the expenses the family needs to settle down in the new place. But, even though the employees or candidates are provided good facilities, it is their responsibility to take significant expenses to move for a new job. Listed below are few essential issues you need to think before agreeing to relocate, as reported on Yahoo! Finance.

1. Based on your skill sets:

Many employees make the mistake of taking inappropriate decisions when it comes to their professional life. So, every professional must have a deep thought when they are selecting a job in a different location. If you get a job offer from a company which requires completely different skills apart from what you have studied firstly, check out that after settling down in a new city with the job offered, you need to check out that will you be able to get any job offers in that city which is relevant to your qualifications.

2. Check out the real estate market:

If you are shifting from one place to another you might have to sell your new home in order to buy a new home in the new place. As the credit market continues to be tight, even the banks don’t allow you to extend your loans and allow you to purchase a new home before selling your old house. So, before accepting the job offer, have a thought on the above issue as well as even if you have agreed to the job offer, while negotiating your salary don’t forget to consider the rent you need to pay for the newly rented house.

3. Employer incentives:

Befor e accepting the new job, firstly get to know exactly about how much your employer can pay for your move from your place to the new one, either in the form of direct costs or a moving bonus. Before shifting your base make sure that a significant portion of the costs is covered from the employer’s contribution.

4. Select a good locality in the new place to leave:

You are not going to serve your entire day at the office, so, you need to make sure the locality where you have shifted your family is a good one with good neighbors. Find out whether there are any activities in the community you have joined for your kids to keep them engaged. Search for a locality where you have a park for walking and recreational facilities like film theaters, malls etc. Find out a good school in the new place where you can send your child to study.

5. Check for your growth in the new company:

Your new company might have already offered you a good position like a manager or team leader for a particular department from the time you have agreed to join the company. But before shifting your place, make sure you can expect new opportunity for higher growth in that company and check how that can fit in with your goals. Make sure that your career path is filled with the potential to grow in the new place.

5Tips on "How To Face An Interview & Career Planning" Empty How to be Professional at Work on Wed 25 Jul 2012 - 12:46


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link

states “How to be Professional at Work”

Working world expects every employee to be professional at work. If you believed that professionalism just implies for your hard work and dress code, you should know professionalism implies many other factors which you need to take in account. Priyanko Sarkar of Mensxp.com points the most important of them are temper, communication, accountability and respect. Do you really need them?

1. Mental Balance:

At work, you need to handle different people with different attitudes and different characters. You will find hot-headed workers in the fully air-conditioned cubicles. But, it is important for you to stay calm and quite. There will be several instances which can lead to a burst out. Along with these office experiences, being a professional you cannot keep yourself quiet during office meetings. Even you should not be excited for anything and everything and don’t be a drunken at office parties.
2. Communication:

Office communication should be different from your normal conversations with others. You must inculcate the habit of talking professionally. If you start communicate with others emotionally, it can spoil your career as it leads to a devastating communication. The journey right away from college to working world is difficult when it comes to professionalism. Focusing on the work during the office chit chats is one of the simple ways to follow professionalism in communication.

3. Dependability:

Smart workers are much sought after by hiring managers than the hard workers. A hard worker might just know how to reach his daily goals while a smart worker knows all about his works and what his employer expects from him. Rather than suffocating by putting so much effort on work, it is better for you to be the one who knows what your manager expects from you. Taking initiatives for the challenging work issues and giving up few weekends in a crisis will make you smarter than your team mates. And your manager will consider you as the reliable one at work.

4. Respect:

Holding an attitude of giving respect to everyone will help you getting it back from your colleagues. It is better to stay away from chatter boxes and gossips. Knowing the work ethic of your organization should be one of your main concerns and you should try to find out the ways to grow within the company. Learn from your bosses to know how to improve your skills and know them through the work they do. When you translate your understanding of work and workplace, you will be rewarded respect in turn.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link

states “10 Deadly Career Changing Mistakes You Must Avoid”

Mistakes are often interlinked with our decisions, but if it happens when you consider a career change, it can be very depressing. Many reasons you may find to quit the current job... either you might be fed up, unhappy, misplaced, or depressed. If you are facing a defining point where you want to decide on your career change, you should consider avoiding few mistakes, which can happen to you while you have an extreme hatred to your current job.

‘10 Career Change Mistakes to avoid’ by the ‘Space7.in’ mention the common mistakes while switching on to another career. Here are they...

10. Without updating skills/techniques on job search:

While you were stuck on the job market, you might forget to update a new CV with your new skills. Now, before quitting the job, you need to update yourself with new job search tools, techniques and skills. Checking your old resume will make you realize it is outdated. Also searching your professional networks will help you understand whether your friends are able to help you getting your new job. All you need to do is polish your job search skills without fail, so that you can be updated with the new opportunities coming up in job market.
9. Without required experience or qualification:
Required experiences and education is a must for the change in career. Your interests alone cannot make the career change happen. You should figure out some manageable skills which you have, as it can bridge the gap between the both careers (the old and the new one). It is asked to get some training and experience before you start finding a new job. Also you can try for developing a parallel-career before leaving the current job, so that you will be able to decide whether your new career will help you in future or not.
8. They are successful, so that I will be:

As we have already seen in ‘10 Myths about Career Planning’, considering a career for you seeing other’s successful professional life will not make yourself the same. It has been said that, ‘grass is always not greener’. Your interests and likes will not be the same as others. So, following your friend’s or the dearest one’s career will not fit in your life. You will be probably disgusted very soon.

7. Without self-reflection:

If you are sure of changing the career, you need to know what your ‘self’ want to be. List out all your skills, talents, experiences, interests, likes, dislikes, and do the self assessment without fail. Attend few assessment test especially the ones which have career aspects. A personal SWOT- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats- Analysis will make you know your potential and help you on deciding the new profession you look for.

6. Without proper research:

The instinct feeling to jump into a career field without proper research may be putting you in trouble. Rather than not just depending on your mentor itself, you can do some research personally by going through the job profiles and career descriptions and you can even try meeting professionals and interviewing them about the career prospective. Using the research resources will help you collect more information and you will be successful in finding the best out of different career choices.

5. Deciding all alone:
Don’t let your career change all of a sudden. After, you recognized your future career; you need to try making a professional network with people working in the same field. Digging out more information on it can make you understand the type of job you may need to do. New professional network can help you be informed about new openings in the field you are looking for. Also consulting your mentor will help you get more suggestions and guidance in the transition.
4. Influence of others:

Influence of your family, relatives, friends or any other can make you think of leaving your career for another one. But, it is advisable for you not to leave the job which you like the most just because of external forces on you. If the job offers you a reasonable living, keep in mind that you are going to sacrifice your happiness for other’s impact on you. ‘Better career’ cannot just tag only few professions while it means a job which offers you a reasonable salary and other benefits. Once you see the decision was wrong in your life, you probably start hating the person who influenced you to switch your career.

3. The ‘Money’ concern:

Another biggest mistake can be changing the career for the big checks you expect from the prospective career you look for. Some professions are very attractive with their pay check and other benefits. For being benefited with the money and perks the new career offering, will not help you being happy if you dislike the job. Earning more money cannot fetch you a happy mind than doing the work you enjoy the most. Also your hatred towards the career can make you sick.

2. Hatred of the job does not hate the career:

Working with a bully boss might have killed your interest in continuing with the current job. But, it doesn’t make sense if you thought of changing your career. Hating the job is not always meant hating the job you do, it can be your boss, colleagues, working time, strict management. Before start building the career change plan, you must analyze what makes you hate the job. Once if you decide to leave the job, you need to make a plan for the new step before resigning from the job.

1. No proper plan:

Yeah, planning is the most important step in everything you do. Career planning is the biggest deal as you should survive with the career for rest of your life, even if you can have a career shift. When you plan for a career change, you should definitely make strategy on how you are going to manage after quitting current job, especially in terms of finding a new feasible job, managing financial needs, learning new skills, further studies, so and so. Or else, your no planned strategy may place you again in a dilemma.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link

states “10 Secrets You Must Know About Job Interview”

When you attend a job interview, the first thing you need to know is, the hiring manager is finding something unique in your skills and character which can help for the position he or she will offer for you. So, the recruiter eventually wants to know, who you are. To find it out the recruiter might not ask about yourself to you directly but he or she may observe you through in a different way. So, to present yourself in a good way, here are few essential things you need to know about the job interviewing process in this competitive job market as reported by Vivian Giang on the Business Insider by compiling the information provided in the book "Crazy Good Interviewing: How Acting A Little Crazy Can Get You The Job," by John B. Molidor and Barbara Parus.
10. Don’t Accept if they offer you something to drink:

It is good to reject in a polite manner, if the hiring managers offer you some cold drink or some other beverages to drink at the time of the interview. You need to reject it because you might accidently spill the drink on the floor or on your attire when your mind is completely concentrating on the questions they might ask you. So, to avoid any further consequences try to reject it in a polite manner and concentrate on what they might ask you or what they start questioning you.

9. Don’t sit until you are asked to sit:

Whenever you enter the interview room, the first thing you need to do is to greet the recruiters sitting in front of you. Then, you shouldn’t take your seat unless and until you are asked to sit as it is a matter of discipline. After you take your seat, you need to make sure that you sit straight as it signifies your confidence level. Don’t ever leave a timid impression in front of them as it can harm your chances of getting a job.
8. Guess the age of your recruiter and answer according to that:

Your recruiter might be of a different generation with different values. So, his or her type of thinking might be entirely different from that of yours. So, as it is you who is in the need of a good job, you must try to change a little bit in the way you think while you answer the questions asked by the hiring manager. By your early conversations with the recruiter before the interviewing session you would have got a little bit hints of what type of a person he or she is and what they might expect from a candidate. So, keeping that in mind, try to answer the questions you are asked.

7. Maintain a good eye contact:

Without a direct eye contact with your recruiters it is difficult to get a job because that may symbolize that you lack confidence. So, in many of the interviewing sessions there may be more than one recruiter where you need to act according to that situation without being nervous. Make sure you answer the question by having the direct eye contact with the person who asked you the question at first and later have a soft eye contact with rest of them while you are answering the question. While ending your response return your eye contact to the recruiter who asked you the question.

6. Don’t let them know that you understood their mind games:

Many recruiters play the mind games in order to test your intelligence level and your reactions. If you give a good response for all the questions then consider that you have passed this acid test and get the offer letter from them. If you deteriorate then the recruiter will surely think that you are not fit for handling difficult situations. So, don’t let your own strategies to get affected by their head games at any cost.

5. Always wear light colored attires:

You need to dress up well every time whenever you are going to attend an interview. So, if you are not sure of what to wear to the interview to look elegant and professional and also not sure about the companies work culture, then always prefer to wear light colored attire and make sure they look professional. You should always choose light colored clothing for an interview because the Dark shades resembles to be too trendy and funky many times.

4. Get to know the messages your hands say:

Whenever we start a conversation with others we won’t just talk without any hand action. So, in the same way we can’t talk during the interview. So, here are few things you need to learn what your hands are saying. Firstly, showing your palm while talking signifies that you are honest in what you are talking, holding your palms down while talking, states that you are dominating kind of a person; pressing your fingertips of your hands together again and again symbolizes that you are confident; folding your arms across your chest shows are very much self-protective and last but not the least putting your hands inside your pocket while talking signifies that you are hiding something. So, take a thorough note of all these things before attending the interview.
3. Figure out the recruiter is an introvert or an extrovert:

Figure out your recruiter’s behavior, whether they are extravert or an introvert and later decide upon your body language in front of them. For example, if your recruiter is an extrovert and like the people who are bold and talkative, then you need to be talkative and boldly answer all the questions. You need to be interactive whenever needed. This doesn’t mean even your insensible talk can fetch you a job; you need to be sensible on what you talk too.

2. You’ll get to know did the interview went well:

You can be able to know about yourinterview results if the interviewer put his or her phone calls on hold while interacting with you, smiled at you occasionally, exhibited some interest on what you are explaining, inquired about when you can start working for their company, and gave you all the details on benefits of working at their company in the position offered etc.

1. You can also get to know if you are not hired for the job:

You can also get to know if you are not hired if the recruiter cut short the interviewing process in the middle of the interview by saying they will get back to you, if they start attending the phone calls and shuffling their paper works, if there was no discussion about the salary negotiations, asked you to come back for a second interview etc.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link

states “10 Degrees Worldwide Recruiters Don't Want to See ”

Some majors are reported as practically worthless to fetch a job for you. If you have thought of getting a job with any of these majors, one of the recent studies by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mentioned few majors which are stuck in the unemployment line. Though, unemployment is visible in every degrees, these are really worst in the list.

Even, these majors will not pay you well, once you employed as a fresher.

Especially, if your wish list includes a high paying corporate position, better to opt for other majors in engineering, sciences, computers and IT, business, psychology, social work and media and communications which are relatively safe majors you can pursue.

Check out the 10 Majors which will not fetch you a good job here:

10. Architecture:

According to the report, the most surprising unemployment rate is noted among recent architecture graduates, 13.9 percent. It denotes a massive slow down happened in construction industry. Employment of architects was predicted to grow faster than any other graduates. Architectural, engineering, and related services industry are the main sectors which accommodate architecture graduates.

9. Humanities:

Have you thought of studying human condition? At present, being a graduate in humanities is not going to help you getting a good job in the corporate world. Including ancient and modern languages, literature, history, philosophy, religion, and visual and performing arts, humanities got more demands in the past academic years. Now, you need to think twice before choosing your career in humanities.

8. English Literature:

English literature still lies with the myth of being said as an impractical subject, with less employment opportunities. Recent graduates of English literature find it difficult to get employed in corporate world. Media, PR, advertising, publishing industries are offering some opportunities for English literature grads, but the report tells many of the new grads remain unemployed.

7. Political Science:

You might be interested on everything about government and the state. But, before selecting your career in political science, you should know the chances of getting employed. At present, graduates of political science are not struggling to get employed and many of the recent grads couldn’t find a job within six months of their graduation.

6. Sociology:

You want to study about human behavior? Then, you have to go through the fact that it is another bad major to study for a job today. Sociologists are considered in serving government, and in business, advocacy, education, communication, criminal justice sectors and in other agencies like profit and non-profit organizations, but many of the new grads couldn’t get in a job as they need to compete with others from the respective subject fields.

5. Economics:

New economics majors are also finding it difficult to get a good paying job. While economy is the main business concern for every organization, they have wide variety of career options available in business, law, medicine government, international relations, academic roles, non-profits. Contradictory to this, the report reveals many of the recent grads were not welcomed to the corporate world where experienced hands are paid well.

4. Poetry:

“What will you do with this degree?” This is what people used to say about poetry major. No wonder, even today it is one of the bad majors which will not help many of its grads to find their livelihood with their certificate. To be a poet, one should have a poet’s soul, creative thinking and determination than acquiring a certificate. And more than that poetry is not so much popular as it was in decades ago. Many of the poets today couldn’t make even a single pound from their career in poetry.

3. Art History:

Not everyone can marry a prince studying degree in Art History as it happened to Kate Middleton. Before choosing your major as art history, you have to keep in mind that employability for a graduate in Art History will not be interesting as learning about great art works and its history. Times remain hard-hitting for arts graduates to find out a job in arts and design industries.

2. Music Therapy:

Music Therapy as a major is one of the bad degree which will hardly help the grads to find a job. This allied health profession is used as a healing method to address physical, cognitive, psychological and social needs of individuals. General and psychiatric hospitals, community mental health agencies, rehabilitation centers, schools, private practices and nursing homes are the main employment centers for music therapists.

1. American Studies:

Do you think knowledge in America’s history, insight of its politics and an understanding of its literature, culture, society, culture, U.S. foreign policy, and the different ethnic groups will help you to make sure your prospective career dreams come true? It is true that only a small percentage of American Studies majors work in the field of American Studies. Others find their career in other industries like education, media, law, business, politics, research etc.

9Tips on "How To Face An Interview & Career Planning" Empty 10 Myths about Career Planning on Wed 25 Jul 2012 - 13:06


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link

states “10 Myths about Career Planning ”

Have you started regretting to opt for the career in which you are in, today? Or have you wondered why your colleague always tells he did a mistake by choosing this career of his/her? Suchitra Surve, Director, Growth Centre recognizes the major myths which influences choosing a career and how it can ruin career happiness; reports in Rediff.com.

Here are the 10 Myths which bust your career...

10. Arts/Humanities create unemployed

Most of us probably give the priority to professional courses considering those are the majors which help to get hired. If you go through the job profiles posted across online and other employment news, you will find interpersonal communication and critical thinking as the most preferred job skills. There are vast variety of jobs which required writing, research, communication and critical thinking skills which art/humanities streams can train you well. Skills matters a lot than your certification.

09. Everyone rushes to it, so that me too

Job openings today are not meant to sustain for next decade. The trend in the job market will be kept on changing. The best thing you can do is, find out the best courses according to your own interests and be trained well and equipped with skills. People are easily found unsatisfied within few years in their career path, as they chose their career stream out of career hot lists than their interests. You have to keep in mind that every year there are new jobs and new streams created as the technology, public policy and economic trends get changed.

08: Career assessments / counselors are not for me

Career planning is completely not set with your interests; it has to be checked with your aptitude. It is better for you to go through Psychometric Assessments or any Aptitude Tests to analyze your strengths and weakness along with mental capabilities. The brain storming section with your career counselor will help finding out various career options you can really try with your inborn talents and trained skills. Finally, it is up to you whether you want to track the career route which your career counselor suggests or not.

07. If s/he is happy with that job, I will be also

Even if there are a lot common interests between her/him, it doesn’t mean you can also be happy with the particular job. It is a misbelief you carry. Once you have come to know his/her career is interesting to pursue, you should do a basic research on it. Just analyze its demand in job market, job description, required skills and all as it helps you to take a decision on it. Even if you like a particular job, it cannot be good for you as you may not have those career traits.

06. Getting a right career will be happened after a long time wait

If you are inspired by anyone’s story as they just ‘bumped into’ the right career, which will not be applicable for everyone. You have to keep on searching the career which matches your skills and interests. It is not about collecting all the information about job profiles alone, you should also gather information about yourself while both these information will help taking sensible career decision.

05. Big check leaves brings big home, happy home

Considering the best salary you can get paid, will not make you happy, always, if you are not doing the job out of passion and interest which brings the commitment to help you grow in career. Job satisfaction is really not found out of money paid. Enjoying the work you do and when you addressed for the project you have done at work will be the most reasons to be satisfied at work than the month end salary slip. But, of course, a good salary is necessary to be motivated to grow in career.

04. I will be stuck in the career forever

Today, with thousands of new job openings, job market is active to get you a job, if you have the potential. Switching the career path is not a big episode. You can change your career, if you find yourself troubled and struggling to continue the job you do. With your professional network, you can converse with different professionals and find the new openings and other possibilities out.

03. Career change will be a waste of learned skills

While certain jobs demand for particular skills, your gained skills for the job which you left will not be wasted forever. Skills are not used in the same way always. But, they are used in different way. And being a multi-skilled will help you to adapt the new career. Moreover, most of the jobs today demands for same kind of skills which most of the job seekers already posses.

02. Depending on academic results to decide career path

Academic results can be affected by the health issues or any such bad situations you met during exam times, which can be accounted by hiring managers. So, depending on your results will not help you keep your foot on the right career path. Of course, holding a sound academic background will help you in getting into the career, but it is not the only thing which helps to get hired. The sudden and spontaneous decisions may result a career which is not properly planned and tracked.

01. Some skills are not worthy for earning money

If you are really into some hobbies, you can find a career out of it as you will not feel like working while you enjoy the fullest. Many try cooking, designing, painting, photography and a lot more things as their weekend hobbies. The thing is that you can make out of it while making it as your full-time occupation. Once you start going with your hobby as your profession, there is nothing that can stop you from moving ahead. Pursue it professionally; it will make a great mark in your career growth.


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link


states “Communication is Very Important at Work, Know Why?”

As man has been regarded as a social animal, people who are very silent and reserved are not appreciated so easily, because your good communication skills helps you in building good personality. At workplace also it is very important to maintain a good communication with your colleagues as they can help you anytime in the future regarding your office work. So, here are few reasons for why you need to be communicative at work.

1. Know what you are expected to do:

There is nothing worse than not knowing your duties at the workplace. You need to know your duties more than anything else at the workplace. You need to keep you responsibilities always in check and you need to meet your deadlines. If you find any task difficult don’t hesitate to discuss it with your colleagues or your managers especially if you are given a deadline to complete it.

2. Get rid of conflicts:

If you lack good communication with your co-workers, it will definitely lead you towards confusion in your early stage at the office. So, you need to keep all the channels of your communication facilities open every time. If you are having any issues with your colleague firstly resolve it as soon as possible rather than dragging the conflict and if you are not able to solve your conflict with your colleague by yourself, take the help of your seniors to resolve the issues.

3. Work Satisfaction:

At any career stream satisfaction on your work responsibilities is very important. If you want to be happy at workplace, there should be a level of openness between employees of all the levels. So, being friendly without any conflicts at the office can help you experience better work satisfaction and it also helps you reduce your stress level.

4. Best productivity:

Better communication helps everyone on the team to work happily within the work frames and there will be no scope of misunderstanding between anyone. This helps you in avoiding unnecessary delays regarding the work and also helps you to avoid wastage of resources. You can form a friendly atmosphere at the workplace and you can work effectively.

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The following link


states “Lost Your Job? Concentrate on These Things”

Many of the employees might have experienced losing the job all of a sudden. In corporate world, losing a job lay off becomes very common in every company. Either you left the company or you are fired, if you do not have a job right in hand, you will be going to struggle to stay financially and mentally sound. The difficult chapter of life starts when you are given the ‘pink slip’. It is the right time for you to show how much efficient you are to move ahead. To get back to the real wheel of life, you need to take away the weeds. Here are five things which can help you to boost your career life.

1. Assess your career path:

You need to spend some time to reflect the real scenario of how you lost the job and why. Listing out the reasons which made you to go, will shows where you need to improve. And considering this as the best chances to find out the industry where you want to work, if you were not satisfied with the job. And spend time to find out the companies which do well in the economy and which meet your career expectations.

2. Rework your budget

Reworking the budget is a necessary thing when you lose the job. When you rework, you should keep in mind that your primary source of income is no more there to help you spending as much as you want. While looking for your future career, you can avoid all your extra-expenses by taking care of small things which you used to neglect easily. Spend money for only those necessary things and find out discounts for them if possible.

3. Clean up social media profiles

Once you have updated your resume, your future employer will be going through your social media affairs. You might miss out a chance, if it is improper and too husky. Try to be professional in your social media interactions. Make sure, your profile is employer –friendly by un-tagging all inappropriate photos and by removing those badly chosen status messages. It is better if you set your profile as private, just to be safe and sound.

4. Develop new skills

Now, you got more than enough time to develop new skills and take care of your health; why are you hesitating? Just do it. Figure out the skills which you want to improve for your dream career. And, if you want a career shift, take it as a good opportunity to build yourself in the career which you often dream off.

5. Be in professional network

Be active in your professional network and let them know you are searching for a new job. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with professionals in your field, as you cannot predict whether they get some leads for you. Also, if there is any networking events among professionals, attending those will help you to meet some other professionals and increase your possibilities to get a better job.


CSoC Well-Wisher
CSoC Well-Wisher
WOW sir,
Thank you so much for posting such nice links, articles and guidance..
really very helpful..

i subscribed for such nice articles too............
once again thank u

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Dear Janki,

Thanks for your compliments & encouragement.

Have a nice day.


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Dear Friends,

Please find the following link

for a very useful article (An Appeal to New Members by The President of The ICAI in the CA Journal, August 2012) among the others, on the SHIFTING of the jobs, its timing & its impact on the career.

Specific Extract of the Article for ready reference of the readers is reproduced below.

Shifting from an existing job for better prospects is a natural process, I understand. But this shift should be made after a certain period of stay in an organisation and only when you feel that you are ready to move to the next level of your career. If such shifts occur frequently, these bring disgrace and embarrassment to our career, when we are asked to explain the shift to the interview boards. Employers as such do not see these tendencies in isolation; they connect them to our personality and, then, such connections ruin our prospects of getting a job. We have already got some hint about such understanding amongst the employers during the placement process in campus conducted recently.

I would, therefore, appeal to my new professional fraternity to conduct themselves responsibly in profession, whether in practice or industry, as their conduct can make or break our existing and ongoing goodwill with firms and industry, thereby affecting the professional prospects of their juniors in times to come.

Please correct me if I am incorrect in my presentation.

Have a nice interview, nice career & nice day


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CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link


narrates “10 Most Hot Personal Qualities Interviewers Seek”

Being a job seeker, have you ever wondered why your high academic credentials not bringing an offer letter? Probably, you might have seen your college friends could land a job, though; they were tagged as tedious in studies while you were studious. Yeah, of course, there is something more to be improved in you than the highest scores achieved, that are called personal qualities. Being the valued asset of an organization, employees should possess some great personal qualities to manage the given facilities and resources in the most competent manner.

That’s why, even after you have submitted the detailed academic profile along with credentials of your talents and skills, job Interviewers stick on to the interview process to hire their prospective employee. Interviewing is the evaluation process of what’s being said and what’s NOT being said. Here are the top 10 personal traits which interviewers often seek in candidates, suggests Patty Inglish in her article in Hubpages.com.

1. Professional Appearance
First impression you leave to your employer can be counted to land a job. Keep in mind that you will never get a second chance for the first impression. Interviews, meetings, appointments and every day at the office demands you to appear professionally, as it is counted all the time. Though, professional appearance for different professions will vary according to the nature, a business meeting is often demands a formal outfit and behaviours. Recent studies show that good appearance helps you feel great about yourself, and it will also boost your confidence level.

2. High Energy and Enthusiasm in Working
Active and enthusiastic employees can make a successful existence in their workplace and it is that what an employer wants from his workforce. Employees need to behave in such a professional way to project his enthusiasm in the work he does. That good energy level should be expected all the time rather than the show off at office meetings. Even on the hiring process, employer wants to see the quality of your energy as soon as you enter the interviewing room.

3. Good Work Ethic
While lazybones find it difficult to do all jobs and tries to eke out a living by doing as little work as possible, some are great doers as they are dedicated in doing their job well. Hiring managers want to see the longing and motivation to work in each and every prospective employees of their institution. The powerful and successful work ethic comprises few principle and traits which every employee should possess. Those are reliability, dedication, productivity, cooperation, and character. Try to improve these personal traits to make a mark in your professional life.

4. Motivation Derivative from Good Role Models
You can be motivated from both positive and negative role models, but it is important to have a role model whose thoughts and life inspires you. ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’ was the question everyone encountered in school days. It is all about how we observe our surroundings and what we perceive from our life. Of course, we all desire to follow whom we see as a successful person with his intelligence and hard work. It is also important to have a role model from the present day profession of yours. It shows an interviewer how motivated you are and how can you motivate others.

5. Emotional Maturity
Even if you could score a high IQ performance, it cannot fetch you a job if your EQ level is low. Rather than hiring an intelligent person, interviewers today opt for emotionally matured people. As immature employees can manipulate and mislead others, they are not at all tagged as good employees in any office. They often distract others by annoying or harassing others. They often work for their short-term satisfaction needs than targeting the long-term goals.

6. Approach towards the work
If you are one of those kinds who are passionate towards the work you do, then you can surely beat the interview. Performing well is more important than the paycheck, is the desired quality ever employer want to see in their prospective employee as some are working just for the paycheck they receive at the month end. After all it is all coming from your interest on that particular job. If you are not interested in that job, your hatred towards the job you do increases, which finally will hurt your career development.

7. Loyalty
As mentioned before, loyalty is one of the work ethic you have to hold wherever you work. Your reliability and faithfulness can be expressed verbally and with actions in order to support the company you work for, and to support the team you work with. A good faith toward a common goal will only help a team to achieve their targeted goals and to execute their innovative ideas to improve their business strategies.

8. Cooperation /Employees’ involvement
To beat up the ever-changing global business scenario and the keen competition between organizations, it is necessary for creating an effective partnership among employees. There are different levels of workplace cooperation in an organization which can be between management and staffs, participative or cooperative practices between employees, and the involvement of employees in decision making processes. A helpful or supportive, open-minded person can be the perfect employee for an enterprise.

9. Follow Through
Being proactive is another sign of a great employee, which you can prove that giving an extra boost to your job application with follow ups. The follow through can reveal the interest you have on that particular job, so once after walked out of a job interview it is important to give your application a final push – follow ups- than just forgetting about it. Also it says about your goal-oriented attitude to finish a project on time.

10. Ability to Channel Anger
Redirecting your channel in an effective, positive, creative and active ways will be an added advantage in any kind of job. During an interview, if you badmouth about your past employer or your colleagues, surely it can cost you a job as it proves you are not emotionally matured to handle any critical situation at work.

Have a nice interview, nice career & nice day

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CSoC King
Dear Friends,

Please find the following link for "A complete guide : how to write a Great Resume "


Also find the following link written by Mr. Praveen9999 on CSoC published on 28/10/2010 for your kind reference.


Have a nice career.

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Dear Friends,

The following link


narrates "Top Careers If You Love Traveling"

Most of us love the word ‘Travel’ just by hearing that name. Even when it comes to your professional life, there are lots of careers that require traveling most of the time and you also find lots of people entering this field with pleasure. People who love traveling will be desperately waiting for their chance to come, as it is boring to sit under one roof and in front of the computer and work every day. So, if you are in search of a profession that allows you to travel, here are the listed careers as reported on Savvy Sugar website that you need to know.

1. Consulting profession:
If you are a consultant, it’s your prime duty to provide expert advice to your clients regarding the fields of management, law, accountancy, marketing, human resource, engineering finance etc. According to the consulting expert, Peter Block, he defines the role of consultant is to influence someone or a group or an organization. Apart from that he or she has no right to implement a change as a direct authority. Consultants play a key role in companies by providing them with expert advices on their company’s marketing strategies and management etc. But these consultants won’t be tied with one single company. This creates an opportunity to them to travel from one city to another maintaining their connections with different companies across the world. It doesn’t matter whether your travel is a long term or a short term as you will be given numerous opportunities to travel quite often.

2. A job in the Travel Industry:
It is quite obvious that you want to travel the entire world in your lifetime. But for those who like to travel and earn their bread, a job in any designation in the travel industry is the most preferred choice. If you are hired by any of the travel company, you can have the awesome chance of traveling quite often without any personal expenses. In a travel industry, you can also be a flight attendant or a pilot based on your studies. A job in the travel industry can be much fun as you are traveling from place to place quite often and it also gives a chance to explore the new places again and again. So, look out for a job in the travel industry if you are interested in it without wasting much time.

3. A job in recruitment department:
As it is the trend of hiring future professionals from the college campuses, the job of the recruiters has also included traveling to various colleges and universities across the country to hire the best candidates. As the academic year comes to an end every year, the job of the recruiter becomes hectic as they need to spend more time on traveling to various colleges and universities. But when it is not the hiring season, you have to spend more time in the office as the future talents will still be completing their academic life. So, if you have the talent of becoming a recruiter who is asked to interview the new talents, why not try a hand in this profession?

4. Sales professional:
If you are into the sales department in any company, your main duty will be outside the office more than inside the office. If you are into pharmaceutical sales you are asked to cover the territory assigned to you. It is the same if you get recruited into other sales departments as well. Your traveling depends on the size of the company you work for, if you work for a small company, your job will be inside the city or the State, if you serve for a big company you can travel across different States and Countries as the demand for the company’s products and sales will be more.

5. Journalist:
Last but not the least, if you are a journalist, traveling is a prime duty to survive in this profession. Though you can get all the ‘LIVE’ updates from the internet for some of the crucial situations, to cover the exclusive report you need to travel every day. If you are serving for any popular news channels, then you can also have the opportunity of traveling to different cities and States as well as across the world if the time demands. But also you need to be bold enough in this profession which you must never forget.

Have a nice day & nice career.

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CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link


narrates "Careers That Lead You Towards a Luxurious Life"

Each one of you would be desperate to get into a job that really pays well, as well as th e job that can help you build a luxurious life. So, it is indeed that you need to work hard to get a job in any of the preferred sectors as they can be very hard to get in this competitive job market. A well paying job is the most preferred jobby each one of you as it gives you a financial security and helps you also with the social security that is required in the current world. Before looking out for a competitive and highest paying job, you need to be having the qualities of dedication, capability to work hard as well as talent to achieve anything in your professional life. So, if you are curious to know about the jobs that can help you lead towards a luxurious life, check out the list below of those careers listed out in Buzzel website, in HUB 34 website by Meg Olusola and other different sources.

1. Medical Surgeons:
Medical profession is one of the most sought after profession in India and it is a rewarding career as well. The demand for various specializations within this career is increasing day by day as there is a great scope for medical profession not only in India but throughout the world. As this can be one of your most valuable careers, at the same time this is the career which needs a lot of hard work before entering this career. This is the only career which gives the satisfaction of helping someone with health problems by treating them with lots of care in your professional life.

Apart from being privileged being in this career it is one of the most responsible jobs, as it is all about what you can give than what you can expect from it. It has been reported by Ramandeep Kaur on Naukri Hub website that, a junior doctor can earn up to 25,000 per month in a private hospital and Delhi is the State which is creating lots of job opportunities for Doctors and other medical specialists followed by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal.

2. Event Managers:
Most of the corporate firms need someone to arrange and manage their company’s occasions and apart from that, even there is a immense need of professionals who can manage big personal events of the country’s celebrities and other famous biggies not only in India but also in the entire world. So, there can be a very good opportunity if you take up event management as your profession. Parties and Big Fat weddings have become a new trend in the Indian culture, be it in any religious occasions. If you become an event manager, your prime duty will be to plan and execute different types of events and ceremonies. Though your duty is behind the scenes, you play a vital role, as it is you and your team who gets all the credits for the overall arrangement of a occasion or an event.

As planning needs a very creative mindset, to be an event manager, creativity plays a very important role. The pay for this profession can vary as per the contracts you get, but the trusting factor over here is, you are eligible for a good pay here for your talent.

3. Software Engineers:
India has produced immense number of software engineers for the whole world to contribute to the technological advancement. As there is a demand for software engineers throughout the world in different sectors, a career in this field will be very much rewarding. A software engineer can have numerous opportunities in both private as well as the corporate sector firms in India. This profession is playing a lead role in various business fields to solve the complicated problems. Recently, it was reported that, many of the famous firms in the United States had shown interest in recruiting the Indian software engineers.

As it was published in ICBSE.com, a recent survey had reported that a senior software engineer in India can earn up to 410,321 to 724, 568 per annum. A B.E in computer science stream is much required to be a software engineer. Apart from that, having a post graduate degree in Computer application can also help in building a perfect career in today’s job market.

4. Chartered Accountants:
Though many are interested in the fields of engineering and medicine, people in India are also getting attracted towards becoming chartered accountants in their professional life as it is one of the most demanded career options in India. Big companies are in high demand of chartered accountants to maintain the account details of the company. You can dream about a luxurious life in this profession because, once you have got experienced in this field, then you can add on some more certifications and demand for a high pay. If you are an experienced CA professional, then you can earn up to 7.5 to 8 lakh annually. If you are a chartered accountant, you need to be extremely specialized and skillful in all the four namely, financial accounting, general management, auditing and taxation etc. If you are a CA professional you have all the chances to work in Government sector organizations as well as in private firms.

5. Airlines Pilot:
Though thi s profession is not much meant for a woman, men can experience enjoyment in this profession if they like to travel from one place to another. Apart from that, the responsibility also increases as they are responsible for all the lives that are travelling on air. He is fully in charge of taking care of the safety and operations of the flight while traveling. The pilot in command is always referred as a Captain. The journey of traveling on air is undoubtedly a thrilling experience especially if you are a pilot, you can enjoy these kinds of journeys quite often. But apart from this positive factor, you also need to know that travelling all the time on air also can be a stressful experience. So, you need to be very much careful regarding this fact. In India, if you serve as a pilot for any commercial airlines you can really expect a big pay packet of nearly 5-7 Lakh. But it all depends on your experience.

Have a nice interview, nice career & nice day


CSoC King
CSoC King
Dear Friends,

The following link


narrates "Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Include on Your Resume"

In any of your job hunting process the first hurdle that you need to face is to prepare an attractive resume which can get a call from the recruiters. If you are very much serious in searching for a job, then you should never go wrong in the process of preparing an attractive resume. To prepare an attractive resume you need to be clear on what you are going to write in the resume and it is better if you avoid adding few crucial things that can create problem in your future career. So, if you are curious to know about the things that you shouldn’t mention in your resume, check the listed below important things you should never ever mention on your resume that has been reported on various websites.

10. Using too many objectives:
If you want to get a job, it’s better to mention about your relevant personal information that are very much required in all the companies and about your skills that can help for the company’s profit. Apart from mentioning these things, there is no necessity to glorify about yourself on the resume by adding objectives like, you are awesome at working and you deserve that job at any cost. If you mention like that, for sure the recruiter will think that you are desperate about getting that job.

9. About Your Short-term jobs:
If you have worked for short term jobs, then there is no necessity to mention about your short term job experiences as this might lead the recruiters to think before selecting you, as they would have got to know about the number of companies you have worked in the short period of time. They might think that you might even hop that job within a short period of time if you get selected. Apart from that, there is no need to mention that you have got fired for some reason on the resume, if at all you have got fired from your previous company. If you add such things on your resume, for sure your chances are very low to get selected and that might emerge as a biggest mistake you ever did.

8. Strange Hobbies:
It will be very good if you mention your hobbies like reading books, increasing your knowledge by collecting latest news from various sources of information, playing different sports etc on your resume. But it a big ‘NO’ if you have any plans of mentioning your weird hobbies that can also be disturbing to mention and see, like, eating numerous chilies, performing dangerous stunts as your hobby etc. These weird hobbies are not necessary to be mentioned on your resume because they don’t appear to be a productive hobby that might be of any help in your life.

7. Revealing private matters:
It is true that a job application demands you to inform about some of the essential personal things like your name, residential address, private phone number and other relevant things to be in touch with you to inform whether you are selected are not. But, apart from these personal information, there is no necessary to mention about your marital status, how old are you, about your children, what religion you follow etc, on your resume, as these information are considered as irrelevant information that are not of use for your professional life. So try to avoid these private matters if you are planning to prepare an appropriate resume.

6. Writing the resume in extra pages:
There is no need to exceed your details on the resume more than one page or maximum two page if you are a fresher who has just know graduated from the college. This might be a key point to remember before preparing the resume because; you might be having no experience in the professional life which means there is no need to drag your resume more than two pages without any necessity if you don’t have any job experience that has to be pointed out on the resume. Even if you are an experienced employee try to limit your resume to just two pages by mentioning only the important experiences. The recruiters have very less time to review the resume and if it is written in many pages, for sure they will be having no interest in reading the entire resume and you might not get that job.

5. Writing the resume in the third person:
Every resume should be written in a first person manner, especially when you are writing something in paragraph. Later, the remaining information can be listed down in point wise than writing them in the form of sentences. Writing a resume in a third person manner is not needed as it is you who is explaining about your own skills and required information.

4. Including references:
There is no necessity to include reference names if you got the talent that the job needs. Yes, it is true that many job positions are demanding references of key persons to get that job. But, it is not necessary to mention it on the resume. Writing ‘references upon request’ at the bottom of the resume is not needed as it is a mere waste of time, says career coach Eli Amdur on the Business Insider website as reported by Vivian Giang. If your employer needs any references to recruit you to the post, they will ask you for sure if you get selected for the interview session.

3. Mentioning current company’s phone number or mail-id.
It is better if you don’t mention your current employer’s details or the company’s phone number or your current professional mail-id in the resume, as it might create problem in the future. If you give your current office contact number and mail-id to your potential employer, if at all they want to reach you, they will contact you from that number if your personal contact details are not reaching and at during that time you might be caught if you are not lucky, from yourcurrent employers. So, it’s better not include any details about your current recruiters in the resume.

2. Bad usage of English grammar:
Any profession in the present corporate world demands at least a basic knowledge of English, especially if you are working for a corporate organization and some of the essential Government organizations. So, during this time, it doesn’t seem good if your usage of English is poor in the resume, as that is the basic thing the recruiters expect from their potential candidate. So, its your responsibility to take care about what you write on the resume. So, to avoid any further complications, after you complete writing the resume, firstly, glance upon it once as well as ask someone else also to check the resume for proper English and relevant information, before you send it to the recruiter.

1. Attaching Photographs:
Alison Green has reported on the U.S. News Money Website that, there is no need to attach your photograph with the resume unless you are applying for any job like modeling and acting. This is because; there is no need to attach your photo with the resume if you are applying for the job for any other designations than some of them like mentioned above, as your appearance has nothing to do with your capability to do the job.

Have a nice interview, nice career & nice day


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The following link


narrates "Dangerous Things Not to Do or Say During Job Interview"

Are you searching for a most promising career for your professional life and do you want to get that job desperately? Then why not get into that profession in a perfect way? Yes, as you have spent so much time on searching for a job, then don’t even think of wasting a chance that you have got after a very long time. In this competitive world, everyone is desperate to get into a job that promises them with a good professional life in the future. If you have got a job interview call, then you can consider yourself as lucky enough to get it, as there are many in the society who are waiting and desperate of getting a job interview call for the resume they have submitted to the recruiters.

If you are a clever job seeker, the top most important thing which you need to know is that focus upon what exactly what our employer expects from you than before thinking on what you want. So, before attending the job interview, be aware on these crucial things that you must never say or do during the job interview to clear the round in a positive note, as reported by Miriam Salpeter on U.S. News website.

1. Avoid Being Desperate towards the Job:
It is true that every job seeker will be desperately in need of a job that suits them the best. If you are one among them, it is better not to show to the hiring managers that you are very eager to get that job at any cost or any other similar job in their company itself. If at all you show your eagerness, then remember that, it is the biggest mistake you would have ever done during the job interview as the hiring manager is most likely to run in the other direction. Another thing that you need to consider is that, it is a big ‘NO’ to mention you are really flexible and you are ready to do anything to get the job or after you get the job. More than your desperation towards the job, it is your confidence level that is most checked by the recruiters.

2. Avoid complaining on anything or anyone:
If you complain in front of your potential employer about anyone or anything that disturbed you or messed up your happiness, it will definitely leave a bad impression on them as they might think that it will be unpleasant to work with an employee like you who have problems about everything or with everyone around them. So, even if you had a bad experience like stuck in the traffic jam before appearing for the job interview or saw a bad nightmare the other night or anything that disturbed you, it is better to keep it within yourself than exposing it in front of the recruiters. Always have a smiling and a confident face whenever you attend an interview as it creates a positive sign of yours in front of the recruiters.

3. Don’t be rude:
It is better to maintain discipline wherever you go; it can be a family party, or while attending the job interview in a company. You need to remember an essential thing that the recruiters will be observing your behavior and attitude at every step after you enter the company for the job interview. So, it is better to interact well with everyone in the company starting from the receptionist as well as the attendants and other employees of the company you come across while waiting for your turn. If you have waited for a long time, it’s better to ask it in a polite manner from the receptionist about your turn than shouting “I have been waiting from long time and I have better things to do, so when is my turn coming as I need to leave early”.

4. Don’t be a Chatterbox:
If you think that cursing or bad mouthing your previous employers in front of your potential employer don’t lead a negative impact on your chances of getting that job, you are entirely wrong. This is because, if you bad mouth your previous employer or on something related to your professional life, obviously your potential employers think that you lack common sense. So, it is better not to reveal your hatred towards your previous employer or towards that company in front of the potential employer despite your previous company or the boss had a bad reputation. If you try to be a chatterbox, for sure the chances of getting hired is very low as the recruiter might feel that you can spread negative information about their company in the future if they select you.

5. Just don’t talk all about you:
Enquiring about the benefits and salary is a must if you get selected for the position that is offered, but asking about those things before you convince them as the best candidate for the job, doesn’t look good. Along with asking about salary and benefits, if you start asking about the perks like car from the company’s side, cell phone, or any other things that can be related with you and the office can make the employer feel that you are more concerned about your needs than about the status of the organization. So, never ever make such a mistake.

6. Don’t ask about anything which you could have already found it out by yourself:
Questioning about something related to the company which is already thee in the company’s website will present you as an unprepared candidate as well as a lazy candidate. It is your responsibility to go through the website of the company which has called you for an interview, before appearing for the interview. It is better to understand beforehand that laziness and unpreparedness are the two qualities which the recruiters never ever want to see in the candidates during the time of hiring.

7. Don’t discuss about the interview online:
Don’t discuss anything about the company which you are serving or will be serving in the future as has all the chances of affecting you very badly in the future days to go. If you have not got selected in an interview, don’t start talking negatively about the recruiter because your postings online can be very easily accessible. Don’t even try to post few things even about your personal information that can create you future problems.

8. Don’t ramble on and on:
“Let me know about yourself”, is a common question that you can face in any job interview. If you think you can answer this question very easily, then you are completely wrong because, this question can be considered as a most difficult one to answer than answering any other question asked by the job interviewer. It is a question, which you need to dig inside yourself to get a proper answer, more than anything else; firstly, you need to analyze who you are. If you think answering this question must be in a way to answer it starting from the time of your birth till what you are today, it is a big ‘NO’, because by the time you complete your ‘LIFE HISTORY’, your recruiter would have stopped paying attention on what you are saying which means that you have lost aprecious opportunity of getting recruited. So, while answering this question, keep whatever you say short and meaningful to make it simpler to the employer to understand.

Have a nice interview, nice career & nice day

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presents "Top Salary Paying Indian Cities for 2012"

Everyone in India wants to work in particular cities of their choice after completing their studies. Each one of you too might be having some ambitions regarding your career and to earn more money in your professional life to lead a pleasant life after your retirement. So, if you are one among them, it’s very much necessary to take care of your salary aspects while selecting a job in any company in a particular Indian city.

Salary plays a very vital component of a job in the entire world. If you want to get into a challenging and nice profession, it is a known fact that you need to be academically well qualified, if you are not a fresher in the professional life, you need to have some good professional experience. When you get into a profession, you should start thinking about your cost of living, the society around you etc. So, as a productive professional, apart from taking care only about your professional life, you also need to be very careful about your personal life as well. Salaries in India differ from States to States and also according to cities to cities. So, if you are in search of the best Indian city to start or continue your professional life, here is the list of the top salary paying Indian cities as reported in the pay scale website.

1. Bangalore:
Silicon City of India, Bangalore has topped the list of the top paying Indian cities for the year 2012 as per the latest updates on Pay Scale website. Recently, you got to know that according to Assocham survey, Bangalore is one among the first category of cities which is creating maximum job opportunities in the country. Apart from that, this news is not a new one of many professionals as Bangalore has been a top IT hub of the nation and for sure it is expected that this city has all the credit to be termed as the highest paying Indian city when it comes to salary. The most popular job sectors in this city are the IT and the Software sectors [The city is also termed as the IT city], Administrative sectors, BPO sector, Engineering and Biotechnology jobs etc.

In this city, if you join any company as a professional, you can earn up to 5, 76,264 per annum. But it all depends upon your working nature and the experience you have gained as a professional. If you are an experienced candidate, you can expect a still better pay if your hard work deserves.

2. Pune:
Though Mumbai was the better job creating city in the entire Maharashtra till the recent times, Pune has taken over that credit from Mumbai as being equal or better than Mumbai when it comes to job creation. As it has become one among the top job creating cities in India, it has become one among the fastest growing cities in India in the means of buying of properties as well for becoming permanent residents of the city with a good and well paying job in hand for your entire life.

According to latest reports, this city is one among the top 10 Indian cities when it comes to top competitive cities in India as it has bagged the ninth slot in the list. This city of Pune is also considered as the second largest city of Maharashtra after ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ [Our Mumbai]. This city has become the second highest paying cities in India for professionals as you can expect an annual pay of 5, 15,404. But if you are experienced enough in your professional life, you can expect a better pay packages in the companies in this city.

3. Mumbai:
No doubt Mumbai is among the top destinations among all the metro cities for job opportunities. The demand for jobs in this city is never going to dry up in the near future, as it is the commercial capital of India and the top preferred destination of many localities of the State of Maharashtra as well as the citizens from different parts of India. The city has also one of the best transport systems to make it easy for the employees to travel from one corner to another corner of the city for their jobs every day. The city is also better known as the second most competitive city in the country followed by New Delhi. As it is the commercial capital, the job opportunities in this city are very vast starting from trying a chance in acting till being a project manager or an IT professional.

Professionals who opt this city for their future career can expect a good life because you can expect a good pay package, as according to Pay Scale website you can expect an annual pay of 4, 96,943. If you are well experienced you can also expect for a good pay.

4. Hyderabad:
After Andra’s Ex-Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu gave numerous opportunities to IT Companies to establish their branches in the Capital city Hyderabad during the 1990’s, there has been a huge transformation in the State’s job market. Because of that, the city has become a hotspot destination for a lot of professionals from different parts of India, to enjoy a great level of work-life balance.

The city has become one of the best destinations because of climatic conditions as well, as many have reported that they are enjoying their job in the city. Youngsters also think that the reason why they are attracted towards this city is also because it is creating lot of job opportunities for people in the IT sector. Just like Ahemadabad, the cost of living in Hyderabad is also manageable compared to Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. If you have selected this city for your future career opportunity, you have not done a bad choice because this city is the fourth best paying Indian cities as you can expect an annual pay of 4, 83,118. But it all depends on the sector you choose and your experience as well.

5. Delhi:
The city of Delhi shouldn’t be confused with New Delhi, the capital city of India. This city is the second largest metropolis of the country of the commercial capital Mumbai. As of 2011, the city is the 8th most populous metropolis in the world and the 2nd most populous metropolis in India. Delhi is most commonly known as the largest commercial center in the Northern India. By being the commercial center in Northern India, no doubt this city can be termed as a rich city. Apart from that, the city offers numerous job opportunities for the localities and other citizens who have come from different parts of India to this city for job opportunities. If you are interested to know about the top job creating sectors in the city it can start from, manufacturing sector, telecommunications, hotels, banking, Information Technology, media and tourism industries.

This city is termed as the fifth best paying city in India as you can expect a pay pack of 4 82,218 in a annual basis and it can also differ according to your experience and performance.

6. Chennai:
Chennai has been considered as the fastest growing cities in the World by the prestigious Forbes magazine. It is the hub of automobile industry and also at present, the city is concentrating on becoming the hub for the software industry as well. Apart from these two key industries, the demand is also increasing for hardware manufacturing, healthcare sectors and financial services as well to contribute to the city’s wealth.

The city is the home for TVS Group, Ashok Leyland and Royal Enfield which are set up in and around the city. International car companies like Hyundai, BMW, Ford, Renault and Mitsubishi have also setup their branch in Chennai. The major drawback of this city is the language barrier because, people from other states find it very difficult to communicate with the local people over there and also the weather condition in the city is another drawback. Well, if you think that you are capable to manage these drawbacks, this city can give you lot more chance to succeed in your professional life. The pay package in this city is also pretty better as you can expect an annual pay package of 4, 38,540 and it can also differ as per your performance and experience.

Have a nice career.

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presents "Top 6 Things Recruiters Will Never Tell You"

You might think that recruiters are only meant for hiring the right person for the job that has been offered. Yes, what you have thought is exactly true. So, to get the right candidate selected, recruiters evaluate the performance of the candidates based on efficiency and effectiveness that can match up with job requirements. But ironically, recruiters at the present are experiencing their job very difficult to manage than ever before because there are infinite numbers of talented candidates who are seeking a job in the job market. So, the recruiter is asked to decide upon the candidate’s marketability much quicker without wasting any time. Even the candidates need to be faster in paying more attention on how to powerfully make that first impression on the recruiter during the interview.

After having an interview session with the recruiters, many candidates don’t get any sought of response from the hiring managers. This can be because you had lacked right skills or for any other reason. But, apart from that, the recruiters will never tell you where you went wrong neither while interviewing nor after the interview session is over. And also there are many facts that the hiring managers will never tell you. It might be because of two reasons as quoted by J.T. O'Donnell on Careerealism website, firstly, they may think they are not paid to give you a bad news if you don’t get selected, secondly, they might be having no time to respond you at all. So, here are few important things which the hiring managers will never tell you though they observe you on those things during the interview .

1. Your Attire:

If you want to look professional, you should be very careful even with the attire you wear, be it only for the job interview or as an employee. During an interview, the first way you can attract your potential employer is by wearing perfect professional attire. If you wear attires that are very untidy, outdated, very tight that you can’t even walk or sit properly wearing it, too revealing attires, definitely the recruiter would have observed all these things, but they will never tell you which can become a minus point for you, to get selected. So, it is better to avoid such clothing and dress up professionally.

2. Physical Appearance:
Physical appearance matters a lot in the job interview and so, there is a greater demand for perfect physical appearance in front of the recruiters during interview sessions. As a productive candidate you need to present yourself in a confident manner, as by physically appearing in a very disheveled manner, wearing outdated clothes, carelessly, stinking or entering the interview room wearing too much perfume can lead a really bad impression on the hiring manager that can take away your chances of getting that job. Though the hiring mangers observe these factors they will never tell you, but they just ignore you from their list of potential employee.

3. No Proper Eye Contact:
Thi s is the biggest mistake a fresher to the professional life do while interviewing. It is okay because, definitely anyone who is giving their first job interview will feel shy as they will be having no clue on how interviews take place. But, if an experienced employee makes the same mistake just like a fresh candidate, then it can be considered as the biggest mistake for sure. Having a perfect eye contact with the recruiter while interacting with them is a must because it shows your confidence level and you can have a better opportunity to impress them in that way. So, if you keep on looking down or somewhere instead of having a good eye contact with the recruiter, definitely they just observe and think that you are not bold enough to get selected to the job offered. So, every time, it’s better to have a direct eye contact with the recruiter and if there are many recruiters who are questioning you at the interview session, it is very good to shift your eyes on each of the recruiters while answering their questions.

4. Poor Handshake:
Appearing very weak while greeting [shaking hands] the recruiters at the time of interview, it can be the biggest mistake you can ever make at the time of the interview because greeting well shows your interest towards the job you have applied. Whenever you shake hands with someone you need to make sure your hands are not sweaty and not forceful because these two things will make the recruiter feel annoying. So, if you shake the hand in a very weak manner with the recruiter signifies that you are not interested in the job you have applied. Shaking hands with the recruiters or recruiter before taking your seat shows your disciplined behavior. So, it is good if you shake your hands just ones firmly than shaking four times as it doesn’t look formal. It might be surprising to you to know that recruiters will be observing these minute things, but these minute things will lay an impact one a recruiter to decide whether to select you or not.

5. Making weird sounds while answering something:

Whenever you talk to someone you should be firm in what you talk without any sought of confusion or doubt. You should also not worry about what they might think by the answer you give. You should always be confident in whatever you talk that also helps you in increasing your confidence level. But, few candidates who experience shyness while giving the interview keep murmuring while talking the recruiters or they make weird sounds like ‘ah, hmm, I meant…,like etc’ till they find any relevant answer for the question they are asked by the recruiters. This will be deeply observed by the recruiters if you are not aware of it, and it might lead some impact on them while selecting you. So, to avoid such circumstances, be well prepared before appearing for the interview session as it can help you to impress your hiring managers in a very good way.

6. Appearing like a over confident candidate:

As discussed before, confidence might help you in a very big way whenever you appear for the job interview sessions. But being over confident, it is a very bad behavior you can show in front of the recruiters and it might also harm your chances of getting that job. Telling phrases like, ‘ I was such a good worker in the previous company that my ex-employers were never ready to let me go’, ‘No work was completed in my previous office without might help’ etc, can show you as a over confident person. Sometimes, your overconfident behavior can also signify your insecurity or your desperation to get that job. So, as you have got to know that if you show your over confident behavior in front of the recruiters can harm your chances of getting that job, it is better to behave in a dignified and firm way in front of the recruiters to get selected.

Have a nice interview, a nice career & a nice day

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Please refer to the following link


for "Important basic Resume Tips"

Have a nice career.


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The following link


presents “5 Phone Interview Tips That Can Fetch You a Job”

Telephonic interviews have become an essential type of job interview process at present. This trend might have started when people started looking out for jobs in different parts of the world, than just waiting for opportunities in their respective places. In some cases, it can also be regarded as pre screening of the possible job candidates before they are called upon to a face to face interaction with the employer before hiring. But in many cases, the entire interview process will be conducted through telephonic interview to select the candidate.

So, if you are having any chances of a telephonic interview in the future, you need to be very well prepared without any ignorance, thinking, it’s not that difficult than a face to face interview. To be clear, this form of interviewing process can be much more difficult than a face to face interview because as the recruiters won’t be able to look at you and decide your potentiality, they tend to ask even more tricky questions to select their perfect employee. So, here are the top tips that you can adapt in your telephonic interview that can fetch you a job, as reported by Kevin Cormac on New Grad Life website and other sources.

1. Always try give your landline number to the recruiters:
Whenever you give your telephone details in the resume, it’s better to give your landline number than your mobile number because, many times you would have experienced the voice breaking problem while talking in the cell phones and this problem might create an irritation to the interviewers if you face this problem during the telephonic interview process and you might unnecessarily lose a good opportunity. So, it’s better to give the landline number to avoid risks during the interviewing process.

If you think this is not possible at all as you don’t have a landline number, it’s better to make sure you are in an area where you can have a clear network for your cell phone that can avoid problems. All in all, it is your responsibility to make sure there is no problem while you are in an interview call with your future possible employers.

2. Keep all your documents within your reach:
Just like you prepare yourself to a personal interview session at the companies, in the same way you need to be prepared for your telephonic interview as well. That doesn’t mean that you need to dress up in a formal way a sit and home and give the phone interview. It means that you need to be well prepared by keeping all your documents related to your past experience and academic reports within our reach i.e., near the telephone.

Every recruiter would have given a specific time in a day allotted to call you to take the interview. So, you need to free yourself from all sought of other activities by that time and have a rehearsal on how to talk with them. This should be practiced because, even if you don’t have a personal interaction face to face with them, obviously you will be experiencing nervousness even before a telephonic interview. So, to avoid any consequences, it’s better to keep all the documents ready that will be handy for you to reach immediately and also be well prepared.

3. See to it the place is silent without any distraction:
Whenever you are prepared for the telephonic interview, you need to make sure that the place around you is silent without any distractions, as if there is disturbance around you, it might divert your concentration as well as you might not be able to talk to the person [recruiter] or hear what he or she says properly. So, to avoid such consequences, it’s better to look out for a quiet place to take your interview over the phone. If this is not followed properly, it is for sure your potential employers will be distracted.

To search for a silent place might be tricky because if you have given your house landline number or you are suppose to talk to the recruiters over the cell phone when you are at home, there might be lot of distractions from your family members especially if there are small kids at home. So, try to avoid possible distractions for a certain extent even if you fail to avoid it completely.

4. Avoid speaking in a low voice:
If you speak in a very low voice, then for sure your recruiters will be not able to hear your voice properly and clearly. It can be in both a face to face interview or in a telephonic interview. In a face to face interview, the recruiters can at least make out what you are talking to them by observing your lip movement, but the case is entirely different if you talk in a very low voice during a telephonic interview.

So, it is better to speak slowly [that doesn’t mean in a low voice] and clearly to make the person in front of you or your recruiter understand what you are talking about. If you think you are not able to listen what your recruiter is talking to you, it is good to leave some hints like asking him or her to repeat it again or asking pardon for one more time.

5. Avoid eating or drinking while talking over the phone:
Eating and drinking while talking over the phone can be a very bad habit that you can pose. Though many are addicted to chewing or eating something all the time, it is very much necessary to control that act while talking to someone, especially with your potential recruiter who can be a very essential person in your career path if you get selected.

So, it is advisable for you to avoid the habit of chewing gum, munching something or drinking something in between the interview calls as it can be figured out very easily by the person talking on the other side. Also it is better to avoid eating and drinking while talking to someone over the phone because it might divert your attention completely on what you are eating than what youneed to concentrate on what the recruiter is talking to you about.

Have a nice interview and a bright career.


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presents “Things Your College Didn't Teach You About Career”

There are many things that you will learn from your academic life, especially from your college life as you would have selected your subjects that can be related and implemented your professional life. You would have experienced a very common question asked by your teachers during school and college days as ‘What have you decided after completing your academic studies?’ So, for this question you would have given the answer of the profession which you have admired the most, especially if you are influenced by your parents’ profession. But after you enter your college life, definitely you will be exposed to different types of career options, by talking to your friends and lecturers and by taking their opinions before concentrating on getting into one desired career option.

But apart from all that, your college would have not taught you about the essential things about your career that can affect your career path in some way. Here are the top things that your college didn’t teach you at all about your career which you need to learn at least now, as it is reported by Lindsay Olson, of U.S. News & World Report, as reported on Business Insider website.

1. You are not just limited to what you have studied in your college level:
Many fresh candidates in the professional life think that, they are just specified to get a job in the field they are been educated with. But the fact is that, at the present job market, there is no rules of getting a job only in the field in which you are graduated, as you can find lot of other job opportunities which can be related with the degree you have pursued. Like for example, if you are a graduate in the field of journalism, you can also opt other career opportunities like Public Relations officer, marketing professional etc other than just being a journalist.

But, to get into other professional fields apart from the degree subject you are graduated with, you need to be very good in communicating with professionals who are from other fields and influence them with the knowledge you have adapted regarding a different subject [apart from the one you are graduated with] and the different profession where you like to get into. This builds the chances of getting into a new and entirely different profession.

2. Your degree is of not that much importance for your employers all the time:
It is true that college degrees play a very important role while selecting our career stream. But it seems the present recruiters are not considering the college degrees as an important factor of recruitment every time. This is because the current recruiters have become more focused upon the skills that you have adapted to be their perfect candidate. They are not much varied about in which school you studied?Which college degree you pursued in your college life? Etc. While interviewing you, they look upon are you trainable enough for the job they are offering you. Apart from that, even your experience matters a lot if you are not a fresher.

If you are a fresher, you will be finding it much difficult to manage your new professional life, if you are a fresher in your professional life. So, as the recruiters are looking up to your experience level, it is better to get into internship training before searching for a job.

3. Some employers don’t even want you to have a degree:
Though college degrees matter a lot, there are employers across the world who doesn’t want a candidate to have a degree at all. But, at these cases, they cautiously focus on what you are skilled upon, your experience and trainability etc, as they are not bothered about you having a college degree. Here you can get to know that though college degrees matters a lot to display your educational talent and the ability of thought; it’s not the only source to get into a better career in your professional life.

4. There would be careers you wouldn’t have heard in your academic life [College life]:
When you are still completing your college life, you would be having a brief knowledge about the job opportunities you can get from the course you are studying in your college level. But apart from those job opportunities, you wouldn’t have heard of certain careers that are equal to most popular jobs. The best example is, if you are pursuing a degree in English, you would have opted that field as you are interested in the teaching field. Though turning out to be a professional teacher with the degree in English, you have lots more career opportunities in the job market like the proofreading profession, speech writer, publisher, author etc.

5 .Keep a good network with your college as an alumni:
Though you would have learnt many things regarding the way you should lead your life, during your college life, it is a place where you would have given your dreams its first cultivation about your future career opportunities. So, never ever try to withdraw all your connections with the college you studied. Though, your college wouldn’t have taught you about few essential things about your career, it’s better to maintain a good contact with your college as alumni through the alumni network and get to know all the professional opportunities you have through that network. There is nothing bad keeping your professors in touch even after you become an ex-student of your college.

You can maintain a good contact with your professors who can help you in career selections by taking their opinions and recommendations with respective to your career.You shouldn’t forget the fact that though you are an ex-student of your college you will be always remembered by your professors for your good nature and better academic performance.

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